• Paper wasted for books

    There is no points for books to be thrown in the bin. The internet has all the information and even if you delete the information on your computer you can always go back to the website.Why be you when you can be new. So i support this topic see you guys.

  • I do believe that the end is nearing

    Unfortunately I feel that such things as the kindle are pushing the paper back books out of the way I don't think they will ever be truly extricate (thank goodness) but I feel that the E-readers are making a large enough dent in the paper back book business enough for the industry to down size massively ,it's just my opinion ,I don't wish for their end I just feel it is nearing

  • Books are kind of a thing a thing of the past

    Although people do still read books today, there are so many other areas of entertainment that available for all. Some examples are watching television, playing video games, playing outside, or other physical activities. If you still like to read a lot listen to an audio book or get an e-book with back lit led so its just like a book with much more capabilities.

  • I think that books are becoming antiquated.

    I think that books are becoming antiquated. No one reads books anymore. Why would they? Everyone has a laptop. Everyone has a cell phone. A lot of people have nooks. A lot of people have tablets. Newspapers are too expensive and too
    difficult to read. I get all of my news
    from the internet on my phone.

  • Yes, book are becoming a thing of the past, because a library can now be found on a disc drive.

    With handheld devices capable of downloading bunches of books, the cutting down of forests is inexcusable. Replacing the trees with genetically engineered lifeforms doesn't help. Billions of pieces of paper are thrown away every year. Think about textbooks, which have a very limited usable life. Some have only a few years before they're obsolete. With the growing population, we must think forward, and stop the waste of the environment. Teach children about books, and then get them a computer.

    Posted by: MoaningGaston86
  • There are so many other options today, that they are making books antiquated.

    Today, there are e-books and so much information available on the Internet that less people are going to books for information. Therefore, books are becoming antiquated.

    Posted by: AverageHoward86
  • Unfortunately, I believe that the advent of products, like the Kindle, will bring about the eventual obsolescence of books.

    Electronic readers offer many advantages over traditional books. Hundreds, if not thousands, of books can be stored on an electronic reader. Not only does this save a reader space in his home, but it also saves money that would otherwise go towards the purchase of storage, such as bookshelves. Also, electronic books can be digitally searched and bookmarked. Digital bookmarks are much more efficient than the practice of folding down the corner of a page.

    Posted by: R Bowen
  • Yes, because society sees other options as much more favorable and convenient.

    Many people probably can't remember the last time they read a book from cover to cover. With the Internet and devices such as the Kindle, there hardly seems any convincing reason for the people of today to pick up a book. Since the advent of the computer, each generation has moved farther away from books, and further into technology. This generation doesn't even have the time to devote to a book, with all their texting, chatting, extreme sports, TV reality shows, gaming, etc. I think that most young people of today only pick up a book when it is required schoolwork. Writing has also become more of a commodity than a talent.

    Posted by: gnorknik
  • With our growing technology, books are becoming a thing of the past.

    With technology growing so fast in front of our eyes, it's hard to believe that books still actually exist. Computers, cell phones, and mp3 players have all made it so easy for us to store massive amounts of data in such a small space. Can you imagine that your whole music, movie, and book collection can all fit in your pocket?

    Posted by: 54bIinkRede
  • I believe as the technology gets cheaper for readers like Kindle regular paper printed books will be useless.

    Printed books will soon be a novelty and not the main way to purchase and read a book. As the electronic readers get cheaper and easier to use, paper will just no longer be needed. E-Readers, as they are known, can store hundreds and possibly thousands of books and you can delete them when your done. No more old paperbacks cluttering shelves and basements. The technology is slowly catching on as the E-readers get cheaper and easier to use more people are turning to them for there reading needs. As with anything it takes time for the idea of using a electronic device to read to catch on. It will eventually replace the printed book.

    Posted by: NabyR4y
  • Books brought us this far, how can we possibly allow them to become obsolete.

    Printing and publishing books will never be a thing of the past. They are more secure as no one can have unauthorized permission and change its content,hence making them reliable. Nothing beats a good old hard copy. So many evolution's and the birth of many industries have taken place due to the content printed out in books. We simply can not leave that behind.

  • Books are not a thing of the past

    Do you get the instant feeling when you open an book that you instantly become the character? Well i do and i don't get that feeling when i read an auto book.. People say that it's the same when you read an kobo yet i one hundred percent disagree with that. I’m one who loves the smell of old books, you can't get that with an auto book. When I read a good book it instantly makes me feel like I'm the character, with a Kobo reader I just think I'm reading off an iPad. Boring !!! A real bookworm would no that we don't need modern technology that cost money to buy books. We have the real thing in our hands already!

  • Books can never be defeated by the corrupting technology that is rising to take place.

    Books never lose battery. Books never need to be charged. They do not need a password or a charger. There should be no fear of it being stolen. Books are the most valuable gifts available. I know books can never be defeated because they are evergreen. B y anonymous me. Thanks

  • Books can never be defeated by the corrupting technology that is rising to take place.

    Books never lose battery. Books never need to be charged. They do not need a password or a charger. There should be no fear of it being stolen. Books are the most valuable gifts available. I know books can never be defeated because they are evergreen. B y anonymous me. Thanks

  • Books are Obsolete

    Books are obsolete not reading! Just because books are obsolete, reading can still occur on a device. Reading is still necessary and the benefits of reading are enhanced by electronic devices. For example on kindles you can access the dictionary by simply tapping the word. And really, who looks up a physical dictionary these days?

  • Book are love books are life

    i love books because you can lend them to all your friends.
    And if books stop getting created whats going to happen to all the people who work at a library. Think about them as well.
    I love books

  • Money down the drain

    Books... I love them you love them we all love them but they cost way to much MONEY that you could use for more important things. I'm only 10 but I like comics and earth type of books and each year 40% of people's money is been spent on books,comics!Information books!Text articles and other things you read. I using a apple/android device and use IBooks to read books. 60% of books on iBooks are free so read on iPads and live a cheap life!!!

  • Personally digital copies do not appeal to me

    I do not enjoy reading on the computer that's definite and although with tablets you can relax back some, I do enjoy books much better. I work with first graders and we use a online reading program and we have found that we actually have to print some books out because some of the children do not read as well on the tablets and are more successful with hard copies.

  • Since there's nothing like having a shelf-full of books instead of a tablet- full, no, I don't think that books will be antiquated.

    The fact is, more and more people are attracted to e-readers now. I'm currently writing a paper on it. People see it as faster, simpler, and a little more "in". I have a kindle myself, and I hold nothing against it, but I also have two bookshelves chock full of books in my bedroom. I think the actually paperback is much more valuable than a kindle or a nook. I'm not saying e-readers are bad, or useless, they come in handy. But if I had to choose between the two, the bookshelves or the e-reader, I'd choose shelves. There's still people like me out there who love to turn the actual ages with wet fingertips. Books will never be a thing of the past. Not if I can help it.

  • There are many reasons why books will never be a thing of the past.

    I don't think they are a thing of the past because they are still really popular in a lot of places. And in some countries, where people can't afford technology, they get paper books. And, hey, some people just like the smell and feel of paper rather than hold a piece of technology in their hands. They will never be a thing of the past, in my opinion.

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