• Cassettes are fun, cheap, and under rated.

    I still use cassette tapes quite a bit. Whenever I am listening to the Radio I tape songs onto mix tapes so that I can listen to them whenever there is nothing good on. It is fun, easy, and completely legal. I also buy lots of old albums on cassette at thrift stores. They cost 25-50 cents each and there are usually a lot of really good albums since no one looks through the cassettes. Good Vinyls and CDs usually get bought up really quickly and they are often badly scratched. Cassettes can't get scratched, and If you wind your tapes a little before putting them in the deck they won't get eaten. Tapes also last longer than people think, I have a lot of cassettes from the 1970's and 80's that sound really good. Cassettes also have the advantage of eternal pause. If you are listening to a tape and you accidentally turn off the player. You will start back where you were once the tape begins again (even if it was 15 years ago). With a CD you would have to relocate your spot. Cassettes also sound better than CD and Mp3 in some cases. In general Cassettes have a "warmer" feel to them, they sound a bit grungier and alive. This is really good for heavy metal. I don't listen to Metallica on CD anymore since I have them on tape. The sound is just deeper and less sterile.It is kind of like how a lot of horror movies are better to watch on VHS. The fogginess of the format adds to the effect. There are some types of cassettes that are super high quality and sound better than CDs they are nice enough to sound clean yet the sound still feels more real and less sterile. With a really good tape deck you can also change around the way a Tape plays to make it sound even better. Cassettes are also kind of retro now. They aren't as cool as vinyl but people use them so little that they have a definite uniqueness to them. They have that cool 1980's vibe.

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