• Yes, hackers also use bots for all sorts of nefarious reasons, from lifting credit card numbers from an online store to scraping the text off an article and posting it on some random blog...

    Computer programs that have been coded to either automate a task or pretend to be a person, bots have probably been on the Internet longer than you have. They can be either good or bad. For instance, Facebook uses bots to grab the headline, first paragraph, and image from a story when you share it on your news feed. Meanwhile, Google uses bots to crawl and catalog the web so when you run a search, the site can deliver appropriate results.

  • Yes, bad bots are destroying the Internet

    The bad bots or programmed automatic code, are frustrating for those using the Internet. It is obvious when you try to buy a concert ticket online, that humans are competing with bots. Bots are also used by hackers to steal credit card information and passwords. So the Internet is being taken over by bad bots.

  • Bots don't kill people

    Bots aren't destroying the internet, people are. People are still the ones creating those bots and mining for the data they seek. Just like any crime, it is people, not the tools they elect to use that makes it difficult for the rest of us to exist without interference and fear.

  • Bad bots are a nuisance to the Internet, but with adequate policing, can be managed.

    Bad bots are a nuisance to the Internet and the enjoyment of all that the Internet has to offer, but with adequate policing by web site administrators, the issue can be managed. Anti-spam measures presently exist on most websites, and though they could use improvement, technology is always advancing. Soon enough there will be more sophisticated measures of filtering out spam bots or other harmful bots.

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