• I think so.

    I love cats, in fact, I own two. The myth that black cats are bad luck is nonsense. In fact, I think that if you treat them with love and respect, they can bring you good luck. It's more of a question of belief and superstition. Any color and either gender, I love cats.

  • Lucky or Not Black Cats Face a Tough Life

    Black cats get a bad rap and live a dangerous life during Halloween festivities. Shelters take in the least desirable and black cats and kittens fall into that category. At the same time, they are often the last adopted and adoptions of black cats is frowned upon in the month of October due to shenanigans causing harm.

  • No, Black cats are neither good nor black luck.

    No, the color of an animal's fur, be it a cat, an elephant or a walrus, has no impact on the amount of luck an individual might expect to obtain upon an encounter with said mammal. As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as luck. Everything fall within a pre-ordained universal order.

  • No, they are just cats.

    There is no luck that will follow you because you have a black cat, that's being superstitious. Cats are just cats and the only luck you may get from them is having your clothes intact as they will prevent rats from eating them. In other places in the world they believe cats are bad luck.

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