• "the reson thay should let peaple do bullfighting be cause it`s part of thare colcher"

    "when peaple see bullfighers thay wonder what the bull is going to do the person is going to kill the bull or the bull is soing to kill him or her and thay shoiuld let peaple desterb the fight like the ufe fighters if some one is desroting kep on going dont mind them".....

  • Bullfighting is a world cultural heritage

    Bullfighting is a cultural heritage for many people in mexico and spain. To take it away would be like banning baseball or basketball. People may claim that the Bull is being tortured and killed. The animal will die anyway. It is beneficial to the economy and its tourist industry. The only reason many people protest bullfighting, i think, is because it is public. If you protest bullfighting on grounds of "Animal Rights" then it makes me wonder if you also protest eating meat and killing animals in general.

  • Bullfighting is traditional

    Bullfighting is a traditional practice in parts of the world that should not be abolished due to the concerns and objections from animal rights groups who wish to push their own form and framework of ethics on everyone. Bullfighting is no more sadistic or cruel than hunting or eating meat is.

  • It's just animal abuse.

    It's funny how when the bullfighters are brutally hurt, the majority of people sympathize for the bullfighter instead of the bull that is likey to get killed for pleasure and entertainment. Even though it is tradition, we need to realize that sometimes tradition isn't always the greatest. The very fact that this is even an event is just bizare in my opinion. It's all like bread and circuses once again.

  • No, it is animal abuse.

    No, bullfights are not good, because they are a cheap form of entertainment. In bullfighting, the animal is abused. The animal gets hurt for other people's entertainment. People should find another way to amuse themselves, rather than to hurt defenseless animals. Animals that are stronger than humans don't abuse them for sport. We should be so compassionate.

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