• Yes we are

    Perhaps were worse animals would only kill for the sake of their lives or their young we kill each over for pieces of paper. We are destroying the world animals stay in line with nature. All we can do is try and make the change in ourselves maybe then the world can change too.

  • Animals are sentient beings

    It is all too easy to think of ourselves as superior to other animals on this planet. Scientifically animals have been shown to experience pain and suffering and many exhibit intelligent behaviour. It is an outdated meme to think of ourselves as being special relative to the rest of the animals, just the same as it is unacceptable to think of another human as being less than just because of the colour of their skin or gender. We as the dominant species on this planet have a moral responsibility to protect the interests of all other life on this planet and this begins with accepting them as equals.

  • Yes, though they are not treated like equals.

    Ah, the world would be so much better off without us humans and our silly ways of thinking we are the best species on the planet cause that is just not how it is!

    Bam! We are not smarter! So PLEASE stop saying that oh my god

    oh but yeah I'm not one of those crazy animal rights activists who believe we shouldn't eat them at all or anything so don't take what I say in that way hah..

    "The broccoli! My favorite veggie. Broccoli has 11.1 grams of protein per 100 calories while the steak has 6.4 grams of protein per 100 calories. That's almost twice the amount of protein." - google

    Veggies have more protein! BAM! STOP SAYING WE NEED MEAT FOR PROTEIN PLEEEEASE oh my god hah.

    BUT IN ALL FAIRNESS- there are a few vitamins found in animals products that cannot be gained anywhere else. At least they aren't necessary!

    Another thing- shouldn't people who want to eat meat just hunt the animals themselves so they can feel what it's like to take a life instead of having it all done behind the scenes :) and if you live in the city- too bad, MOVE. You aren't the only ones that matter!

    I just think animals deserve a CHANCE to LIVE as HEALTHY and HAPPY individuals.

  • Aren't we animals as well?

    HUMANS ARE ANIMALS. Food- We should not get our meat chopped up behind the scenes and served on a silver platter- no! I think that if you want to eat meat, hunt it yourself so you can see what it's like to take a life WITHOUT the life-long suffering for the animal. WAY too many animals are slaughtered brutally each second, and we should give a crap about that! And also, there's more protein in broccoli than beef brotha!

    Science- I don't know why people still even do this it is literally in my top ten dictionary of stupid and pointless things. Animal testing is a VERY inaccurate way to get results for yar little tests, scientists. They suffer and die for YOUR experiments and it's all for ONE TINY RESULT that could have been gained MUCH FASTER with freakin TECHNOLOGY. YEAH.

    Entertainment- Bud, I don't wanna type anymore so just imagine being stuck in a cage and forced to dance in front of people, kay? Oh yeah your ENTIRE life kay? <3

    fur and etc- dont even. Just. Imagine fur being ripped off a bunny ((no painkillers, no careful procedures, jack.)) imagine that bunny SCREEAAMIN. If they really had to they could just shave em like why people WHYYYY

    excuse me for not being serious about a really serious topic.



    When a human dies, people FLIP. When an animal of a different species dies, we just eat it pretty much ((unless they are sort of lucky and have been a pet so they get respect))

    Animals deserve to be treated as more than property and so that's why I clicked yes. Because the answer should be YES.

  • We should respect nature

    In my opinion, we are animals, too. Just because we use tools and are smart, we think, that we are better and use animals for our own needs. (sometimes in very cruel ways) That's just intolerable.
    Because of that, I am for equality for humans and animals.
    Also animals can feel and think just like us.
    We should respect them. Let's start!

  • What do animals think?

    People think they are superior. Is that true? Which criteria this thinking bases on?
    We are all animals. Other kind of animals deserve to enjoy equality.
    The rich think that they are superior than the poor, because they are better, smarter and richer. So, do the poor equal to the rich?
    Do the disable equals to us?
    (Sorry for grammar faults)

  • Of course they are!🐶

    Animals are living creatures too. Why Humans feel they are Better is beyond me. Man kind would be nowhere if other
    types of animals did not exis. It is just as bad killing an animal than it is to kill human, it is simply murder. Kill one ant by accident is ok, but a whole flock of chicken, it's not right. I believe humans are equal, if not lower, than other animals.

  • We are all animals

    All humans are animals and we are no different from a mouse or a dog. All living things have pain receptors and everything has a right to equality and to live a comfortable life without suffering. People need to realize that no one is superior, religion is a huge issue in these subjects and it shouldn't be.

