Are athletes and celebrities worth their salaries?

  • Yes, I think athletes and celebrities are worth their salaries.

    I believe because of the huge numbers of people that follow certain athletes and celebrities and all money that can be made with product endorsements and such that you can justify an athletes or celebrities salary, I believe that the market is there to pay these people what they are being paid.

  • They are, yes.

    I was immediately inclined to say no to this, because they amount of money they make compared to the common man is in the stratosphere. But, the owners and executives sometimes make much more money than the athletes and the athletes are bringing this money in. All around, it's a societal ail.

  • Put More Money Towards Hungry, Homeless

    Athletes and celebrities aren't worth their salaries because they work in industries that revolve around having fun. Athletes play games that children play, only they get paid to perform at extremely high levels. Celebrities entertain so that the masses can have fun. But what about our most vulnerable citizens? The hungry and homeless aren't having fun whatsoever. Perhaps our society should put more money towards those who are needy rather than putting energy towards our entertainment value.

  • Way over paid

    I do not believe that any one is worth that amount of money to be handed to them for just playing a game or acting in a movie. I believe that there are some athletes that get paid adequately due to the damage that their bodies take but not the ridiculous million dollar contracts. They could shave a few million of their salaries and help a lot of people.

  • No They Aren't

    I believe the salaries paid to athletes and celebrities can be astronomically high in some cases and I do not believe they are worth these wages. I believe the entertainment industry and the sports industry has a serious problem with wage inequality that really needs to be addressed. These monies should be spread more evenly among all people involved in these industries.

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