• Boarding schools are better than day schools

    After going to a boarding school for four years, I can honestly say that those were one of the best four years. Not only did I make long-lasting relationships with the people at my boarding school, I also received the attention and education I needed in order to prepare me to succeed in college and everyday life. I used to be a shy, awkward little girl, but being surrounded by students my own age in a friendly environment helped change that. I learned how to take care of myself and get along with others. Although I learned how to support myself, I was never without support from loving teachers and friends. I never felt alone or misunderstood, like I sometimes did at home and in day school. At boarding school, I lived in a well-structured environment that taught me how to manage time by balancing my social life and school work. At day school I struggled with school work and grades, yet received no encouragement or help in order to do better. However, at boarding school I was able to receive academic help support from teachers that had both a strong concern for student comprehension and a personal connection and understanding with their students; I also received academic help and support from my peers. When students faced personal problems, they would receive comfort for both fellow students and teachers and caretakers. School officials having a close eye on the students would be able to tell if students were misbehaving or causing problems with one another; if there were any problems, parents would be notified and have knowledge of what is going on with their child, rather than their child being secretive and uncooperative with their parents and other authority figures. At my former boarding school, there was no need to be secretive and suffer silently because there were non-judgmental adults willingly to help students with their problems. Living at boarding school shaped my life and prepared me for college and living in the "real" world with others. If I had not attended boarding school, I would not be the same person I am today.

  • More efficient life skills

    Students studying in boarding schools are more efficient because they display better skills in dealing with problems of life. This is because they learn from their practical experiences. It might also be harsh sometimes for lazy but it is good as they become more hardworking. They are more punctual and regular in their work.

  • Students are free from any family anxiety and worries

    As they live away from their parents, they are always away from the tensions prevailing in their house. No family is perfect their is something missing in each family. Sometimes money and sometimes love. Children notice these things very much. They may come in depression due to this.But if he or she lives in a boarding , he would not come to know anything and this will help him to concentrate on his or her studies easily

  • Helps to adjust with different people

    Boarding schools helps in adopting the changes coming in the enviornment , and to adjust with different people with different behaviour .Also it improve the level of better decision making of an individual student. A student has to accommodate himself with the other students with different behaviour pattern which helps in adjusting with the society in future.

  • Much more fun

    You have loads of fun at boarding school and you also get to spend quality time with your mum insisted of her shouting at you to do your homework get up for school.
    And also for sporty kids they can fit a lot more in as everything is on your doorstep.You also get to do loads of fun things at weekends!

  • Much more fun

    You have loads of fun at boarding school and you also get to spend quality time with your mum insisted of her shouting at you to do your homework get up for school.
    And also for sporty kids they can fit a lot more in as everything is on your doorstep.You also get to do loads of fun things at weekends!

  • You live a active life

    In day schools children come to and watch television, lying here n there
    Not moving the become lazy but in boarding schools they have to be active there are many activities, sports and many other activities.
    In boarding schools they get dependant and some boarding schools also help to chose their career

  • Punctuality and regularity

    Boarding school students are more punctual and regular than day students . A day student might not be able to come to school for some couple of days for one reason or the other e.G sickness, accident e.T.C. Now talking about being punctual day students are not always punctual e.G a day student on his/her way to school his/her car breaks down on the road and is on repair that has taking some time. All in all boarding school students are more punctual and regular than day students.

  • Yes, Boarding Schools are better than Day Schools

    In my opinion, boarding schools are the best option than private day schools. Generally, boarding schools have small class sizes that help teachers give proper attention to the needy students in the classroom. Boarding schools make students independent and responsible because they are far apart from their homes. They learn lots of stuff at their own which enhances their level of self-confidence. I also studied in boarding school (DPSbadhani.Com) and have great experience over there.

  • Proper assessment of children

    In boarding schools, children are properly assessed rather than day schools as it gives more time for the teachers to concentrate on one child. It also helps the child in clearing the doubts by visiting the library frequently and allows them to gain extra knowledge. It gives more time for the child to complete her homework and also concentrate in other stuffs.

  • Family time is better than being away especially later on in life

    There is no doubt in my mind having been to a top boarding school that the Benifit of family life, especially family communication, is better when you are a day pupil. The family unit is so very important upto the age of 15/16 beyond that I believe boarding can be an option although moving to a boarding school at that age can be difficult so much depends on the individual child

  • They are not better

    It is so because overall personality development of students deteriorate in the boarding schools where they might get into bad company and their moral values may decline . Most parents can't afford the heavy amount of fees taken by the boarding schools . Also many students get into depression when they are sent to boarding schools.

  • No, boarding schools are not better than day schools.

    No, boarding schools are not better than day schools. I think they both have their place and their benefits/disadvantages. However, if it works for both the parent and the student, then there is nothing wrong with sending their child to a boarding school. They would have to be researched and agreed upon by all parties involved.

  • Interaction will be a problem

    Usually the parent would preffer to know the progress of their child in school. This is possible only by interacting wit the teacher. In a boarding school, the parent wont be able to interact with the teacher properly as the parent will be allowed to visit the boarding school only for a few days in a year.

  • Public Schools are far better!

    I go to public school even though my dad is a lawyer. All of his colleague's kids go to private/boarding school but I do not see the point. You are paying to be taught basically but the only difference is that the teachers there couldn't get a normal job so it's the worst out of the lot that work in the boarding schools. They also don't have any personal lives because of this. Also in public schools the people you meet there, you can also meet up easily outside of school and they can be proper friends and not forced friends. You get taught more stuff and get taught better at public schools. P.S people who go to boarding schools are swots.

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