• They require more imagination.

    Yes, books are more relevant than video games, because more thought goes into them. A video game is just meant for entertainment, or to make money. A book has a purpose. Someone put some thought into the message that they wanted to convey. A video game is fleeting, but books are more relevant because they are lasting.

  • Books are still the best.

    In my own opinion, I think that books will always be more relevant than video games. While I love playing video games, there's still nothing quite as engrossing and immersive as a book. I don't have to depend on any hardware to visualize what's going on. I'll take a book first any day.

  • Yes because of history

    Books are more relevant than video games because of the history of books. Books have been around a lot longer than video games. So historically you can find books going back a lot further. Also a book can be anything you want it to be while video games are a bit limited.

  • Books are more relevant than video games.

    Books are more important than video games in today's world. Books are a serious medium for learned information, whereas video games are a form of entertainment. Important discoveries and ideas are published in books, as they always have been. Although video games are popular, they will never be able to replace books.

  • Books are more important than video games.

    Books have spanned throughout the hisory of mankind, spanning back thousands of years. Even with the addition to the internet, books are still the main source of reference material for religions through books like the Bible, the Torah and the Quran. Books are still used in the classroom to educate the children for the rough road that lies ahead for them and while games can also take us to different worlds in a more interactive way, books can be used to teach people how to make those worlds a reality. I bet that if you asked a game developer how he learned what they knew about how to make the same games in question, I guarentee that they didn't learn from just the internet- they learned it from books.

  • Video Games are better than books

    I am a gamer,and I really don't appreciate books.Here is why Video games are totally better Books.First off,When your Playing a Multiplayer Game like call of duty,your really Playing Socially by Working together.However when your reading a book with another,your actually fighting which book is better or spoiling to make fun of others (aka Anti-Social).Second of all,Some Video Games are based on books.So instead of missing out on the fun of the world of harry potter,You can be in it.Third of all,most books aren't age appropriate and could make kids cry,scared,or repeat what was in the book(According to the Amazing World of Gumball).While most Video Games are actually appropriate for kids.In Conclusion,some People can live without Video games,But Others can't,& maybe some can actually live without Books

  • Video Games Are the best

    Video games have a different feel than any other source of media, and involve the player (you) in a way books could never dream to do unless they were Mad Libs, and Mad Libs are not even 1% of the number of books, and even if there were more Mad Libs they aren't even books really. My weird obsession with Mad Libs aside, Video games star a protagonist who is controlled by none other than you, and in some games, you can even create your own avatar. You decide the fate of the person you play the role as in your game. The fate of whether the hero dies, lives, or whatever is in your hands throughout the gameplay (not including story based elements and cutscenes). In books you just kind of read a story about another person. Yipee...

  • No, they are not.

    Books are not more relevant than video games. Books are slowly phasing out with the invention of kindle. In a few years we won't even have anymore books. Video games are coming to focus as the new big thing. They have the ability to teach and entertain in ways that books never imagined.

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