• Athletes are overpaid and teachers are underpaid

    The state of education in America is continually criticized and teachers are often the ones blamed, yet ready are expected to do much more than teach with no compensation for these duties that they do because they believe in their students. Most teachers make less per year than many athletes make in one game. If major league sports would agree with players' unions to take one percent of the contracts that are negotiated and donate it to local schools, it wouldn't change the lifestyle of the athletes at all, but could be used to attract people who choose not to teach, even though they want to, because of the low salaries.

  • Too Much Money

    We think athletes are over paid because they earn 252 million which is much more than what teachers make and other hard working employees in a year or less. Also, why do they earn so much when they mostly just entertain the public. They shouldnt get paid that much money!

  • Athletes are waaaaay overpaid

    Wtf is wrong with America? Because of this huge disparity America is spending into something that contribute almost nothing to the nation's development while China and India are investing hugely in education and research. No wonder America is falling behind. Teachers give knowledge and lessons to the next generation of people and leaders yet only earned $80k per year max. While an NBA star can earn $80M a year throwing a ball into hoops for 48 minutes per game. An average NFL player earns more money per game than the yearly income of all the teachers in an average elementary school put together. America should fix this or else, it's doomed.

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  • Most athletes are overpaid and teachers underpaid.

    Most athletes are overpaid and teachers underpaid. However, athletes in schools attract sponsorships which in turn produce a lot of money for the school. This money should go to them because they are the ones that are playing the game. I think it is a shame that we cannot afford to pay the teachers better.

  • Yes, incomparison it's wrong.

    I do not know that teachers in a lot of districts need to be paid more. But I do know that athletes and other celebrities are making too much money and charging too much for the tickets to their performances and competitions. So yes, the athletes are overpaid for playing a game.

  • I think that athletes are very overpaid, and teachers are very underpaid in relation to each other.

    I think that athletes are very overpaid, and teachers are
    very underpaid in relation to each other.
    Athletes get paid millions of dollars to play a game. While it’s true that they do inspire
    children, they rarely teach them anything.
    Teachers are more important because we all need them. We all can’t be athletes.

  • Athletes are overpaid, and teachers are underpaid.

    Athletes earn too much money considering that their job does not make a significant contribution to society. Although they provide entertainment, this is not essential for our society. Teachers, on the other hand, are a necessary part of the community. Teachers should get more pay according to their success with students.

  • Spend More Money on Kids

    Instead of spending more money on athletes and sporting events, why not spend more money on teachers and children. If not that, spend more money on feeding the hungry and housing the homeless. The NFL is an $8 billion per-year industry. Surely some of that revenue can go towards something worthwhile to solve society's problems.

  • Athletes work extremely hard for their money.

    Athletes work a ton harder than teachers. Imagine going to the weight room everyday, lifting weights that weigh fifty lbs or more. That is extremely strenuous on the human body, and it is all to entertain the people. Not to mention injuries that could cost them to not do what they love.

  • Athletes are not overpaid. Some teachers may be underpaid, but some overpaid. Neither by a substantial amount.

    Athletes are paid by private organizations. Those organizations profit from ticket sales, TV views, merchandise sales, etc. Of all of that profit, the majority must go to those who create the entertainment-the athletes and staff of the sports franchise.

    Who else would the money go to? Some would say charity, but do we really have the right to steal the majority of somebody's salary because we don't think they contribute enough to society? Obviously not. They are paid a lot because people find them entertaining, and pay to watch them. By saying they are overpaid, we are also saying that actors, directors, musicians, magicians, comedians, talk show hosts, etc. are also overpaid. What happens when we take away all of their money? The entertainment industry drastically declines.

    Before the NFL was popular, players didn't make very much at all. Many great college players would pass up the NFL to pursue a career that made more money (I believe this was the 20s to the 50s). If we began taking their money away, we would see that again. As I said earlier, the logic that money should be taken from athletes also correlates with the logic that money should be taken from all other people who profit from entertainment careers. This is why the entertainment industry would crash. The actors would suck because only those who desperately need cash would act. Same goes for musicians, directors, athletes, etc.

    Teachers are paid by the government, not private organizations, like the athletes. If the average salary of teachers were to be increased, our debt would increase, and possibly dramatically so. On top of that, teaching is not necessarily a hard job. In some cases the children can be difficult, but how many careers don't have the occasional difficulty? Not that many. I have two aunts that teach, and both love it. Neither make much money, and they don't complain.

    On top of that, teachers get summer break, christmas break, spring break, thanksgiving break, and in some schools fall break. No career should be paid for the time that they get off annually.

    On the surface, it does seem that teachers are underpaid and athletes are overpaid. But when you really get deep into the facts of the discussion, there is really no other way it can be, unless of course people begin to ignore sports. You don't like that athletes are paid a lot? Protest sports, not their salary.

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