Are celebrities good role models for teenagers?

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  • Celebrities are good role models

    They are good role models because you tell by seeing them in a group and saying they are not good role models. We should see them individually, not in a group and you can't say that if one or two are all of them are like them. Celebrities are good role models because the inspire us a lot. It all depends how that guy will take it.

  • The question is too broad

    There are a lot of 'celebrities' on the planet, ranging from politicians to sports players to musicians to artists etc. Due to the wide range and sheer mass of celebrities, there are many different personalities in the mix. It could be argued that there are some celebrities who are good role models and some who aren't. Personally, I don't think it's that simple though. I think people are too complex to be labeled as 'good role models' or 'bad role models' in most cases. I mean, we all make mistakes, does that instantly make us a bad role model? What even qualifies as a good/bad role model?

  • I think yes

    Although not all celebrities are good role models, there are some that are. A lot of celebrities donate and help charities. Celebrities like Angelina Jolie support same sex marriage. Youtubers like Connor Franta and Tyler Oakley help funrading projects. Some celebrities like Johhny Depp go around surprising little children. I think that's really nice of them to do that.

  • For the most part: NO

    The fact that 100% said yes, hopefully means that only a few people voted. If not, we're all doomed. I'm a teenager myself, and never looked up to celebrities, because the true models in your life should be people you know. Your parents, people in your dream career field, teachers, etc. Obviously not all celebrities are involved in drugs, violence, etc., however many celebrities get plastic surgery and praise themselves for being richer than the typical population, feeling they are entitled to this higher position, even though it's just a career, like acting for example, that they have chosen for themselves. Their identity shouldn't be "celebrity", they are just humans like everyone else. The better role models are famous people who aren't considered Hollywood "celebrities" but they are TECHNICALLY celebrities by definition; like Bill Gates. I love certain famous people for their work and would wish to know them in real life, however, no one is a better role model to you than yourself. I love Johnny Depp's acting, style, and would love to meet him in person. However, teenagers shouldn't focus so much of their time on celebrities.

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  • Celebrities are not good rolemodels!

    There are an abundant amount of celebrities who are constanly sent to jail for various reasons, like drugs. Teenagers will begin to do these things and it will effect them negativly. Not all celebrities are bad influences, but for the most part, theyre not people young children should admire. Most celebrities are stick-skinny and tall, which will make students strive to be like that. But that's not realistic . Teenagers should not waste their time on celebrities.

  • I doubt it.

    Many just like to drink and do drugs as well as sing inappropriate songs. This is what motivates people to drink to take "a good life". How is drinking good? This ruins many lives. The prohibition should be reenacted for the good of our safety. There is a difference between the right to consume what we like and the right to be safe and respected. If consuming one thing will put a risk for the violation of others right to be safe and respected, then we don't have the right to consume that.

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