Are black people more violent than people of other races?

  • The facts support it!

    Name one predominately black run country that is not violent. The poverty thing is bullshit also because that is usually from their own making. Haiti versus the Dominican Republic is a great example of the difference. One is a shithole and the other is fine. Same demographics (Same friggin island) yet one is black ran the other is not. Excuses are like assholes. Everybody's got one. Stop making excuses, own up to the facts and start changing them. Blacks are like an alcoholics that won't admit they have a problem.

  • Racial idiosyncrasies are real

    There are many studies that show a larger percentage of violent crimes in the US are committed by (and inflicted upon) people of the black race. Many such studies cite socio-economic, historic suppression or cultural explanations for the imbalances observed, but when interpreting results of violent crime studies in South Africa, and London, UK, similar tendencies indicating proneness to aggression amongst blacks could be viewed as apparent. More broadly, various idiosyncrasies and likely vastly different subsets of behaviors exist in different races.

    It is interesting that where human intelligence enables us to observe, conclude and freely debate that some animal species are vastly different in character and social make up than others within the same subgroup (dogs, primates, even mammals), the social stigma of perceived racism still obstructs us from the objective truth that races are different, regardless of the dogma under scrutiny. It could be a dry fact rather than mere stereotyping that blacks are more prone to lose their temper in uncontrolled violence than others, like many Asians display higher levels of obedience, North-African cultures can be labeled as lazy, whites indeed being innately supremacists, and where hispanics are more harmonious and respecting authority.

  • Yes, black people are violent

    “In New York City alone, blacks are 23% [of the population]; they make up 75% of all shootings, 70% of all robberies, 60% of all violent crimes. White only 3%. That is why there are more blacks in jail than there are whites.” plus 80% of the crimes in the United States are African Americans.

  • Yes. Race does play a role

    I know it's not politically correct, but race does play a role. And unfortunately people are not equal. In evolutionary biology, it's hormones that maketh a man. Don't believe me? Then why do men from China lack chest hair and the women do not normally have large breasts and wide hips? How come there are very few to no mass murders in China? Why can't China have a Rwanda, where they killed 800,000 people because there skin color was slightly lighter? How about South Africa: 51 murders a day and 150 sexual assaults. I mean that's only 18,615 murdered a year. Yes, all people are violent. But all people are different. Everybody should be treated equally. But it doesn't mean that they are equal.

  • People from all races are violent

    Whenever I study history, I cannot help but notice how many people Europeans have killed. I think millions of natives in America and Australia, hundreds of thousands of Indian and African slaves. So, I think this is completely untrue that black people are violent. Even, Muslim aggression has no match. Indians are known for being violent towards women. So, these types of generalizations based on race are totally bogus.

    Posted by: Vid
  • Race is not an indicator of violence.

    There are many factors that contribute to a tendency toward violence. Upbringing, societal conditioning, mental illness and even values all play significant roles in a tendency to be violent. This is also why violent people exist among all races. If one group of people appears to statistically be more inclined toward violence, chances are that one of the previously mentioned factors is significantly impacting those numbers.

  • Race is not the deciding factor in violent events

    There is no way to create a deciding factor regarding what race is more violent than any other. Whether people are of one race or another does not impact what way people act when they are engaged in dangerous or violent activities. All humans are equally inclined to aggresive behavior, but these different interactive outcomes are dictated by many factors outside the realm of genetic dictation. The total outcome of how people act in violent situations has little to do with race and more to do with upbringing and social economics.

  • History has shown violence across all races.

    Violence has been shown across all races since the beginning of the written word. Various cultures have stories of battles, wars, weaponry and conquest over other individuals and groups; it is not just black cultures that have exhibited violence towards other parties. Violence may be due to economic circumstances, however. Statistics may be skewed showing that black people are more violent because there is a higher concentration of black people in poorer communities, where more people have to steal to survive.

  • No, black people are just poorer in general

    Around the world, one constant is that where there is poverty, there is violence. People who are close to the edge feel like they have little choice in how they survive. In the United States, blacks as a group are in the lower class of wage earners, leading to more desperate situations and violence. So blacks are not more violent, but their positions are often more desperate.

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