Are Christians against or are for Homosexuality?

Asked by: Nicholaspanda
  • For .. ..

    I read lots about closet religious folk who secretly enjoy a dose of same sex fun including those wearing a collar... Oh wait I misunderstood the question, we are talking about the religion. Maybe god it gay thats why the religion is so set against it. Lets not forget he makes rainbows.

  • It depends on the Christian.

    Christians are supposed to be against homosexuality, since it is indicated in the Bible. It's common knowledge (at least people who have been educated to a certain degree) that the one of the two main purposes of marriage is procreation, which is to give birth to children. Obviously, this cannot be achieved with homosexuality. Also, if that certain Christian DOES support homosexuality, what is the point of being one? It is already stated in the Bible that God is wholly against it.

  • My Answer Is Yes.

    Some are, some aren't. However, according to the Bible, homosexuals are against God... So, they really should be, but some of them try to be christian and good people. So, my question for them, why are you a christian if you won't practice what your book preaches? It doesn't make any sense to me.

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