• Yes they are

    Babies are born good because they have gold hearts and they learn through socialisation with their parents. Babies from a year onwards learn what is bad and good, from then toddlers will then make their own decisions if they know what is bad or wrong in this world that they are born in which is full of deceit and lies and suffering

  • Babies are inherently good

    Babies aren't born evil. As a matter of fact, babies are shown to demonstrate moral behavior by the age of 6 weeks. It's pretty remarkable. Maybe in some cases babies are hard wired to become evil people, but it seems that most are inherently good and just need a good environment.

  • You aren't born with an opinion.

    Beliefs are developed through influence, not through genetics. You are not born good, with either the ability to judge good or do good, likewise with evil. They only develop good or evil characteristics through cognitive and physical development where they take influence from their surrounding environment. You aren't born good or evil like you aren't born racist or sexist.

  • All babies are born good.

    Babies are not born bad. Babies are born with a blank slate. As they experience things that slate is written on helping to mold the baby into the person he or she is going to be. Babies eat, sleep, and poop. They cry when they are uncomfortable. That is not being bad. It's just a stage of development.

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