• Cats and dogs

    I just chose cats because i cant deside they are both great i love kitties and puppies i will die from adorableness so so so so cute i love em both so cute! Anyways thanks for reading this rememeber no faverites please keep calm and always animal on ! Bye

  • Dogs are x100 better than cats.

    You cat lovers are dumb. Dogs have a larger surface area and a very nice coat. This makes them perfect for rugs. Cats really dont make good rugs and thats a fact. Thats why I had 3 dogs and no cats. I love buying and skinning those puppies. Good times.

    Posted by: sssb
  • Cats and dogs

    Honestly, it really depends on what animal you like. Any argument about why dogs are better or why cats are better can usually be used for either argument. Personally, I've grown up with dogs so I do really like them. Cats can be amazing animals and dogs can also be amazing animals, but there really isn't a better opinion.

    Im choosing no though because I like dogs.
    All animals deserve the same rights and same treatment so
    Dog owners dont go around kicking cats and cat owners dont go around shouting at dogs <3

  • Its raining cats and dogs

    Most people will say cats but heres why dogs are better than cats

    They are man's best friend and there once was a dog that saved a kid from being bitten by a snake but the dog was rushed to the hospital after being bitten he is still alive

    also when a dogs owner dies it lies next to him and doesn't do anything else usually the dog dies next to his or hers owner

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