• Man are the head.

    I would not say that men are more important but yes men were set apart by god to be the head. That is the reason why their should be no women preachers or presidents. I think that men should go out and work while women stay home and watch the home.

  • Girls are so dumb and useless

    Boys run this world and we need to open up are eyes and see it. This is a very important topic because no one understands how important boys are and how unimportant women are. Women do nothing important in this world and sit around all day while men work and make the money

  • Women deserve nothing but a life of servitude

    It is decreed in the Holy Ones teachings that women are inferior to men and are fit only for providing sexual pleasure to their master and raising their masters children. After they are no longer fertile, they are fit only for tending the fields of their master, and once they are no longer fit for fieldwork, a slow death by the hands of a blessed priest of the Holy One.

  • Girls are so dumb and useless

    Boys run this world and we need to open up are eyes and see it. This is a very important topic because no one understands how important boys are and how unimportant women are. Women do nothing important in this world and sit around all day while men work and make the money

  • Boys rule obviously

    Boys work day and night to provide shelter,food and other things ,girls just stay at home girls are also important but not as boys are needed without boys the family can not cope who is the fastest human is a man ,world smartest is a man,best actist in the world is a man also so man are the best

  • Boys are more important

    God created Adam first and he was a male enhancement jurisprudence exam and cleaning and maintenance on a new thread is for the use the USB stick to it as well as a new thread for the next day or so I will be a problem for me know when I was thinking

  • Girl are always the servants

    Many people such as india kills baby girls as they thing that girls are useless. Woman are always blamed when they bore girls instead of boys when actually men are the one who determined the gender. Woman are always looked down and are required to always serve man by cleaning, doing housework. When women works outside, they still gotta do housework and serve the man but when man work outside, they are like the king and the woman gotta serve them also. Woman also need to experice menses and boobs (gotta wear bra which is damn shitty) and obviously pregnancy. All this boys never had to experience and worse they still get to have their surname carried. It's totally unfair as girls are the one experiencing all the pain and hardwork during pregnancy and man just easily claimed credit by having their surname carried down. And mans are always the head. I'm sure everyone knows much more unfairness to girls.

  • We are all equal

    Women are just as good as men and everyone knows it! The United Kingdom's current reigning monarch is female, and everyone loves her. I have never heard such a nonsense and sexist remark in all my life! When God created the Earth, he didn't create man. He created man AND woman. There are many great women in the world today, and in history. For example, without FEMALE nurse Florence Nightingale, then we wouldn't have clean, decent hospitals, and pie charts wouldn't exist at all! Yes, men are amazing, but it's thanks to women that everyone has a right to vote (Thank you Suffragettes), and housework and cleaning would never exist. And finally, Disney named them the Disney PRINCESSES, and not Disney princes. So take that men!

  • What a ridiculous question

    Of course boys are not more important than girls. Without either one we could not further the human race. Men have always been the risk takers in history but women are the stabilizers of the human race. Without them, there would be no human race. Research shows while men and women often have different skills they are of equal intelligence and just as many women are leaders and rulers.

  • Girls are better.

    Girls are better because they have more hacks for when their children are bored and their more healthy than men and boys. The fact is that girls have a lot of more information and they are more smarter than boys because if a boy babysitter comes over and babysit a child they won't know what to do but for girls they can get pregnant and have kids so they will know what to do if something bad happens.

  • We are EQUAL

    Us Males and Females have our roles and without one or another Sex, we are all dead, we shouldn't be compared to one another, we are partners of nature, like all animals, we need each other to reproduce, I've seen posts, and a very large supporting reason was that men do more WORK for females, which is how many parents "parent". As men should take care of woman in Christianity, or chivalry. Just because men do more work doesn't mean their more important. All lives are equal.

  • They are equal

    God created man and woman and this world wouldn't be to where it is today because man and woman had to come to together and create more of its own but even though I am a male I will say that the females have the hardest jobs which is having the kids and nurturing them ladies you have it hands down but yes they are both equal

  • This is the truth

    Man and Woman are equal in the eyes of God , the things that we hate about woman is just they wanted to rule like man but the man is the head not the women and God created men in his form, all angels are men without sex because they are sexless , read the bible
    God made men to dominate all around him
    No one can take this domination of men instead God.

  • THEY Are Equal

    In hunting and gathering societies, men and women were much more equal. Men had their roles, women had theirs. Both were completely essential to life.

    As soon as property, wealth, power and the issue of passing these along the family line came about (around the time agriculture popped up), paternity became an extremely important thing. So, women started getting regulated to second class citizens. You can pretty much tell who the mama is, but the daddy is only known for sure if the woman is 100% his.

    Many religions pre paternal societies revered women as life bringers, as spiritual leaders. Religions post hunting and gathering oppress women, Eve is the cause of all of humanities suffering by eating the apple. Women are meant to be submissive to their husbands, virtuous and pure on their wedding day, and faithful until they die. In some cultures, widows were tossed on the funeral pyre of their husbands, for what worth does a woman have without a man?

    There are differences between men and women, but the paternal societies that have dominated for the last few thousand years have placed women in practical servitude. The female revolution is still very new, and there are a lot of kinks to work out. Women want equality, yet want to be treated special, for example.

    It's going to be a long road for real equality, just like it will be for blacks, gays, and any other oppressed group.

  • We are all equal

    Boys are not important because there lazy, stupid and very un loyal animals. If it was not for the women they will come home to a pigsty. While woman cook, clean and take care of the children men are at work just lifting boxes and who knows cheating on there wives.

  • No, both boys and girls are precious

    It breaks my heart to read articles or watch news programs about cultures like India where parents are crazy about having a boy. If they find out they are expecting a girl, they often opt for abortion; baby girls die from "accidents" quite often - their detestable parents actually KILL them because they think girls are somehow inferior and do not want them. Shame on you people! Girls are just as important, smart, and precious like boys.

  • Huh i think not

    Females hold an important role in society. We bare the children and we certainly clean better than the males. It is very sexist for you to think that men are more important. If anything they should leave the planet... They really are not important.... It's rude and disrespectful for you to think that we just stay at home, cook, clean, and THAT WE DO NOT NEED EDUCATION!!!!!!! I dont like you. We have higher grades and better handwriting. We do not live to serve your every need to have ten meals a day. Do your own laundry, make your own sandwiches, see how you do!

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