• It doesn't really make sense to me.

    Whenever someone tries to alter their physical appearance (i.E. Plastic surgery, tanning, etc), someone will say, "Just accept what God gave you," even if the procedure is minor. But for some reason, teeth are an exception. Parents feel like it is a "necessity" to correct even the slightest gaps. This can involve 2+ years of various treatments like braces. 2 years may not be a lifetime, but it is definitely a long time. During this time, one must eat a special diet. Some orthodontists require you to cut everything with a knife! It is also very painful, similar to the way a woman describes childbirth.

    And in the end, when you think you are done, they give you a retainer. This is a plastic denture that goes in the mouth at night and feels like a finger in your mouth. It must be worn untill you are TWENTY ONE YEARS OLD, and they still recommend it afterwards. The thing is a potential germ trap, even when cleaned it still has white marks.

    All that (plus money) just to please the superficial world.

  • In the majority of cases, they are not needed!

    Unless you have severe buck teeth or a very bad bite that causes you problems in chewing, you don't need them. People have different bites, and different teeth, just like they have different eye colours. It's all normal human variation. Nothing and no one is perfect and never will be. Of course, an orthodontist will always point out the "problems" with your teeth and say you need braces - it's a business and it's how they make their living. I had braces, I didn't need them. But all the kids in my class had them, so how could I not? After all, I wanted to have movie star teeth! As a result I have shorter roots (from root resorption during treatment), gum recession (which my dentist said was due to stress on gums from braces), teeth are still loose (they never stabilized so I have to watch out for hard foods). Oh, and my open bite (which before treatment was very slight!) RETURNED so my teeth look practically the way they did before treatment. Awesome :) PLEASE THINK TWICE BEFORE GETTING BRACES!

  • I find braces to be toxic if the only reason is to look nice

    Before braces I had very croked teath and honestly I could have lived with that just fine but then my parents forced me to get braces and I believe that to be a horrible mistake a wast of time money and resorses even after my teath were straight and braces were off I still would if I could go back in time and save my parents and me a lot of headaches I remember before and during the whole prosess they said I would be glad that I did this but boy were they wrong now I have to where a stupid retainer for the rest of my live what a waste of money I've even come to believe they mess up the way your mouth is suppose to work

  • They Are Painful As Hell, and Not Worth It.

    I got braces yesterday, February 2, 2017. Everybody told me about how painless braces were, and how you'd get beautiful teeth in the end! That is a LIE. I've had them on for only two days and I'm already seeing scarring on my tongue, and cuts on my gums. What's worse is the expander. It's this large metal thing at the top of your mouth which moves and rearranges your teeth. You can't eat ANYTHING without food getting stuck in it, I haven't eaten anything for two days, and I've barely drinken. This is hell, and I wish I never got them.

  • Just a scam from the dental industry

    You wear braces then wear a retainer for life. That seems so pointless for straight teeth for 12 hours. Then if you don't wear the retained your teeth are worse than they started off. Also all the pain and unwanted cavities from the braces ring. I think braces are a scam

  • Depends on who's doing them.

    Most are really stupid. They think they know so much which makes talking to them frustrating. There are one maybe two that think they are providing health care while abusing the staff, the patients and parents and all the while abusing the staff and causing CTSD (Current Tramatic Stress disease) not disorder,. It's crazy those are the good ones. But they are still to dumb to count change at a raceway gas station. I

  • Uglyness should be perment condition

    Late comedian and standup George Carlin said in one of his book "Ugliness should be perment condition" of course he wasn'T thinking of orthodontics when he wrote those words but more you think about how orthodontics work and about Carlin's words then then you realize quickly that his words applies to orthodontics as much as to other form cosmetic/plastic surgery.

    Far as my personal experance are few things I regret more than braces. First thing first I can probably still call myself lucky that it wasn't done to me until I was an adult so my facal grown has probably already stopped so when I had 4 teeth extraction braces done to me. I suspect that my face got sparead all the complications that usually sets in when the same thing is done to kids I cannot tell for sure but thats just my feeling. Yet the teethline looks unatural when I smile. So It has not done anything to improve my confidence which was pretty fine prior. In other words what orthodontics will give you insteed of perfectly crooked teeths, it gives you imperfectly stright teeths, specially if teeth extraction happens along the way.

    So when we go back to Carlin's word which would you rather have imperfectly stright teeths or prefectly crooked teeths? I did take the later over the former for sure.

  • Just a superficial and artificial reality

    Braces are for people who want perfect teeth. Perfect teeth are not a necessity. Americans just want them to look perfect. Braces make you look like a metal person and they are painful. You can't eat your favorite foods and you can't loosen them. Let your imperfections stay. Let's start a crooked teeth trend and an overbite trend.

  • They are pointless.

    I had braces when I was twelve years old. I'm now twenty one and my teeth weren't that bad in the first place. After two years of hell, they didn't change a SINGLE tooth in my mouth. I have Aspergers Syndrome and the fact is braces are evil. You get them for two years and all they do for you is cut your gums and cause you hell. I spent 5 days without eating anything and another 4 weeks of not eating much and I had to be referred to a child psychologist. My dad had been like "You'll get use to it" and all that, but I NEVER got used to it. I had 3 sleepless nights on a good week. At one point I had to see a specialist because my wire had been caught on my gun and ripped a massive chunk out of my mouth. The Aspergers meant I would spend nights shaking and my bullying got a hell of a lot worse. They tried to punch them out of my mouth.

