• Yes, Canadians are more polite than Americans.

    Yes, Canadians are more polite than Americans because they do not have as many issues with each other as Americans do. They are able to look past differences thanks to better politicians. The society is not as volatile, and we should try to be more like them when greeting someone.

  • Canadians Nicer Due to Smart Politics

    Canadians are definitely more polite to Americans because the culture is just so different and less hateful and conservative than the American culture. They actually have politics that are really for the benefit of the people which in turn makes society much more pleasant because everyone's needs are being met.

  • Yes, I think so.

    The words Canadians used most often compared were “great,” “amazing,” “beautiful” and “favorite.” They also talked a great deal about their sports teams: “Habs” (hockey's Montreal Canadiens) and “Leafs” (hockey's Toronto Maple Leafs) were ubiquitous terms, as were “Raptors” (basketball's Toronto Raptors) and “Jays” (baseball's Toronto Blue Jays). To no one's surprise, other popular terms included “hockey” and “eh.” Americans, on the other hand, tended to be much more colorful in their language. They also tended to be more negative, favoring words such as “hate,” “hell,” “tired,” “hurt” and “annoying,”

  • Since Canadians are Americans themselves, it's illogical to say they are more polite than Americans.

    The statement that Canadians are more polite than Americans makes no sense. Americans are people who live in North and South America, which between them have 55 countries. Though it could be said that citizens of the United States are impolite when they appropriate the word "American" to themselves, a better argument here is to reject the logic of the question itself.

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