• In Socialism, there is only room for one megalomaniac...

    Both killed the Jews, Conservatives, controlled religion, controlled the press, censored the people, killed off political opponents, used propaganda, brainwashed the young etc etc etc etc. They both invaded Poland and both planned on destroying each other. The only difference is they fought each other in the Spanish Civil War and each wanted to rule Europe.

    Nazis are just Nationalist Leftists and Communists are Leftists.

    Same crap different name.....

  • Basically the same

    Stalin killed everyone who disliked him.
    Mao killed everyone who disliked him.

    Hitler killed everyone who disliked him.
    Mussolini killed everyone who disliked him.

    ...Only Hitler and Benito did not call those they had executed "comrades."

    I fail to see how each of these totalitarian regimes differ.


  • The only difference is at least fascists are honest about being tyrants.

    Fascism, communism, socialism, whatever. The fascist state might not proclaim to "wither away the state", but that just makes communists more dishonest. The reality of any totalitarian system is always the same. I used to buy the theory that they're different. They're not. They can't be, because the ultimate aim of any of them is power. And power will always look the same.

  • Yes They are!

    They have both destroyed countries and are resulting in totalitarian regimes!
    They have both destroyed countries and are resulting in totalitarian regimes!
    They have both destroyed countries and are resulting in totalitarian regimes!

    Now I am just writing stuff because I need more words for this and I don't want to!!

  • Sophistry doesn't alter reality.

    Progressivism , in all it's forms is a stepping stone toward the unlitmate goal of communism.Saying ,( owned by the people but run by the state or public property administered by the state ) is sophistry. People must run the state and those people are and will be a priviledged class; a political class; just as in any form of totalitarian govt. There are are the rulers and the ruled.PERIOD.
    It's a simple case of understanding human nature , which the communist purist will not acknowledge, still slinging to the utopian theory without regard for human lust and greed. State control is state control regardless of the details. Communism doesn't believe in the individual .The individual is a threat to the collective and by extention the state.It requires people to out the state and the collective first in order to function, therefore competing ideas are a threat to that function. The same with any other form of totalitarianism. Free speech,free ideas, individualism, ALL that threatens state control and authority CANNOT be allowed. In short, the priviledged,political class has replaced the very types of (evil) leaderships that brought them to power by cloaking their intent with phrases like , (the workers united,public property for all,the peoples party) anything that diverts or alters the perception of the masses and gives them an enemy to feed the frustrations into. CONTROL OVER THE INDIVIDUAL, WILL ALWAYS CLASH WITH THE INDIVIDUAL WILL TO BE FREE. Me =we - I=us - mine = ours - etc.,etc. . Ithe systematic dissolution of private property and individual will and the implementation of public (STATE) propertty and free will to collective thought. SLAVERY OF THE MIND (education and propaganda) TO CONCEAL SLAVERY OF THE BODY -socialist democracies,communist theory,passive force (E.U. & U.N.).... OR.... SLAVERY OF MIND AND BODY THROUGH PROPAGANDA & OUTRIGHT FORCE AND INTIMIDATION -practical communism,nazism,fascism,theocratic (Islam) and secular ologarchies (E.U. & U.N)
    The only differences between ANY of these ,is the amount and type of propaganda,education and force used to preserve the authority of the politcal class..... You can see this very clearly in the rise of far left liberals in America and the slow,but inexorable crawl towards a progressive form of government and the abandoning of a government restricted constitution in favor of government regulation and control and the creation of a political class instead of citizen government.


  • The Differences are Technical and Trivial.

    In both case, the majority of the people will suffer under the power of the (police) state; with only a handful of power living in comfort (they're mainly government officials, government supporters, and wealthy party members). The state can tell you what to do, what to think, what to feel, and what to say. The only real difference is that fascism is honest with it's power and oppression while communism lies to you and tells you how they are on your side.

  • Two different stated purposes same effect.

    The ideal of communism is that the means of production to belong to the people. This inevitably requires the investiture of a handful of human beings with the direct control of this capital and the force which protects it. Barring peculiar conditions and selflessness these individuals out of necessity fall to the same cronyism and elitism that define the corporate fascist state.

  • The systems worked pretty much the same, and the ideologies share MUCH moer in common than people use to believe.

