• Yes, CIA tactics are questionable in many cases.

    Yes, the tactics used by CIA agents are questionable in many instances. In some of the descriptions, the tactics, including not letting people sleep, making them stand for hours, slapping them on the face and stomach and others designed to get suspects to talk sound like they border on torture.

  • Yes, the CIA does use questionable tactics.

    The CIA uses questionable tactics sometimes, but I think that it's in an effort to keep the country safe. At least I hope so. It seems that the CIA has a lot of bad press when someone breaches security and films them doing bad things, but who really knows how many attacks their techniques have thwarted?

  • Yes, they are questionable.

    As a human being who believes in pacifism and putting others before yourself, I find some of the practices of the CIA morally questionable. That does not mean they are not necessary. The CIA has to be secretive about many of the things it does, and the members have to make hard choices that I, as an average citizen do not understand.

  • No, CIA tactics are not questionable.

    While I am sure it is possible to raise questions regarding the Central Intelligence Agency's tactics if one chooses to do so, it is my feeling that the tactics of the agency do not suggest or bring to mind the word questionable specifically, I do agree that some tactics are harsh but I do not feel they are torture as some do. I feel the agency is cognizant of just how far they are taking things and trust them to act accordingly.

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