Are classic video games better than modern video games?

  • It's no longer about the game itself, but what's around it

    The only good thing about new major games is currently... Graphics. I love HD graphics, and the current level of detail, but modern games lack of fantasy and "magic". And it seems to me that they don't appeal if they don't have swears, blood and boobs. Furthermore, these one-use disposable games need to be covered with trophies/achievements, unlockable content and futile extras to be played for more than one month. Almost none of my new games deserve to be remembered, whereas most of the classics do. And I'm not of the nostalgic type.

  • Depends on how you quantify "better"

    Older games lacked many of the graphics, speed, and sound capabilities of newer games. While these elements may be particularly appealing to a certain variety of gamer, older games were forced to make up the deficiency with novel and interesting game-play. A good example of this could be the difference between the original Duke Nukem platformer games and the newer 3d Duke Nukem games. The original required mental agility, spatial skills, and problem solving. The latter only required reflexes, and supplemented it with fancy graphics, bare breasts, and shock profanity.

  • Yes..But..No..

    As you said, it is hard to compare it, but these days, some modern games are based on the old ones, like the old Tetris is now enhanced and better but it is still the same old game that we all know. Also, you can play old games using emulators online just by downloading it, so modern devices can still play old classic games!

  • Get a father and son answer

    The answer is clearly YES and as a user of the initial Atari console, I would love to say NO. However looking at the video games my son is playing, I clearly see that two main tecnical advances have been made. Firstly, the graphics nowadays are so way much better that the discussion is over just by looking at the new games. Secondly, the internet helps that we can play with many more people we could not even reach with the old games. Therefore I can just envy the current or maybe even next generation playing video games.

  • Older games are more often real games

    If you pay attention to the alt-right, ahem, right side pro modern gamers, you'll notice that they are mainly talking about the processing power and graphic modernization of their games.

    But real games are not all about graphics, and real games are suppose to be true to the sense of the word, "game". If all the pro modern people have is about more powerful technology, then that is a sad argument. Even low quality graphics can play a role in the game, if the graphics is intentional or is style of the author. This notion immediately dissolves the idea that higher and superior graphics is always a plus.

    A game is a place where your mind travels the hills of imagination, and a place where you also learn meaningful, innovative or unique messages and things. Think about it, modern gamers, what is the message most newer games tend to say upon you. You'll notice that there is not a lot of deep thought on this.

    Perhaps there is a few games among the latest ones that are meaningful and intricate, but it still does not outclass the ratio of meaningful older games.

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  • I started play with nintendo 64 and old gba.

    All right i started playing n64 and the old bga + some old pc games like the longest journey, warcraft 3 , red alert 2 and tomb raider 2 etc, i still find all of these good especialyl the 3 first game i mention. I been buying and playing a lot classics lately, on psn like syphonia of then night , devil may cry, suikoden, final fantasy 7 -10, mgs , silent hill 2 , re 4 and many more, i found most of these games far better then new once , and as i said this isnt nostaliga , i palyed this game less then a year ago -2 , the ff games and re 4 3 years perhaps, the thing is i found most of this games to be a litle harder, if i play on hardest i actually get a game that is hard, a game today that say is hard is equal to normal back then . Old games had charm, soundtrac, unqie characters, perhaps not a better story , well some do , i think most old games had a least a better/ more unique story then most games today looking at you tlou... Yes tlou is good , but the story can be summedu p with escort ellie, find the fireflies and hope for acure, is one of the best games from a pure character driven point of view and on grounded it is pretty good, but again the story is very predticable if you watched a horror movie or two . I find old games to have more replay vallues. I mean as i said i played grim fandango, dott, fallout 2 , morrowind, deus ex and planescape torment and i loved them all, planescape torment and deus is among my favourite games ever on a lot of days the even on my top 1 with suikoden 2 mgs 3 ,ff 8-10 and max payne 1 and 2. Yes my favourite game usaully of all time is , i chane my mind of is persona 4 golden or 3 fes. But yes there are some good uniqe new games to like portal 2 , mass effect 2 , read dead redeption and bioshock and life is strange who are among my favourite tlou is not that far off , but it lacks replay vallue, the ai is bad and the story is preditcable...

    Things said and done , yesi prefer overall older games, because they are genrally harder in a good way, i dont like unfair hard, but i like game that is hard because you as a play suck. Yes some of the old games are bad to compared to nwo but some are good, also dark souls, bloodborne and witcher 3 is damn good or rocket league for that matter.

  • They were better

    Classic games offer a challenge and don't give u much hints modern gamers are telling you were to go every second every single second it gets annoying and graphics aren't everything if a game doesn't have good graphics it doesn't mean it's a bad game people are so picky these days

  • The originals they were.

    During those times when video games never had competition. Everyone loved every game. Those games that were only a bunch of scripts being executed again and again. Those felt that you had some purpose. Ahh, nostalgia. Unlike any of these stupid games you are having today, with no objective. Those games back there had some purpose. Even playing pacman seems like a challenge. No doubts the old games beat those today.