  • Aren't we together on the Earth.

    We as humans somehow assume that we are better than anything that cannot defend him or herself. Animals may not be able to communicate in the way we set as standards but does that make them any less than us? Sure we were told to rule over the world and its creatures but can we not rule with humidity?

  • We all have a function

    Flies are decomposers, tigers balance populations of their prey, humans think and create things, dogs both act as predators and as companions to humans... We all have a purpose and a function and it isn't fair to say that humans are superior to any plant or animal. You will never be as good as a fly at doing fly things like climbing walls and breaking down dead things, and a fly will never be as good as a human at flying planes and making music.

  • We all have a function

    Flies are decomposers, tigers balance populations of their prey, humans think and create things, dogs both act as predators and as companions to humans... We all have a purpose and a function and it isn't fair to say that humans are superior to any plant or animal. You will never be as good as a fly at doing fly things like climbing walls and breaking down dead things, and a fly will never be as good as a human at flying planes and making music.

  • We are equal.

    Animals came before us. They have more history than we do and we have a huge history. Animals are just as smart as we are even if we don't know it. They have a whole other language. They learn commands. It takes humans about 12 months to start talking. Animals learn to talk with in weeks.

  • Animals are equal

    Animals have feelings. Sure they can't do everything that we can do like cooking etc. But they still protect and they love us. Sometimes we don't care for them as much like we should. I know that some of you might disagree with what I have said, but it is true. We don,t give animals what they deserve. Some of you say that they are worthless, bit if that was true then why do we save them.

  • Animals are equal

    Animals are equal to human. Because they have emotion and because animals don't have evolution that doesn't mean we should think that they are a lower than us. Think about it human kill and abuse over 65 billion animals a year. Does that that mean that animals can bite back us if we abuse them? No, the animal will be killed and the person would walkout unharmed.

  • Both animals and humans are equal!

    Would we say that someone with a lower IQ than the normal person be considered inferior to other humans? Just because animals are different than humans doesn't mean animals are inferior to animals. In fact it is us, humans, that killed many species, and posed many threats to the Earth and its animals (like global warming, melting ice, overfishing, etc). Animals never did anything like that. They lived peacefully, and didn't disrupt the natural cycles of the Earth. So if one species had to be superior to the others, I say animals should be superior to humans. But I think that both animals and humans are equal.

  • We will always be the same !

    We have been killing animals and we just keep doing it. They give us love and we never even care. Pigs, cows,sheep, chickens and EVEN HORSES are killed every year and we haven't even tried to stop it. People say that we need meat to live and yes I understand we do we probably eat meat everyday but just to give us a good meal we kill MILLIONS of animals a year do you think that's fare? They have sooo much to offer and the killing and beating never stops!
    They kill a dog when it kills somebody else this is stupid when one animal kills a human the it gets killed but what about if a human kills an animal then they should get killed!
    I'm just giving my opinion :)

  • Animals kill to survive

    Most animals kill for reasons such as they kill to eat or to protect their territory, whereas we kill for power and greed. If it is wrong for a carnivore to kill to survive then how are we right by sending thousands of animals to death when they are below a year old. We have a choice to kill these animals because we are omnivores but animals in the wild kill to survive as it is in their nature. They are equal to us because we share a planet with them and without them many things we know today would not be the same, we should treat them with the care and respect they deserve.

  • I on dis side

    Most people think that humans are superior because we've have technology such as cars, planes, computers, trains, and rockets. Yeah, SO WHAT? How does achieving those things make us better, and didn't some of these things cause more wars, more deaths, and more crimes? Animals have also achieved several, amazing goals as well, just different goals. Since we are the only ones to build cars, planes, rockets, etc, that may make us the best at science (Engineering and technology) but that does not make us superior. Sure, we've built high-speed trains, but owls have facial feathers that can even pick up the sound of an ant stepping on the ground from over 75 feet away. Sure, we have computers, but some types of birds can mimic almost any sound it can hear. Calling ourselves superior because we have technology is just like a fish calling itself superior to a human because it can swim better, or a bee calling itself superior because a it can make honey, or even every single animal calling humans inferior because we're the only species that needs advanced technology and fire to live while nearly every other animal doesn't. Every creature has it's own strengths and weaknesses.

