• That's what politics is

    A career politician can't really help but be hypocritical; it is the nature of sustaining a public presence for that long. Your position must change relative to the moods of the general population or your career ends before it starts. Politics requires an intense amount of waffling and equivocation just to survive, healthcare being no exception.

  • Different views develop over time

    It is true that under her husband's and the Obama administration, Hilary has presented different views on healthcare than she is presenting now. Firstly, having been presented with research and considered it, opinions can definitely change. Secondly, Hilary is guided from views of the party and not just by her own.

  • No, Clinton democrats are not hypocrites about their position on healthcare.

    No, the healthcare position of Clinton democrats is not hypocritical. Clinton supporters rather have a more pragmatic view as opposed to an idealistic one about healthcare and the likelihood of passing more progressive ideas through Congress. They thus choose a compromise position that is likelier to be accepted by both democrats and republicans, which makes them pragmatic but doesn't make them hypocritical.

  • They believe in access, but not a universal platform

    Clinton Democrats at least believe in access to healthcare although many oppose a universal platform, like Obamacare. Republicans don't give a crap about access as long as they have it. Hillary has a history of involvement in trying to broaden access to health care. She does want universal health care but with a pragmatic approach.

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