  • Some modern games are great but the overall quality in older games is better

    I think anyone who has played Batman: Arkham City knows how great it is. Xenoblade Chronicles X allows you to seamlessly explore a huge world, which includes the ability to go from being on the ground to taking flight without having to use load screens. This was impossible a few years ago, much less 20-30.

    But both of these games suffer from side quests used as filler, a common theme in the majority of modern games.Batman's are actually interesting, but this isn't usually the case.

    Modern games glorify criminals and anti heroes, such as in GTA. Or, the character only saves the world because they get money. Old games had romance. New games are about sex.

    The characters are often simple minded idiots who utter the same tired dialogue that's been heard for at least a decade, just like in movies. I think it's a reflection of our cultural decline, where criminals like The Game, and slutty idiots like the Kardashians, have become what people respect. Society has no morals, so why should games?

    Game mechanics are dull as well. It's usually centered around just shooting things. Older games had interesting concepts and complex challenges. There was a progression in your ability, as well as fun new items being introduced, such as in Zelda games. Now you get a more powerful gun to kill everything in sight.

    Again, there are exceptions to this. Not all classic games were great, and not all modern games suffer from the above problems. But the general rule applies. I'm not knocking great graphics, but they shouldn't be used in place of a lousy story and game play. They should be used to enhance those things.

    Games today also have more bugs. While it's nice that there are patches, this shouldn't be a common need. Games should be as complete as possible when released.

    Being online is another problem. When I played with other people in the past, it was with friends who were there with me. Now you play with some racist idiot online. How is that fun? People are also getting their accounts hacked.

    Last, is the move to open worlds. Even though they're really not open. They eliminate the feel of progression. With older games, you came across a cool boss only after you faced its weaker minions. Now, everything is right there. The mystery is gone when you see everything right away.

  • No, this is only a myth.

    Halo Reach has much more to offer than Halo 2 does. It's a simple fact. You can also change around anything you don't like in Halo Reach, way more than you can in Halo 2. It's another simple fact. Based off of this, anybody would obviously choose Halo Reach over Halo 2. Original Playstation games don't have online multiplayer. PS2 and PS3 games do. Older game consoles don't have system link multiplayer games - newer ones do.

  • No, but with good cause.

    When is say that newer video games are better, I say that from a logical perspective. Newer games have more processing power, better graphics, and access to new and innovative genres and ideas. These things are a large majority of what makes up gaming. So, without applying the nostalgia factor (which is nothing but a human emotion) newer games are most certainly better.

  • Nostalia aside, No.

    While my love of the simpler concepts and graphics would will me to say yes, there is simply no competing with the works of art that video games have become. Even using the emulators to play old games on modern devices can not enhance them to complexity of the newest concepts that are products of our digital age.
    Not only do today's games' have animation that is so lifelike it rivals animation powerhouses, the storylines are more realistic as well. Never in the old games would you find yourself in the trenches of a jungle one minute and the ruins of a city protecting your comrades the next. The technology of today's games also allows you to play against people world wide whereas the older formats limited you a four screen or even less to play against your buddies the same room. Those same kids who used to play Mortal Kombat with their buddies in the living room can still play against them even if they are now separated by an ocean.

  • Modern Games Rock with Graphics, Speed

    Modern video games up the ante every time a new title comes out. Franchises like Halo and Modern Warfare take video games to a new level in terms of speed, graphics and playability. Older video games are pixelated and overly simplistic. Nostalgia is nice, but the tasty treats modern games give us are far better. There is a caveat--older games are more challenging because there aren't as many bonuses, cheats and extra lives in games. Classic games gave you three lives to beat an entire game and that was it. You either learned how to master the game to beat it or you never defeated the entire game.

  • No..But..Yes..

    Its hard to compare games in some aspects from newer or older. I personally loved my older games. Its just generally harder to go back to some of them due to the massive difference in graphics and quality. The stories for older games are mostly original. But. New games do have some brilliant ideas and functions that in some cases put them over the older ones.

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  • 7 things I miss about my dead cat

    I miss...
    1. The willies
    2. The poo
    3. The pee
    4. The bums
    5. The nuggets
    6. The irony
    7. The catnip

    Abraham Lincoln is regarded as one of America's greatest heroes due to both his incredible impact on the nation and his unique appeal. He was a good man also

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    Abraham Lincoln is regarded as one of America's greatest heroes due to both his incredible impact on the nation and his unique appeal. His is a remarkable story of the rise from humble beginnings to achieve the highest office in the land; then, a sudden and tragic death at a time when his country needed him most to complete the great task remaining before the nation. Lincoln's distinctively human and humane personality and historical role as savior of the Union and emancipator of the slaves creates a legacy that endures. His eloquence of democracy and his insistence that the Union was worth saving embody the ideals of self-government that all nations strive to achieve.

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