• Free College for the Land of the "Free"

    I think that college admissions are outrageous, and I do not see any reason why college education, at least a 2-year program, couldn't be free like high school education. When it comes to bettering your population, education is very important. The fact that school is so expensive just shows us that our Government doesn't really care about it's population, but about spending it's time and money else where. America is huge, and could easily be arranged to make school completely free, and focus more effort in furthering all children's education. After all, we will inherit the country, and wouldn't you think the Land of The "Free" is much more free when education, too, is free?

  • College admissions are not fair.

    College admissions are not fair. When you have all of these equally qualified applicants and you have to only pick a handful of them, it is definitely a hard job. However, when you give preference to less qualified students because of their race, gender, or economic background, you make a lot of students feel slighted.

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