• Yes. (doesn't necessarily mean it's bad).

    Kids today are definitely less respectful of their elders. "Proper" etiquette is no longer forced in side of homes.

    And the primary reason is that now a days beating you kid is illegal. To be honest I would rather have slightly rude kids than beaten kids. Also the notion that all kids are "mentally r****ded" until 18 is declining.

  • I Think So.

    Nowadays I see children and teenagers ( I'm 13) losing their temper with their parents becoming foul mouthed to them , disobeying them and being rude and disrespectful to their parents. Please vote for yes if you think they are and obviously no if not. Happy Debating! ( the creator of this question )

  • Yes (I am 15)

    I go to school and all the time I see kids badmouthing each other, which has been defined as normal by our liberal society. But they aren't just badmouthing peers, which is jerk enough, but their parents as well, of which is NOT ok. Your parents brought you into this world, and whether thyou think they are good or not, they are there for a reason and are legally required to provide for you somewhat(varying degrees if discussing parents not providing their children with basic needs), thus the least they observe is our respect as kids. This country is goin down hill from this moral decline that has been raging since the late 60's, and our country will suffer for it for years to come....

  • Yes Definitely Yes!!!!!!

    Because children nowadays are too much into this modern World and even in school they have not been teach about manners and discipline anymore seem like its been forgotten by many cause they stressed to much on the books topics they never think beyond the books and its "Parent and Teachers" blame because they are the one who should teach their child about this.....

  • They definitely are.....But parents are equally responsible for their children's behaviour!

    Children go through stages in which they are disobedient/disrespectful/ rude. This is the time Parents should guide their children But parents these days have no patience or time for their children.Some parents are just plain lazy and couldn't care less. Children are very vulnerable....You can train them to be obedient and respectful or you can just leave them alone to pick up bad manners from their friends. And, when these children grow up and become parents themselves, they bring up their own children like their parents did. Good parenting is equally important...Don't just blame children for their bad behaviour.

  • They definitely are.

    A lot of it has to do with the lackadaisical approach to child rearing. No discipline. T.V. Doesn't help either. I think it started with the phrase... "Whatever"!!!
    And since we are speaking of manners and etiquette... Feet on the dash board is rude... Talking on the cell phone while crossing the street and not even acknowledging the person who let you cross is rude... Talking on a cell phone while in the presence of others is rude... ( i hate being forced to eavesdrop) and swearing is rude.

  • Yes they are

    Kids do not know how to act these days. And because those same children are growing up to be parents they are teaching there kids to be just as or more misbehaving as their parents. The parents are as well the problem in society today. Kids are much less behaved these days and everyone notices

  • ABSOLUTELY! I am so sorry!

    I would like to apologize on the behalf of my current generation (Generation X) on the way the generation Millennium acts. They're poor manners and absolute disrespect of almost everything is a direct result from poor parenting (I believe). This new generation is so spoiled and wants to grow up too soon. They need to respect others and learn to appreciate the innocence they currently have.

  • Children are becoming increasingly rude.

    Back in the day, chivalry was a big thing. Hold the door for everyone. Stand when a lady returns to the table. I am noticing that all this has faded into history books. I still do all these things, which I believe to be the simple basics of being a gentleman. However, instead of being regarded as fairly normal, I am alone in my actions. Manners have left from most of the children nowadays.

  • Children are given everything they want from birth till adulthood,

    Children are not expected to carry on conversations with adults and spend most of their time with electronics or talking to online friends that they have never met in person. I think parents need to put down their electronics and spend more time with their children connecting with them, getting to know them, showing the children respect, teaching them respect by example, teaching then how to introduce themselves, and how to be polite, That is my opinion anyway!

  • Kid will be kids

    They are children. I bet when my parents were kids they were crazy and went out and partied. Our generation (the youngest one) is being judged before we can even prove ourselves. Our parents' and grandparents' generation basically ruined the atmosphere and are giving the load to us. Also THEY ARE CHILDREN, they need to be taught what is right and wrong. If we don't get taught then how should we know what to do. I take pride in being a very polite 15 year old that has manners. So its not all children. One apple can spoil the bunch

  • Think Smart People

    You might complain about children losing their manners nowadays, but when you were a child you did the same thing. It's just a stage if not taught frequently by adults. If they do indeed lose their manners, nobody is to blame but you. Kids look up to us everyday and watch what we do, so if anything we are the ones losing our manners and teaching them to do wrong.

  • Not even close.

    In our society, anyone says bad words to each other. Children hear it. Use the word towards others. Why so? They think it is alright because they heard it from grown-ups. Grown-ups who are supposed to be good role models towards their children. Why blame the children? Huh? It's the parents fault.

  • They are changing, but aren't going.

    Children are being raised in a different world now and therefore are acting very differently, but the way people act is based on those around them. So people have developed a new social norm; a more questioning and hyper social norm. Parents should still enforce politeness but appreciate that things are different now.

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  • It's not just the kids fault

    Most of the problem is that the parents do not discipline those children, Therefore they are rude and have no manners. So do not blame the children for what most of us are doing incorrectly try to fix it yourself and then if it continues you can say that the children are losing their manners

  • Its all about how you're brought up...

    Most children learn manners from their parents and are brought up in different ways. If the children is acting up and disrespectful, its the parents fault for not raising their child correctly. In most cases the parent is the reason behind misbehaving, although sometimes its the child and his/her own rebellious ways.

  • I do not believe that kids are losing their manners.

    Children nowadays or any day (past) their manners are based on how they are taught. If their parents/guardians or whoever influences their outlook on life, have not taught them proper manners than they tend to be oblivious on how to act proper. Also it may not be the adult figure in their life or if they don't have one, but some children just naturally have no manner skills. Therefore kids are not losing their manners if they simply did not have them in the first place.

  • I am a child so i think no

    I always give up my seat to older women or gentalmen on the bus e.G i think that i am quite polite to my friends my teacher and i do not think it is fair for children our age to be judged like this whatever people say they are wrong.

    Thanks kind regards Leah.K

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