• Far too much

    I'm sick of this argument of "they work hard", well what about the middle class families all over the world who live paycheck to pay check, exhausting themselves? It's absurd that someone living down the street from me, can work their ass off at say 12 an hour and struggle to keep their head above water while these celebrities are doing half the work and getting paid millions. Somehow I doubt they work 9 to 5 days a week like the rest of us. I know several people who take 2 jobs and sometimes even three, just to pay the bills. THAT is working hard. Why can't these actors, etc. Be paid a normal living wage like the rest of us? Is it because they wouldn't have enough work to live comfortably? Well too bad! Most of the word lives that way. Why can't they keep real jobs like the rest of us? Why can't they act on the side? Most actors do just that. Why should it be any different for celebrities?

  • Too much money!

    Celebrities are paid TOO MUCH. Period. Entertainment is not a necessity like a heart transplant or escaping from a burning building or having a criminal arrested. Without celebrities our world might be boring, (for some people, I have never watched their movies or listened to their songs) but we would survive. But lets say you needed to be taken to a hospital immediately. Without the paramedics, God knows what will happen. Okay, so some people say they are stressed due to standing in bright lights in front of a camera with makeup rivaling the size of the Atlantic Ocean . Well, guess what. Not only are they paid millions per song or something to buy off a mansion, eight brand new custom made, custom color sports cars, and fancy things for their stuff before saying their poor, but their little stress is NOTHING compared to knowing that an innocent person's life is in your hands and YOU are the only one that can help. Imagine saving lives and helping other people's lives every day and barely being paid enough to support your self. Then you know that singers, most athletes (professional lacrosse players barely get paid anything), and actors are paid like spoiled children and less than half of them use for a good cause, knowing the homeless, starving people out there. And they act badly too! They are a bad influence to the nations children! I lost count of celebrities dying from overdosing on their drugs or something. Anyone else wonder why the economy is so bad?

    Posted by: Sunn
  • They are overpaid and overrated!

    Celebrities are paid millions of dollars for singing one audio tuned song or acting in one scene of a movie. I think about 2% of all celebrities earn what they do. They are paid for actual talent not for their bad attitude or their audio tuned songs! For example if a celeb writes a new song that is not even that good but people still buy it just because its new, they get paid FAR TOO MUCH MONEY. Even worse they spend it one things like cars and mansions which could go to better use like stopping global warming and poverty.
    Completely overpaid!!!!!!!!

  • Non producing egotists

    They are in their own bubble which will burst eventually, they are non producers who only provide entertainment value. If there was a world war they would disappear without a trace. Get them working on the railways and the roads doing some real hard labour. I earn 19k per year for caring for the elderly, it infuriates me that Premier Footballers can earn 15k per week. Where is the fairness in that ?

  • Yes they are.

    I agree that most celebrities work hard to reach where they are,
    but so do many others. For instance, policemen or firemen, and even regular employees;
    and quite frankly, these hard-working people are much more useful to society than actors or singers (etc.)
    Therefore, in my opinion, celebs are overpaid.

  • Yes they are

    Celebrities get paid more than what they are worth. Nearly all celebrities are very much overpaid and their talent a huge overestimation. They don't contribute much to society unlike doctors or firefighters. They take a lot of time and effort to get to where they are but they still get paid to much.

  • Definitely

    Yes I think they're overpaid for what they're worth. A lot of celebrities today don't really have talent but it's their 'looks' that makes them famous. They don't contribute much to society unlike doctors or firefighters. Do you ever why money is vanishing? They're spent on the celebrities' own pleasures!

    Posted by: HK
  • Overpaid egotists who think they are above god!

    Nearly all celebrities are very much overpaid and their talent a HUGE underestimation. They are getting paid for more than what they are worth! Some of them even try to evade tax and other contributions that WE ALL PAY! They are nothing but vacuous souls wasting our resources and time. Walking. Talking. Puppets. That is all.