    Anyway, the point I am trying to make is braces are evidence of a corrupt government where they discomfort people to make others rich. The only purpose of braces is to " steal from the poor and give to the rich". It's a moneymaking scheme. They bully us out of our money with their bull "findings" about how they make you better or something. Another evil thing is the process of it. You get these blocks which make your teeth look mechanical and a razor sharp edged wire which threads through and savages your gums like a knife through butter. I also had these blocks which basically stopped me from eating properly, but they were meant to "help" me. They did NOTHING to my mouth.

  • Dentists like money

    It seems to me that medicine, doctors and dentists are ninety percent hooey. What is wrong with an overbite. I have had one my whole life and it doesn't cause me any discomfort or make eating difficult but I understand that braces do cause both discomfort and inconvenience when eating and are unhygienic because of the difficulties of cleaning them. Bottom line: it makes big money for the dental profession.

    There is no cure for cancer and considerable misery in trying to cure it by the standard methods, but it makes a lot of money for the medical profession to pretend they can cure even colon cancer, lung cancer etc when they obviously cannot.

    Heart disease is most usually caused by eating a lot of fat which occludes blood vessels. Doctors really do not try to teach effective prevention. They would rather, I believe, that you had expensive operations which are often fatal.

    Surgeons love to operate on overweight people it seems. They could just insert a balloon in the stomach but they don't earn much by that op. Instead they will risk your life with more dangerous and expensive operations which are no more effective.

  • Trust me there not pointless.

    I know they may seem that way at first, looking at the cost and the slight pain. But trust me I have braces and there is a large improvement already seeing that I have only had them about 6 months. Looking back at some of my old picture I needed them, I had gaps, an overbite and I'm not sure how to say this besides kind of an off bite. But already there looking better. The pain only lasts about a week less than that even me and 90% of my friends braces pain only lasted about 2 days. Not gonna lie spacers were the worst part but if you take some painkillers like tylonal or ibeprophen it helps a lot. Also, many people say only nerds have braces and kids get bullied have braces but that it not even close to true. I am one of " the popular" kids and I have never been teased or bullied and looking at some of my other friends and the so-called nerds, not one have ever been bullied from it. And even if you have a slight problem with gaps or a few crooked teeth they can be fixed with braces or even an Invisalign in a year tops.

  • They are not pointless

    Braces can hurt but they will hurt for only a short while,and the results are worth the short-term pain. Some people say braces can give you oral cancer , diabetes ,etc. However a dentist will tell u about braces hygiene, and how to prevent diseases. I think braces are not pointless if you use them for the right reason.

  • Depends on who's doing them.

    Most are really stupid. They think they know so much which makes talking to them frustrating. There are one maybe two that think they are providing health care while abusing the staff, the patients and parents and all the while abusing the staff and causing CTSD (Current Tramatic Stress disease) not disorder,. It's crazy those are the good ones. But they are still to dumb to count change at a raceway gas station. I

  • Braces are often used to correct a structural problem.

    While some people use them purely for cosmetic reasons, most need them to correct a bigger problem that will only get worse if untreated. Try paying attention to what the orthodontist is saying to your parents during appointments instead of screwing around on your phone. You might actually learn something.

  • Braces are there to make you look pretty. :p

    I gotta admit when I got my spacers, it hurt like hell. When they finally came off my mouth felt great. Once my spacers cane out I had no real pain in my mouth. In fact even though my teeth are moving it doesn't hurt me at all, braces are painless. I had a headache when I first got my braces on but once I took some pills the pain went away. So braces are basically painless and only there to make me look better, I always felt bad about my teeth so I thought, hey! Why not get em straightened? :D

  • Braces can fix your teeth for life

    My dad's a dentist and believes everyone should have braces. Some people need to get braces two times. This happens when your teeth are really messed up. So you get braces before your back molars grow in, then later once they do grow in you get braces again. My teeth are strait so my dad says I wouldn't need to get braces, but since he's a dentist he wants me to get them anyway. I'm just waiting for my back molars to grow in then I will finally get braces. Once you get braces you will forever be greatful and in all of your pictures you're smile will be beautiful.

  • Braces saved my boyfriends life

    My boyfriend had a tooth that would not have been able to come all the way out. Many doctors that weren't orthodontists told him that if the tooth wasn't fixed the pressure would warp his skull to the point where it could cause constant pain, brain damage, and even death. Braces are not pointless unless someone is getting them when they do not need to be getting braces to begin with.

  • Braces are not pointless if used for the right reasons

    Here in the Philippines, only the 'financially capable' can afford things like braces and retainers. It costs an awful lot for people who don't earn a lot of money. What are braces for anyway and why are they expensive? Braces are devices used to fix certain dental imperfections. They align and straighten teeth with regards to a person's bite, while also working to improve dental health. Some children also choose to wear braces even if their teeth do not call for them because imperfect teeth can actually lead them to social awkwardness. With this, how can others insist that braces are pointless when they are made to help people?

  • I disagree with this.

    Braces are very different than retainers. I wore braces for 3 yrs and i moved on to retainer. I been wearing a retainer for 3 yrs now. If you were to wear it, should this be metal-free braces/retainers? I didn't need to go to the ortho anymore because i was done with it unless they clean my retainer for me.

  • Braces help teeth health, and make your appearance nicer when they're removed

    I used to have braces, and yeah it kind of sucked. However, you only have to wear them for 1-2 years, and when you get them removed, your teeth are literally perfect. Getting them on (at least when I got them) isn't as painful as everybody thinks it is. Their a bit tender the first week and when you get them tightened, but you get used to them. Yes, you have to get a retainer, and wear it for 1.5 years. Orthodontists recommend that after that period of time, you should wear it at night for the rest of your life. Also, you don't get made fun of for wearing braces, they're so common nowadays that know one will bat an eyelash. Overall, it's better to have perfect teeth than horribly bad ones for 5 grande.

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