• We sure are!

    Atheists don't let some book control their/our lives. Besides, look at all the harm organized religion has caused. Children accused of being witches, slavery, hatred, "honor" killings, and don't get me started on religious schools! Reason, love, and tolerance is what this world needs more of. Not another church or cathedral.

  • Everybody knows nothing

    We have no true real evidence that "God" exists, what matters is our brain, more specifically, our minds. Thats what keeps us going. I've met a lot of christians, some muslims, none of them proved me a thing. Books do not rule us, our logic does, evoluton was (and still is) going on for thousands of years, thats why we, organisms, got adjusted to this world.

  • Yes they are.

    Religion is simply accepting facts from a person - who, like any other, is fallible. Religion says that it brings people together in faith, but this contradicts the fact that there are many sects in each major religion, some much more fundamentalist and (honestly) extreme than others. This is why terrorist cells such as Islamic State and al-Qaeda exist - because their religion is a cause 'to die for' and they are programmed to destroy people who do not believe in their faith to the same level as they do. This results in vicious fighters willing to die for their faith. This is also why religious wars occur.

  • Athistism Is gud becose Darryl said so

    Once time I found an Atheism named Darryl he worked at 711 or 911 or whaterver dats called. He gave me a straw with me slurp-e. He said do believe god? I said yes coz I prey to Scieeece. He said he know god not alive because he met him and he said he was fake. Darryl says then, that'll be five fifty thankyous. I said BRUH WATCHA DOING CHAGE ME NOT ENOUGH FOR SLURPEE AND STRAW. And daryl says FREE STRAW FOR ATHIESTSISM.

  • We can't know for sure.

    Right now no one knows if God exists, not to mention which God exists sine their are thousands of Gods that exist today. Until God shows himself or until we prove that he exists or dosen't the best answer is to say "I Don't Know". But, Atheists are able to explain the universe better then religious people since Atheists use the science in order to explain the natural world while religious people use mostly their religious texts to back them up. (Not saying that Religious people don't use science, just saying many of them, on average, use their holy book)

  • There Was Never A "God" In The First Place.

    God is a word,not a name. For example:Poseidon the GOD of the sea. Riddle me this believers of God. If God exists then where is the evidence to prove it? Besides,I believe extraterrestrials (E.Ts.) were responsible for mankind's existence. Don't believe me? Watch "Ancient Aliens" on History channel. There is more than enough decisive evidence to convince all of you that I'm right about extraterrestrials being responsible for mankind's existence. Bottom line is that anyone that continues to live in this fantasy world where some invisible person is some kind of superhero needs to buy themselves a one-way ticket back to reality.

  • Yes, of course.

    There is no evidence of any god. Just none. Also, a lot of religious people (christians) tend to warp the words o their bible, or have no idea what they mean. The bible refers to shrimp as terrible way more than being gay, but a lot of christians still eat shrimp.

  • We probably are.

    Theists have no rational evidence to prove that their religion is true. Let's take Christians as an example. I ask a Christian how they know God exists. Their answer is likely to be "the Bible says so." Then I ask how they know the bible is true. They say "because it is the word of God." How do you know God exists? "It says so in the Bible." You see? It's just one big circle. I have yet to see scientific evidence of God.

  • Nothing to prove.

    With nothing to prove us wrong, what other answer is there? If I told you that a cloud spoke to me saying that it was the only god. That this god gave me rules that all mankind should obey. What would you do? First off, you would probably think I was insane. If you bothered saying anything to me, it would likely be "Where is your proof?"

  • Since you asked.

    There is one thing that proves the existence of God. Existence itself. Where did the universe come from if not a Creator? Science has no answers. Only guesses. The Bible says that God created man in His own Image. Humans are the only life capable of creation. Where did our ability to create great works of art come from? Where do the great musical composers get their inspiration? Humans are made from lifeless chemicals, yet they are conscious and aware of their own mortality. They can reason and use logic. Something no other creature is capable of doing. You can believe that you evolved from an ape, if you want to. I know better.

  • Atheists are making it easy for themselves

    It is easy to say god is not real. In order to actually find and know God you need to seek him. If you want to logically explain creation and existence of the world it points to God. If you want to explain anything in our daily lives, the answer lies with God. Atheist claim science is their explanation for everything but who created science, the laws of nature? If you do your research you'll see that God's existence has been proven through science and reasoning many time(Thomas Aquinas).

  • Atheist can't even prove themselves.

    Atheists like to say that everyone who has a belief are idiots and completely irrational. They like to be the so called protectors of rationality but most of them can't even tell why they're and atheist. All they claim is tht a god doesn't exist and then to back that up they start to say that other religions are a whole bunch of lies that are made up.

  • No body knows

    You may say that there is no rational reason confirms the GOD existence, however how can we conclude that there is no GOD? The only thing that we can conclude is that we don't know and we can't say exactly that there is GOD or not. Neither we can prove it nor accept it. For instance I say that there is a stone in my pocket and you have no way to confirm it. So can you conclude there is no stone in my pocket? Absolutely no. You can just say that I don't know because there may be a stone in my pocket.

  • You can’t really say that we’re right or wrong either way

    I’m personally quite a strong atheist but i can’t outwardly and definitively say that i am right because there’s not really anything that can completely disprove the existence of a god/ gods, just as i believe there isn’t anything that can completely prove the existence of a god/ gods either.

  • This is a Flawed Question.

    Atheism is not a system of belief, it is not a viewpoint and therefore it cannot be "correct" or "incorrect." Not all atheists believe in the same thing. Being an atheist simply means you don't believe in the existence of a God. There is nothing to be argued there. True most atheists believe in evolution and the big bang, but those are not inherent to ALL atheists. All atheist means is "not a theist." Beyond that, an atheist can believe in anything. The question is "are atheists right?" but it fails to specify what exactly they are right or wrong about.

  • Its a belief issue.

    This isn't a matter of what write or what's wrong but a matter of what you believe. An atheist and a christian can argue all day and never get anywhere because the bottom line is that its what you believe to be true. There is evidence for both sides. That's like saying that evolution is true (can also not be proven). It too is a belief.

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