  • Yes they are

    Yes I think celebrities are way overpaid. Of course it takes hard work and talent to be at where they are but compared to average people, celebrities are overpaid. There are a lot of people with the same amount of talent and dedication making less than a fraction of what celebrities make because they got unlucky or did not know the right people in the business

  • They get PAID more than 82.000 BRITISH SOLDIERS who RISK their life for their COUNTRY put together

    It sickens me why some overpaid celeb make 20 millions for singing and dancing like Cheryl Fernandez-Versini then you got soldiers who serving their country and only make 16.000 to 17.000 in year. Unfair because Soldiers RISK everything while rich people live happily while normal people suffering and can't feed their family and have to go to food-banks

  • Stupid stupid stupid

    Also, we have to recognize that celebrities' salary are paid by us, our choice. We can choose if we want to go to Taylor Swift's concert, or watch Tiger Woods at a game. They didn't demand our money at gunpoint, guys. It's a want in our life, not a need.

  • They are definitely not overpaid.

    Celebrities are not overpaid for what they are worth for they work as hard as most people. Also, we have to recognize that celebrities' salary are paid by us, our choice. We can choose if we want to go to Taylor Swift's concert, or watch Tiger Woods at a game. They didn't demand our money at gunpoint, guys. It's a want in our life, not a need.

  • They work extremely hard.

    Celebrities work hard to please society, us, directors, film makers and they are always watched by the whole world, one wrong move and everyone knows about it. Being a celebrity is an extremely hard job and there is 1 in a million chance of becoming a celebrity. I know because I have been in a movie before and it is hard waiting around for hours. It is also fun but if you really think they are overpaid maybe try putting your feet in their shoes and see if they don't work hard. They also do it for our benefit too, the hard work and hours is so that we can watch a fun movie and everyone's buying the movies anyway.

  • How are they overpaid

    They have tough jobs they need to full fill. They need to memorize lines and have to work their butts off to please the director and the audience. You people that say they are over paid is your way of saying you do not get paid enough. They work just as hard as pro athletes and just as hard as a musician. This is why they deserve the amount they get

    Posted by: Rtd2
  • No they are not.

    Supply and demand Athletics isn't a need, but it is entertainment industry that's very popular. People pay for memorabilia, tickets to the games, and watch their games religiously. People pay a lot of money for advertisements knowing that they will get a lot of views.

    In order for teams to stay competitive, they pay their athletes a significant amount of money. They don't want the players that are interesting to watch to go away.

    It is also for that reason that the NFL ALREADY PUTS A CAP on their income, so that no one team with more money than other teams can buy all the good players, killing the league.

    It's supply and demand, the same thing that determines how much we all get paid.

  • Okay, you try.

    To be a good actor or musician, you must have a talent. You also must have some training and experience in your art. You also mut compete with and against other people.

    Even "overproduced" music is not talentless, since the autotune effect is usually very subtle, or used for artistic "wavery" effect instead of to correct the voice.

  • No NO NO!!!!!!

    Celebreties are not overpaid because they work extremly hard to give us intertainment and work till the movie or song is perfect a movie could take more than year to film just so that we can enjoy it. David Beckham gave alot of his money by playing football away to give to charity

  • No they are not getting paid too much

    Celebrities are getting paid a lot but all they do is for us to enjoy. They get a lot of money because they work theyr ass off for us to enjoy ourselves. For example, they make movies for us to whatch at the cinema or at home and they make great songs for us to listen to.In the end i think it is important for them to get paid a lot.

  • No they aren't

    Celebrities are paid what the market demands. They aren't taking the money at gunpoint. If there wasn't a desire for their services, they wouldn't be getting the money. There is no doubt that most celebrities also work hard for their money. One could argue that others deserve to paid high compensation, too, but that doesn't make celebrities overpaid.

  • Celebs Are Not Overpaid

    I do not think that celebrities are overpaid. Not in the least. Just like everyone else, they earn the money they make and deserve it. Who am I or anyone to say someone get's paid too much. Most celebs worked hard to get in their position and deserve every dime they have.

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