• Kids must be raised by straight men and a women

    A child raised by gay parents will become gay. This is just natural, as they have grown up around nasty homosexuals, they will become one too. This is becoming a growing problem as people have been more and more accepting of what is wrong (homosexuality). Even worse is transgenders, in which you can read more about here.

    Arnold Benjaman
    PhD History and Literature

  • Yes, parents refers to a man and a woman.

    A child must be raised by a man and a woman, i have nothing against same sex couples but when it comes to the issues of raising a kid I disagree. A child needs parents of both gender to raise it. There is what he draws from the female parent and male parent.

  • Mommy and Daddy

    Of course, of course, of course, it doesn't mean that there aren't bad straight parents and that there aren't good gay parents. The same way there are great single parents but I still wouldn't say it's the ideal. They need the unique benefits of both a mother and a father. It's not the same as two men or two women. And for feminists trying to connect the dots of course of course of course it means that men and women are very much different. It must be recognized because they both bring different contributions to the table.

  • Cultures need morality to survive.

    Throughout human history, the beginning of the downward spiral of societies has been the demoralization of the people. In our lack of knowledge of history and our lack of submission to a higher good, we are condemning ourselves to suffer the collapse of western civilization. It is not due to homosexuality, any more than an egg is responsible for a cake. All of the ingredients of our de civilized, immoral trajectory work together to that end.

  • Provides Balanced Role Models.

    With a Straight Mom and Dad this allows the Child to see both Genders and truly decide who and what they want to be. Children's number one role model, whether they admit it or not, is their parents/guardians. If a little girl had two fathers, she may feel that she is also a boy, in order to fit in. While the same occurs when a little boy is raised by two moms.

    This also occurs if the boy is with the two dads, or girl with two moms. It breaks the balance. Humans were not designed to even be homosexual. It is physically harmful for two males to be sexually active and it spreads disease. (Well Anal in general does that).

    Either way, homosexual parents pushes the child into an unfair situation where they are biased to feel a certain gender due to both of their parents being of that gender.

  • Mommy and Daddy.

    Children might be better off being raised by good parents, but children should know who their biological mother/father is. Now, this will cause controversy. Adoption. Well, adoption is either when one, the parents cannot take care of the newborn, or two, both of the parents perished.
    I personally believe that a gay couple will not be too successful raising a child. A straight couple might know how to take care of the child better.

  • No, It does not matter

    I am straight but still a supporter of L.G.B.T and It should not matter if the parents are straight or not. Either way they are still parents. I believe that everybody is equal regardless of ethnicity, Gender, Gay or straight, or even age. Parents are parents and love is love.

  • Of all the gay people I have ever known, they all came from straight families.

    I don't understand what the big deal is - the gays mind their own business and not criticizing what straight people do in the privacy of their bedrooms. Some gays are religious and attend churches that don't ostracize them for being gay. They love their god just as much as the bigoted believers do. They want acceptance. They don't want to be harassed when they go out to dinner, or when they come out of a court house celebrating their marriage. They are just people like everyone else. They have every potential to be wonderful, loving, doting parents that can speak about what prejudice is like, and what it's like to be bullied for their sexuality.

  • No, the parents' sexual orientation has no bearing on how their child is raised.

    Whether a couple is straight or homosexual has no relevance to how their child is raised. What matters is their values, morals, and convictions. There have been many cases of straight couples being abusive and cruel towards their children and many cases of gay couples being wonderful parents. These things have nothing to do with the sexual orientation of the parents and everything to do with their personalities.

  • No, kids are better offer being raised by parents who love them.

    No, it does not matter if parents are straight or gay. What matters is how they raise their kids and how much love and support they show them. A child raised by a loving, supportive gay couple will be better off than a child raised by a straight couple who is abusive or ignores the child completely. The sexual orientation of parents does not matter. It is the parenting skills that matter.

  • Children are better off being raised by good parents

    The entire debate over sexual orientation is a ridiculous and dated concept. I have no need to know who people like to have sex with which is what we are asking when we ask someone's sexual orientation. Whether or not one falls in love with their own gender or the opposite does not define their moral compass and that is what is important when raising a child.

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