  • Yes I believe that they are equal

    Each and every living being has just as much right to be here as you do. When I look into the eyes of an animal I don't see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I see a soul. The animals of the world exist for there own reasons. They were not created for humans any more then blacks were created for whites or women created for men

  • They are a form of life.

    I think they are equal to humans because we are not the only life form on earth, that animals share a home planet with us. Besides, how would you feel if a gang of unknown creatures carrying bows, arrows and guns chase you until you are shot? Probably bad,huh? You will die if you're not careful. I think since animals have feelings, we should respect them.

  • Yes, they are.

    Animals are as emotional and passionate as humans are. We both have families we love and take care of, and yes, animals do have interests and like activities as humans do. Humans and animals share common feelings. Who has the heart to take a creature, with a family to take care of and offspring to produce, and take it away from their family for scientific experiments and food. Those who say animals aren't equal to us- how would you like being taken away from your family, and having people test and demolish you while you're still breathing?

  • What is the difference? They feel all the same emmotions and pain.

    What is the separation between the two? I don't see any. When animals are in pain like us they scream out and they care for there young and they form bonds. We have only advanced them in intelligence but that does not give us the right to do what we want to them and it does make us above them. Humans are not equal in intelligence does that create people being above each other? No. So why are we allowed to create hierarchy in species?

  • Yes!! Animals and Humans are definitely equals.

    Although it may depend on which animal, there are too many endangered species in the world today, and TOO MANY HUMANS. For example, say you had to choose between a snow leopard's life, and a middle aged adult's life- I would hesitate, but in the end I would probably save the snow leopard! Animals are peaceful creatures (most are) and humans today treat them poorly. We need to take more care of our animals!! Especially endangered species!!!!

  • Humans ARE Animals.

    To the person who said monkies and humans do not resemble each other anatomically...What the actual f***? Where did you get that piece of evidence?

    I will admit that humans are more intelligent once we reach a certain age than most animals. BUT intellignece is relevant, especially when you look at different animals and ages. Pigs are smarter than most 3 year olds. If you hold an object in front of a chicken, then take it away, it still knows that the object exists and can seek it out, while human toddlers do not, they are amazed at the disappearing object.

    Orca's brains have an entirely more robust and complex system of emotions than humans, their emotions are the most advanced of the animals we have documented (including humans) and they even use different 'languages.' Each group of whales has completely different variations of sounds used to speak.

    Animals have the ability to reason, make judgement calls, and everything that humans do just to a SLIGHTLY lesser degree.

    And the deciding factor is, EVERY single death that we put animals through, if the tables were turned the human race would be extinct. We kill roughly 190 billion land and sea animals every single year, which is too much for humans to keep up with.

    If we tortured and killed billions of people we would have WW3 on our hands.

    Animals feel fear, just as people do. They know what is coming for them. They may not be able to speculate what the afterlife holds for them, but they can damn well be scared of the pain that is constantly inflicted on them, or the smell of their brethern dying.

    Animals are equal to humans. They feel everything that happens to them, the fear, the pain, everything. Just because a friend of yours isnt as smart or bright as you, does that mean that its alright to MURDER them? NO. It is not.

    (P.S. Humans are mammals, which are animals. This question is redundant).

  • I like tutles

    It is obvious because we have evolved from animals. A famous person once said you can take the man out of the hood, but you cant take the hood out of the man. No matter how we evolve we will always be an animal on the inside, we hunt, we fight, we multiply, we group, we live, just like any other animal.

  • Men are animals

    Animals are equal to humans. Man is an animal like no other! We live in community, we hunt for food and the fittest dominates our societies. So where is the difference with other animals?
    Of course man has evolved a lot since its inception but he was an animal and nits ature remains a animal.
    Let look at those quotes on men and animals:

  • Animals are Equal

    They are sentient beings and we should protect them the same as we protect a special or disabled child. They both don't have the same conscious ethics that we do but they still need to be protected. Just because the animals cannot tell us how they feel, they don't need to not have rights.

  • Animals are Equal to Humans

    Animals are equal to humans because they have feelings like humans do and just because they are not intelligent dosen't mean they should be placed on a lower rank in society and animals are just like us. Basically us humans are animals! We reproduce, eat, sleep, etc. Plants and insects I think aren't neccesarily equal because they do not have feelings and emotions like animals do.

  • God, I Hope So

    I feel as though many people think animals are inferior to us and not worth caring for, when, really, we depend on each other. We live on a diverse planet, full of so many species of mammals, avians, fish, and insects that I can't believe some people are so ignorant as to say that we don't all depend on one another to live. Many of our products and foods have to come from animals, even a certain kind of coffee bean is only extracted from the feces of a rodent that lives in the trees!

