• Cats are better than dogs.

    Cats are cleaner and more independent than dogs. Dogs require a lot more care. You have to walk a dog, and dogs often chew or destroy furniture. Cats take care of themselves. Dogs also make a lot of noise barking which can bother neighbors. Cats, on the other hand, can kill mice.

  • Cats know when to stop.

    No hate against dogs. I get it, dogs tend to be friendlier and more social than cats, but they also tend to over-love. I can't count the times I've been knocked over and trampled by dogs who just want affection. If a cat loves you, they will calmly come over to you and sit on you. If you like pets who are need scheduled food and bathroom breaks that you need to take care of yourself, go ahead, but if you like a pet that is a soft calm adorable fur ball, that senses your sadness and know exactly how much love you want, get a cat.

    I like dogs, but not as much as cats, because almost every dog I've met (except for my favorite little pit bull) try to lick me all over sniff me and bark when ever I make a move.

    In conclusion, I don't care what you think, but my personal preference is cats.

  • More of a cat person.

    I prefer cats and feel like they make better, easier pets. With a cat you really do not have to take a lot of care of it, give it food, and clean out the liter box once a week and it is good. Sometimes snuggle with it and feel like you have a pet, or just let it be.

  • Make great best friends

    Having a dog is the best thing ever. When I come home everyday, my dog Cheeko always runs to me and licks me. Dogs are also used in different types of therapy, because they make such great companions. Yes, they may be a lot of work, but its worth it.

  • Many many reasons.

    1. Dogs are more constant.
    What I mean is they develop habits like, "I need to pee every 5 hours and sleep from x to z and eat in the mornings and evenings. This makes them much easier to take care of.

    2. Dogs are more trainable.

    How many cats do you know of that find people amongst heavy debris or sniff out contraband or track fugitives?............. That's right, NONE.

    3. Dogs are a well known deterrent to criminals.

    A few keystrokes will tell you that the things most criminals are afraid of are Cops, armed civilians and dogs. Cats? Fat chance.

  • Dogs are friendlier than cats

    Dogs are extremely lovable creatures, and in return for the love and care you show them, they will love and care for you right back. Dogs as puppies can be somewhat difficult to handle, but with the right amount of training and patience, you can have the ideal best friend. Basically, if you put in the time, love, and care for your dog, they will be totally worth it.

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