    1. Anti-liberal. In both SU or Nazi-Germany there was no freedom.
    2. Anti-kapitalist. Both systems and ideologies destroyed the free market and hated it for several reasons.
    3. Big military spendings, big military importance and much focus on the army. Being a soldier is seen as very honorable.
    4. Racism against rich people and people who don't follow their system (communism)
    5. If you have a different opinion, you're screwed. The state controls your mind.
    6. Off course, the state was all powerful and had a wide tentacle into one persons life.
    7. Millions of people were killed because of it.
    8 Propaganda and scaring the people with a false image of enemies.
    9. Names. Socialism and National-Socialism
    10. Anti-semitism. You'd be wrong if you think communism didn't hate the Jews. They are good traders and in favor of free market. Something especially communists try to annihilate.
    11 Hitler and Stalin even made a bond for a while.

  • It's a circle

    In theory communism and fascism are completely different however we live in a real world and the reality is that communism never works as a classless society. There is always an elite who oppress the masses just a fascism does. Just look at Stalin and Pol Pot. They were arguably worse dictators than fascists like Mussolini and Hitler. You shouldn't think of politics as a line with far left and far right. In reality politics is a circle with one side being the liberal centre and the other being totalitarian regimes which is essentially fascism AND communism.

  • Brain washed morons.

    "communism promotes non-violence and community as a means of making a society succeed" WTF? Fascism, Communism, and Socialism are kissing cousins and are the opposite of Liberty and Freedom. What part of history tells us that these ism's have been beneficial to humans? China, Russia, North Korea....Etc...Etc have murdered a few hundred million of its own citizen's in last 100 years. "Anyone who things Fascism and Communism are the same are utter idiots:" You should read more books of history instead those brain mushing university text books. Educated idiot?

  • Propaganda is strong in this one

    If we understand that fascism is a movement created specifically to combat Communism and capitalism, then surely we can understand that Communism is not fascism. Communism is the communally directed collectivization of the means of production. Capitalism is the privately directed collectivization (and abuse/manipulation) of the means of production. Fascism isn't even an economic policy - it's just radical nationalism. It doesn't define whether a country experiences collectivization of its economy, nor who owns any part of the economy. It just means that the country has a strong, nationalist government.

    It is simply nonfactual to say that "the majority of people will suffer under the power of the state, with only a handful of people living in comfort," in either case. (This is often true for fascism.) Yes, this is experienced by people living under capitalism. (Look at a wealth distribution graph in America.) There are plenty of examples of countries that have had a healthy Communist system. All capitalist countries today have widening wealth gaps and centralization of power. Communist countries do not; most modern Communist countries are much more economically stable and functional than their capitalist counterparts. Fascism is a somewhat less tried and tested issue. There are no fully fascist countries currently. Most examples of fascist countries have been tyrannical and oppressive. This means that capitalism is, in fact, more similar to fascism than Communism is.

  • Not how the founder of Communism said it.

    Fascism is where a dictator controls the state and people become rich and powerful from it. Marxism, true communism, says everyone essentially owns everything and all are equally wealthy. "Communism" has been hijacked into something Marx never intended. In summary, the two philosophies are totally different and need to be viewed as such.

  • Not at All

    They are extremely different. Not only are the concepts behind Fascism and Communism totally different, the only major comparison is that they had a horrible ruler that loved to have everyone killed. Just because the leaders are similar speaks nothing to how the systems are designed or supposed to work.

  • They are not the same because of the capitalist and property owning system.

    The main purpose of communism is to create equality amongst the masses. It also means no more capitalism and the state owns all the major properties and resources. On the other hand fascism is just a form of dictatorship including only one political party. Capitalism may still exist in a fascist state. Also there may be more than one political parties in a communist state as long as they follow the left wing motto.

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  • This arguement has no basis in political theory

    The shown spectrum tries to show some abstract notion of "freedom" as the right and "control" as the left. Not only does this school of thought ignore Anarchism(the original Anarchism, the leftist one). Which is totally flawed. Ultimately you cannot conflate an ideology which is based on equality with one that is based on race supremacy

  • Top Fucking Kek

    No, wanting freedom from capitalist oppression and justice for the working class is not the same as masturbating to the idea of the roman republic with one hand and working for "class coroporation" with the other. Not everything outside of fucking liberalism is the same, idiots.
    Jesus Mother-fucking Christ, people.

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