• Computers is good for society

    If was no any computers in our society ?!! Imagine what it well happen !!The education it will be the same and the technologist I think :) it will be not understand so i think all the development in our country it mad in the first from the computers >.<

  • This World Would be 50 years behind if it weren't for technology like computers

    Scientifically proven that this would happen, so thank every single person that makes all different kinds of tech or computers because without them, we would be not as smart, active or have a source of good research and study... That Is all thank you

    Sincerely someone who cares about the society.

  • Computers are good

    They are good because they help children do their homework also you don't have to go driving to send a letter or speak face to face with a company to buy something. Another reason for this is that we save lots of trees and don't get less oxygen. That is my idea for why computers are good.

  • They help us learn

    The Internet allows us to reasearch pretty much any topic, and you can do anything, with the help of sites such as Google, YouTube, and Microsoft Office. The Internet also lets us keep up on outside things, such as the weather or traffic conditions, or helps find routes to places with Google Maps

  • Humans would not have advance so much in the past 50 years if it wasn't for computers

    All the people that said no would not even be reading this if it wasn't for computers so I honestly don't know why they would vote know. *clicks no, goes straight to Facebook and then proceeds to check email, then looks at the apple store to buy an iPhone because they need it for their "business".*

  • Computers have Benefits

    Computers do benefit society. Like any other technology, however, computer usage can be taken to an extreme. When computer usage becomes extreme, it becomes addictive and supersedes other important activities like eating, drinking, and working. Limited use of computers is very beneficial, but overuse of computers can be very damaging.

  • Computers are obviously good for society!!

    Computers are very convenient and can be used to access any website or even books as an e-book instead of going to the book store to buy a book and then come back to read it. It also means you don't have to post a letter and wait for it to get to your friends letter box, you could simply send an email to your friend which is instant

  • They have done lots of good for us

    Computers. It's a topic, but is it good for us?

    Yes. Why? Because of the unlimited resources. The Internet is a fuel for info, it gives us up to date info on the latest news, scandals, and lets us voice our opinions on sites like these. They are also powerful teaching tools, as many teachers are utilizing the Internet to make teaching easier and simpler.

    The Internet also allows us to meet people who have interests just like us. Take deviantart for example. It's a community that provides valid feedback to its members and offers a lot of good to the world by helping artists improve and helping people meet others who dabble in what they do.

  • We need computers

    If we didn't have computers there would be nothing so if you don't have computers you wouldn't be able to get info out of google and nearly every one needs technology or doctors wouldn't be able to cure his or her patients and schools would be completely useless without computers.

  • I believe that computers are good for people because they help with many things like doing homework and other things

    Computers also have flaws like bad for eye sight but they help you keep from getting in a car to buy stuff if u dont have a car it helps you.If you need help or your daughter/son needs to go online to do homework,or do make up work online.Thats way i believe computers are more useful

  • This need to stop

    Why cant the people just create a computer with no bad stuff alowed like people its horrible what computers are doin to us kids. Computers are not helping us learn alot because in school we dont check the spelling ourselves we just use auto correct an that wont teach us how to spell them

  • They Are Taking Away Our Actuall Sleves

    Studies show that when we learn something in school we don't bother to remember since we think we can easily access it later on the computer! This is taking away our minds. Computers can only gives us SOME benefits. And I'm not just and adult saying this, cause I'm not a adult.

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  • No Human Interaction

    The days where you talk to someone face to face are rapidly disappearing. You are no longer a person but a number that can be discarded with the click of a button. Automated systems replace humans everyday. People rely on spell check and are now reduced to abbreviations. You say it helps you learn, I say the opposite.

  • Poen is bad

    Porn goes ageist the teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord and is bad and porn corrupted my children and they all now worship the devil and listen to frank zappa music and Jesus Christ hates satan and frank zappa music contains no redeeming social values hes only in it for the money

  • Porn is what the internet is for

    Porn goes ageist the teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord and is bad and porn corrupted my children and they all now worship the devil and listen to frank zappa music and Jesus Christ hates satan and frank zappa music contains no redeeming social values hes only in it for the money

  • Computers are like chains holding you back from the real possibilities you might have

    Computers. Good to have or not? Either way humans will continue to use them. You plug them in one hour later ,unplug them use them plug them back in it's just a cycle people have. They limit you to a couple feet from an outlet. Are they good to have or are they just limiting the possibilities and opportunities you might have.

  • Because we are getting distracted by games and other things

    No its not good for you because now a days people are using computers for the wrong purposes. Yes it may be good for homework but we are getting distracted by games and other things and I have personal experience of that. Computers may make homework easier but sometimes we just can't focus on our homework and sometimes I don't like getting distracted and other times I do like to get distracted and getting distracted isn't fun because when our parents find out that we're doing something other than homework then we will get in trouble.

  • Society is becoming ingnorant

    Computers allow media to get into our heads. Media (the internet headlines) only shows what they think society wants to see. They want to shock us, so they say bad things about others or put something in a bad light, even though that's not what actually happened. Many people think that whatever happened in the headlines is true and so they believe it. Also, the media shows a disaster for relief funds or whatever for a week. Then the next week, they don't talk about it. We don't care anymore because it's not our problem, and it must be over. But it's not and the internet via computers are making us ignorant. We don't even value face time as much. Oh, I'll just call or , I'll email you. We like to spend more time chatting than face time.

  • It fails to fill the need of human community

    It is unsatisfying it it's attempt to gratify the need for community. I spent years fully involved in online communities, however I never felt satisfied in my relationships with others. Computers can help link me to other people, but online relationships cannot satisfy the human need for community. My argument is complete

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