Are Bollywood films a bad influence for the society???

Asked by: shrutis
  • Using banana to kill villian

    Bollywood movies - Are a total time waster. Since its so unrealistic ( like actors killing villain with a banana- promoted by maxim bady,being bullet ridden yet walking miles, coming back from dead) . Its definitely is a bad influence. Al-thou few movies do focus on realistic issue, Maximum of the big releases do not. That just proves the fantasy world the audience lives in.

  • A colossal waste of time

    Most Indian movie depict the the main actor as some action super god who can beat up the police. Its not a good impression because it gives people the false impression that they can do it in real life. It isn't even realistic like in Hollywood movies. They advocate violence against injustice means, and have no regards for law. Basically if the hero kill somebody, its ok because he does it. Bollywood movies are just stupid and the worse thing are the songs, which have absolutely no connection to the story.

  • I will never say that!!

    How would someone think that? I will say Bollywood is really good and it cannot be a bad influence! I have watched so many Bollywood movies. I never think that it is a bad influence for society. Even it is educational. There are so many good and educational movies in Bollywood.

    Thank You!

  • Bollywood depicts Indian Culture

    Many Bollywood movies glorify the extravaganza of our incredible culture and tradition. They also exert importance on how to deal with social issues such as poverty, women empowerment, equality, etc. the give us an inset of the position of our country. The movies give us an essence of our country which prove the its magnanimity and magnificence.

  • Bollywood films give us knowledge.

    Bollywoood films such as Mary kom give us information about people, places and events which we were never aware off. Bollywood films show stories we are actually taking place in the present days. For example theft, terrorist attacks, smuggling etc..In short Bollywood films are a good source of information and way to get to know what is happening in the country.

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