Are anti heroes better than the traditional hero who just wants to save everyone?

Asked by: Rednael
  • Anti heroes aren't good, but...

    There is an interesting similarity of this question to the issue of death sentence vs. Prisons. Death sentence is feared by criminals but is inhumane - anti heroes are the same. On the other hand, prisons won't stop a criminal to do his crimes again - same is with heroes

  • No we need some light in this world

    I believe that while anti heroes are interesting characters, I don't agree with some of their methods. Let us use the Punisher as an example, he decided to wage a one man war on crime against all those who do bad. He uses torture against his enemies and doesn't believe in forgiveness, these I qualities which I don't find admirable. I believe that the traditional hero should also get their time to shine and find that there are too many anti hero stories out there. Anti Heroes are getting boring and it is hard to find a protagonist who doesn't sulk in the shadows. I'm not saying that anti hero stories are bad, I would just like to see more of the traditional hero now.

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