• Yes tech has won

    Why would one want a book when for such a minimal cost they may now have an entire library at their fingertips with the ability to do so much more than a book can. Technology is the way of the future as even this debate is over the internet, not on paper

  • Books arent as portable

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  • Nostalgia, but that's all.

    Some of the arguments for books includes nostalgia, portability, and bad for your eyes. I cannot argue nostalgia, as that is an emotional feeling we receive when using something from our personal past. However, portability can be defined as the ability to travel with you. Books can do this on a physical level fine, but they are limited to "porting" as tiny amount of "data". With computers and tablets and phones, you can literally carry millions of books in your pocket at anytime anywhere you have internet (Which will soon be everywhere people are). If I'm travelling in the wilderness sure you can bring a book(I don't read when hiking, canoeing, or whatever outdoor activity I'm doing anyway), but when it comes to civilized parts of the world. Books have nothing on technology. As for "bad for eyes" this is quickly changing with research in light and it's affect on our eyes. I give it until it becomes a real problem before someone comes up with a solution to it. Technology dominates. Simple.

  • Books are outdated

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  • Books are outdated

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  • Paper books are becoming outdated

    Increasing number of people use nowadays everyday technology and forget about paper book. I think there are a couple of reasons for that:
    1- people don't want to by a paper book for money,when they can downloaded on their smartphone for free
    2- people are to lazy to go to a book store or a library when they can download a book using their wifi sitting on their couch

  • Technology is taking the place of books.

    With all the technology these days, people are starting to forget about books. Books are so outdated that people barely use books anymore these days! Instead, people use our everyday technology, laptops or any other search device. Some people even say that books contain incorrect information and are stated outdated.

  • Depending on the type

    Books such as novels are not becoming outdated, but I was reading a java programming book as an assignment from school and when I tried to complete one of the exercises I was running into errors. I found out on the web that it was outdated even though it was published just in 2012! So I would say any book that has information about a subject like programming or science should not be made since a subject like these constantly change and updates making them useless in the future.

  • You people shouldn't even be trusting technology

    Books are not outdated because if computers replaced books, you would need things like battery, Internet and loins, but if you have a book it will need no Internet, battery and loins. Also, books are more portable than technology. And we also can't forget that technology is more expensive than 1 good oil' book. Also, technology screens are very bad for your eyes.

  • No the nostalgia, the heritage and the aroma of past can not be avoided so easily.

    So long people are social and humane, they will turn the page of books.Don't get the touch of your father while reading a book used by him? Don't you feel the presence of your ancestors when you go through your family diaries? It happens. And always will be. No kindle paperwhite can provide these things. They can convey facts but not knowledge, information but not wisdom, study material but not education.

  • Books are Reliable

    At least a book doesn't run out of battery in the middle of class and is clearly visible in direct sunlight with no glare whatsoever. I can bring my books to school and not have to worry if it would get stolen or damaged. And if it is damaged then it costs roughly 20$ to replace it as opposed to a 250$ kindle.

  • No they are not

    I still think that books are the best method when it comes to learning and although laptops and smartphones when combined with the internet are very convenient they still lack the genuine knowledge that old fashioned books can offer and so I think books and libraries still posses the same value.

  • Books are always up to date

    Books are a major source of entertainment and no matter what people say they will always be better than movies. Books allow people imagination to run wild where as in a movie you're are forced to see what the producer has made. Even little errors like Hermiones buck teeth in harry potter can hinder a movie

  • Books are not dying because they will always be great sources of information and entertainment.

    Though there is new technology, books shall always remain up to date. There are new books that strike peoples interests. Books are small and easily portable. You can carry many at a time and they do not cost any money at the library. You have to buy most books if you get them on a kindle or on the internet.

  • Power Over Literature

    What's more powerful, the Pen or the Sword? Those who say sword obviously do not realize The Declaration of Independence as well as the very rights that you are insured every day of your life were not written with a sword. When books become electronic it's easier to change them. One example: Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. The Government is saying get rid of the N-word. Mark Twain didn't write the N-word hundreds of times because he was racist, he wrote it so many times to make you sick to your stomach.

  • No

    People may think that they are but they are not. A lot of people still read books. Paperback books are still very popular. I have a friend that obsess over the new books that he is reading. Other times he just buys them to have them. Just to let me know that they will never go out of style as long as he is alive.

  • no way

    As long as someone has the urge, pleasure, and need of reading then books will never be outdated. I love reading personally, and I know many more enjoy it. I don't read paper books as much as I used to, but I love reading. I will just read an ebook. And there are many people out there who love to read and they don't enjoy on the machines and they may enjoy more in paper books. Turning the page, folding the book leaving fancy bookmarks, and that will never change. There will always be people who love to read and will find it easier to carry around a paper book instead of a risky electronic machine.

  • No. The form may change but the idea is the same.

    I think people will always like the physical object of a book because it does not require any power or batteries or energy and because it can easily be taken anywhere. But even if we do see fewer and fewer paper books, the general idea of a book will remain because we will always use the written word to communicate and document and reflect on our lives.

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