• Yes they are.

    Buckini bans target a specific ethinic/racial/religious group, specifically Muslim women who go swimming. The idea behind a Burkini may seem counterproductive and hypocritical to many westerners, but that is irrelevant the women who wears them. The fact that the bans target a specific group of people based on thier appearance makes the bans racist.

  • Burkini banks are racist

    Banning the wearing of burkinis is racist. This is a full-body swimsuit designed for Muslim women who do not wish to show their bodies in public. It is designed to comply with the religion. Wearing a burkini is a religious statement, and banning it will not make society safer from religious extremists.

  • No, the ban on burkinis are not racist

    The dress code and standard for the clothing that we wear is as much a safety issue as any other reason. The covering head wear for women should be allowed. The rules for appropriate clothing are not a racist policy but a need to conform to standards for the activity and event that people are attending.

  • No, but they are discriminatory.

    No, burkini bans are not racist. However, they are discriminatory against women who choose to wear them. Some women just feel more comfortable covered up in public. Their reasons may be religious, cultural or personal. Regardless of her reasons, a woman should be allowed to wear whatever kind of bathing suit she wants.

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