    We let domesticated animals into our homes despite them not really being useful to us anymore, if they were useful to begin with. We care enough to conserve endangered species that we ourselves are at fault for endangering in the first place. That has to be an indicator of some sort of equalness, right? If we thought all animals but humans were worthless, we wouldn't even bother to try to save them.

    The more we learn about the species around us, the more we can see our similarities. I'm not saying that all species of animal are going to similar to us, but there are definitely certain animals, like elephants or dolphins, or crows, that share certain characteristics that we previously thought were exclusive to humans. We are more equal than we think. I just wish they were treated a bit more equally, too. Too many people I know think animals are worthless.

  • Of course they are.

    Humans are part of the animal kingdom. Now, for this debate, I will identify us as humans and them as animals. - Animals belong to the heritage of humans and humans and animals together belong to the beautiful heritage of this wonderful Earth. Animals have feelings often very similar to ours. - I could go on and on and explain in depth, but I believe I have made my point.

  • Hardly thats ridiculous.

    Animals are there to help society and bring joy to people. Thats it. I think anything we view as something we can catch kill and eat to the extent that we do with say cows proves they are inferior. Its idiotic to think otherwise. If we were to disappear society would never grow.

  • We're not equal.

    Even if you believe that animals have the same worth as humans, you can't possibly believe that they're equal. The ability of a human to breathe underwater is not equal to that of a fish. A cat's ability to dive a car is not equal to that of human. You could make an almost unending list of the ways in which humans and animals are unequal.

  • Are you an animal?

    We can sit here all day and argue all humans are animals blah blah blah. But we are the most sophisticated of all animals, we can speak different languages, cook food, drive cars, go to college, and even debate over other animals not being equal to us. And that is why animals and humans are not equal. The intelligence level of a human is far greater and that's what separates humans from other species. If animals were equal a dog and cat would reply to this and defend themselves, that's just not possible. And for those that wanna say "you can teach animals things" well yes you can but regardless they will never be able to perform at the same mental capacities as you and I. Like I said, humans are just more sophisticated.

  • Evolution is a lie

    While many scientists argue that we have evolved from the primates, there is one piece of knowledge that can defend against this. We may look like monkeys, gorillas, orangutans, etc. but if you examine the insides of them, you would be able to notice that their internal organs are misplaced if you believe that we have evolved from them. In fact, humans have a closer relationship with the swine if you inspect carefully. That's why scientists use pigs to test medicines if you haven't already known that. And therefore, obviously, we couldn't have evolved from primates much less be an equivalent to them.

  • Not by natural order

    We often confuse value with function and that's why people get so defensive when the statement animals are not equal to humans is made. As humans we posses all the basic functions of a plant (growth, reproduction, nutrition) as well as those possessed by animals (sense appetite, sense perception, imagination, sensible good, etc...). But humans have two more things that put us higher on the hierarchy of being, those two things being will and intelligence. The proof is in our evolution thus far and in the fact that their are no doctor or scientist animals. Animals just do not posses these abilities. They can be taught certain things but cannot come to rational conclusions by themselves. Just as an iPhone and a 1998 model Motorola are not equal, so to does man and brute differ. That being said their value is not dependent on function, two things can be treated the same but don't have to be the same. Sadly, we live in a world where function and value are interchangeable and so there is a superiority complex but just because we are not equal to animals does not mean they should not be treated with the same respect as all other beings.

  • This is just to fill space

    This is just to fill space, look above for real reason, he explained it perfectly. Do not forget that not only does equality count on a privilege based scale, but also on a responsibility based scale. Would we give animals positions in a company? Would we ask them to clean their area? Of course not, and if you do you should probably consider seeing a mental professional.

  • Animals are not equal to humans as there not treated as equals

    Id have to say no. Reasons being 1) if they where truly equal we would not have them as pets 2 we would not eat them or keep them on farms 3 if they here equal to humans why don't they have right to vote. 4 if an animal dose something wrong should it stand trial? And finally animals are different to humans that said being treated the same is not the same as being treated equally. So for an animal to be equal to humans we need to allow animals to be animals without human interface. Until that day sadly animals will not be equal to humans

  • Are you crazy

    Of course animals aren't equal to humans. We should be kind and caring to them but they're certainly inferior to human beings. Not everything or every being has to be equal, but we still must love and respect each other. Animals help mankind in many ways but their role will always be one of servitude to mankind.

