• Yes they are

    Athletes are extremely overpaid in the US. There is no reason that an entertainer, be they athlete, singer, or movie star, should make more than the people who are fighting and dying for our country. They also shouldn't make more than the men and women who serve our communities as police, firefighters or paramedics. I do believe that they should make enough money to live on, as being a full time athlete leaves no time for a job, but it's disgraceful that one quarterback in the NFL may make more in a single season that what a rural city pays their entire police department in a year.

  • Athletes Are Overpaid

    My father is a logger, and works twice as hard then the average athlete, and he doesn't even get a eighth of what the average athlete does, I feel likes that it is just unfair. I believe that athletes get over payed, there are lots of people in the world who are working really hard, just to get food on the table for their family. While you have famous basketball players going out to a fancy restaurant every night for dinner. You have little kids starving, and trying to help out their parents some little boys have to take on the dad role, because their father died or ran away, and famous athletes just going out to eat, and not even working hard! It's crazy things like this that make the world one of the thoughtless places.

  • They are barely doing anything.

    While yes some athletes are well known and have tons of fans what about those bench warmers who are still getting paid millions on dollars. Those funds could go to the fire fighter risking his/her life or to that teacher empowering your kids with the knowledge they need not to some bench warmer who no one know.

  • High athlete salaries are a load of crap.

    Athletes are good at just one thing; but do they deserve to be paid a seven-figure salary a year? No. They need not worry about their expenses, unlike those who are barely making a two-figure salary and work harder and longer. The money that they get could easily go to a better cause.

  • Yes they are.

    They should play for the love of the sport not for the money, and all their expenses are paid for. If their reason for playing is for money they should be banned.The average person makes $50,000. The average NHL player make $800,000 in their rookie year alone. It's ridiculous and should be stopped.

  • We waste our country's money on paying athletes.

    I mean, I love sports as much as anyone, but I still think that athletes are being bribed almost with all the money they are paid. If anything, we should pay our soldiers more. They defend our country 24/7 while athletes only entertain us for about an hour or two each day.

  • Yes, do they really need that much money?

    If a pro baseball player gets paid 13 million dollars a year, does he really need that much money? Certainly, much, much more of that 13 million could be used for something else, more valuable and useful than just one baseball player. Also, if that player has been playing for, let's say, 5 years, that adds up to 35 million. That money could be funding schools, wildlife reservations, our troops, but no, it's spent all on professional entertainers! Yes, their job is a big demand, and yes, they are entertainers, but they honest-to-god don't need that much money. They don't need fancy things, or a big house, or expensive clothes, and neither do their family. This money that we are carelessly wasting on these people could be used for much more useful cause.

  • They shouldn't not be paid but they should be paid less.

    Yes athletes are overpaid, in 2013 Barack Obama was paid 481,098$ in a year that's way less than a successful athlete. Athletes should still be paid but not as much. Athletes work hard just not as hard as doctors and teachers. People who have jobs are still are having trouble paying taxes and bills even Policemen and firemen who save lives everyday.

  • Athletes are overpaid.

    Athletes earn more money than the president. Who works harder, athletes or the president? The president has a lot more stress and has to keep the country in check while athletes just throw a ball around and do some running. And the president gets only about $400,000 per year, and their term is over, the president is already rich and isn't able to get a job, because of the law. But athletes get at least 1 million dollars per year, and after the season, athletes are still able to continue their career. Is this fair?

  • There no reason for pro athletes get paid more than others who actually work

    They are just entertaining people and they just get paid for no reason. They shouldn't be paid more than police officers, firefighters, doctors, or even truck drivers. They want that job so they can send it too their families. Pro athletes just want it so if they make mistakes they can u pay it with that.

  • No because they are heroes for children.

    A professorial athlete represents much more then just someone who hits a ball with a stick, or runs up and down a field. These athletes are idols, role models for impoverished and upper-class children alike. They provide motivation for children that would otherwise not have it, and with an athlete these children are given the chance to take a step into the world and make a name for themselves.

  • No. I don't think athletes are overpaid. It is a demanding position.

    While they do get paid much larger sums of money than the average person, this is just the way sports economics is currently setup. Ultimately, it is the paying fans supplying the money for these athletes' pay checks; and whether they may realize it or not, they make demands upon franchise owner to pick the players most likely to win. At the end of the day, though, I do hope that all players follow the philosophy of the fictional Roy Hobbs: "I play to win."

  • Supply And Demand

    Athletes are not overpaid. Not even close in my opinion. They put their bodies on the line to entertain people, so I think the pay is justified. Many forget that athletes are entertainers and if there is a demands for their particular sport, then of course they should be compensated a lot.

  • No, most are not.

    It is really only the big stars of the major sports who are overpaid and who get big endorsement deals and huge multi-year contracts. Average players in baseball and football make a good salary for the talent they have and the work they put in. Consider how grueling a 162-game MLB season can be for a player. And in the case of less prestigious sports like volleyball or rowing or lacrosse, most athletes barely make any money if they do at all.

  • Athletes are awesome

    Athletes are the people that keep us entertained but actors get paid more then athletes and athletes get injured more then actors so do not hate athletes and actors get overpaid if anything. So all you who wish they can make the same amount of money learn how to play practice all day every day.

  • They deserve what they earn.

    Athletes are not overpaid because they are rarely found people who got talent and they are making business,we pay them. First of all, they are unique, they do what other people can't do. They push harder than everyone to overcome the phsical limitations. Doing this requires a totally different working life. Their job is something deserves a lot of money. Secondly they aint earning Money by bullying or forcing people. They are making a real business and earn. Furthermore we pay money with our constent. They are in entertainment business. Athletes deserve what they got. If somebody is say,ng that they are overpaid, he/she can go adn do the same things athletes do. He will earn too, but only if he can do whay they do.

  • We pay them

    Many athletes get money from us paying them. We buy their jerseys shoes hats etc. and tickets to the games. I'm not saying that a police officer or mechanic should not be paid more but athletes have a gift that many people dont have and spend 24/7 in the gym or on the field to get better and produce for themselves and their families. Then on top of that many put their health in jeopardy and have died trying to get better

  • Athletes are not overpaid

    Athletes are not overpaid because every game they have to be in a strong shape risking there life to play this game. They play for there country sometimes. Athletes have to run a lot to accomplish there goal which is to win this game. To win they have to practice a lot so they could win which is very tiring and hard. There pay check is not overpaid it may be sometimes not enough. Athletes sometimes should get more.

  • Athletes are not overpaid

    Athletes are not overpaid because every game they have to be in a strong shape risking there life to play this game. They play for there country sometimes. Athletes have to run a lot to accomplish there goal which is to win this game. To win they have to practice a lot so they could win which is very tiring and hard. There pay check is not overpaid it may be sometimes not enough. Athletes sometimes should get more.

  • The fans pay them

    Like it or not, you can't just say that "These people aren't payed enough, and professional athletes are payed to much. Why aren't we paying these guys more and the athletes less?", because the athletes earn money off what the fans bring in. I agree that they definitely have more than they need, but there's no changing a company from endorsing an athlete or a fan going to a game. Sports in the United States is a huge industry, and you can't reallocate the earnings that athletes earn.

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