• Yes, Boarding Schools are better than Day Schools

    In my opinion, boarding schools are the best option than private day schools. Generally, boarding schools have small class sizes that help teachers give proper attention to the needy students in the classroom. Boarding schools make students independent and responsible because they are far apart from their homes. They learn lots of stuff at their own which enhances their level of self-confidence. I also studied in boarding school (DPSbadhani.Com) and have great experience over there.

  • Proper assessment of children

    In boarding schools, children are properly assessed rather than day schools as it gives more time for the teachers to concentrate on one child. It also helps the child in clearing the doubts by visiting the library frequently and allows them to gain extra knowledge. It gives more time for the child to complete her homework and also concentrate in other stuffs.

  • You learn to be self dependent

    Boarding schools discipline student better than day school and they have a lot to offer to student than day schools and they also teach student to be self dependent so they wont need to depend on another person to get things done and boarding schools help student to to realize that they can make their decisions by themselves and allowing someone else to make a decision for them.

  • Yes Boarding schools are better than day schools

    In boarding school,students learn how to live among other people.The environment of Boarding school encourages students to study.Students become self reliant and responsible.Boarding school student's follow a time table and hence there time for fun and time for studies bar remains balanced.Boarding school students are more disciplined in comparison to day school students.

  • No, boarding schools are not better than day schools.

    No, boarding schools are not better than day schools. I think they both have their place and their benefits/disadvantages. However, if it works for both the parent and the student, then there is nothing wrong with sending their child to a boarding school. They would have to be researched and agreed upon by all parties involved.

  • Interaction will be a problem

    Usually the parent would preffer to know the progress of their child in school. This is possible only by interacting wit the teacher. In a boarding school, the parent wont be able to interact with the teacher properly as the parent will be allowed to visit the boarding school only for a few days in a year.

  • Public Schools are far better!

    I go to public school even though my dad is a lawyer. All of his colleague's kids go to private/boarding school but I do not see the point. You are paying to be taught basically but the only difference is that the teachers there couldn't get a normal job so it's the worst out of the lot that work in the boarding schools. They also don't have any personal lives because of this. Also in public schools the people you meet there, you can also meet up easily outside of school and they can be proper friends and not forced friends. You get taught more stuff and get taught better at public schools. P.S people who go to boarding schools are swots.

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