  • Humans Reign Supreme

    I believe that animals hold a special place in our society and I think some of them, especially are pets, can become family members. In general, however, I do not believe animals are equal to humans. Animals lack the intrinsic qualities that make us human and leave them a step below.

  • What about carnivores?

    So if all animals were equal, then carnivores are basically murderers for killing and eating their equals. The mouse is casually hanging out and the eagle decides to sneak up and kill him for food; what gives the eagle the right to consume another? Before you say that humans can choose, that already means that we are not equal. Give all animals equal rights, and either murder for food is allowed and carnivores may live, or it is illegal and they will die. Animals can't choose their instincts, so all carnivores will be arrested (not killed, because that's not equal) as soon as their first meals. Only allowing some animals to kill is already segregating the completely equal animals. How do you settle a dispute between some hungry wolves and some fleeing bison? The wolves must kill to survive, but the bison want to live also. Both groups are equal, so who gets to live? A bear wants to eat you. The possibilities are A) you escape, allowing the bear to either starve or search for another victim to murder in cold blood, B) you allow the bear to eat you, meaning you feel the bear is greater than you, NOT equal to you, or C) you kill the bear in self defense, meaning you kill the bear for trying to kill you, meaning you kill the bear for wanting to eat and survive, meaning you kill the bear for being a bear. You may want animals to be equal, but nature doesn't agree with your wishful, utopian thinking. You can choose be a vegetarian, but that doesn't make those sadistic, murderous, choiceless animals equal to you.

  • Humans are unique because they're made in God's image.

    Genesis 1:27 says the following, "So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them." Humans are the only creature that is created in God's image. In the following verse, Genesis 1:28, says, "And God blessed them. And God said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.'" How can we as humans be equal to animals if God himself gave us dominion over them?

  • In Ecclesiastes 3:19.

    Even though you may not be religious in Ecclesiastes 3:19 is says:

    19 Surely the fate of human beings is like that of the animals; the same fate awaits them both: As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath; humans have no advantage over animals. Everything is meaningless.

  • Animals are insignificant.

    Animals were created for humans to rule over. In the bible, God chose Adam to rule over animals and eat them if he wanted to. Humans ate animals and hunted animals since the beginning of time. Humans are special beings because we are smarter and we are able to make decisions with logic and common sense but animals go with instinct. If animals were considered equal, then almost everyone will be in trouble because killing an animal will be the same thing as killing a human being. Also, if animals are equal, then would it be legal to marry them or have a deep relationship with them? I don't think so. In addition, Humans are much more superior to animals because we can have an argument or a debate such as animal equality. If we give animals equal rights or consider them equal to us, many people will lose their jobs for chickens, pigs, cows, etc. and many people will lose their hobby and/or culture. Animals are not and will never be equal to humans therefore they should never be equal to humans.

  • No they aren't.

    Animals arent't equal to us. We do more than just survive, eat, reproduce and so on: we - only us - have the ability of complex thought. Only we have passion, interests, only we can enjoy life (an animal just survive until it is able to have offspring) and give it a "purpose". Sorry for them, but we are superior. It is right to eat animals - we are omnivores -, it is right to experiment on them to develope treatmens and drugs (a human is worth more than an animal life). That being said, i don't think it is right to harm animals when it is not necessary (for fun, for vanity, for cosmetics).
    To those that say that they are equal to us: so you would exchange the life of one of your friends with the life of your pet, if you have one?

  • NONONONONO!! Did they ask you to give them rights?

    Thinking that animals want/need rights is just another way to humanise the world. If they were so keen to have rights then they would have evolved enough to speak for themselves and ask for them! Obviously, they are incapable of doing so, so that's just tough luck for them! :-)

  • NONONONONO!! Did they ask you to give them rights?

    Thinking that animals want/need rights is just another way to humanise the world. If they were so keen to have rights then they would have evolved enough to speak for themselves and ask for them! Obviously, they are incapable of doing so, so that's just tough luck for them! :-)

  • NO! Not at all.

    I'm not going to be told that all the years I studied hard and worked for are equal to the years of a dog that has done nothing but eat and sleep. The only animals that deserve similar rights are canine units and if people feel that animals are equal then you might as well make all edible livestock illegal to use as well which is never going to happen.

    Posted by: Deay

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We are animals!