• Most of them are stupid

    Oh my God, everytime someone talks about things like that it just gets annoying. Now this doesn't include what Christians believe. Religion is one thing. It's just these bizarre conspiracy theories. Some involving food. Some involving other bizarre crazy things. I FIND most conspiracy theories stupid, unreal, unpractical and bizaare

  • They are a annoyance

    New World Order, illuminati, False flag attacks, it's all false information. Now, I understand that of course there are a few true conspiracy theories out there but a lot of them are simply false and idiotic, and the government spying online users were true, but I don't believe that there's a new world order, or the illuminati is taking of the world, being put into FEMA camps, or other BS.

  • Yes they are

    Conspiracy theories are stupid on so many levels because most people try to predict the end of the world, or whatever its called and its always wrong. Last year, they said ww3 was going to happen. But why are we all still here? They said that martial law was coming in march and that didn't happen. All the people who make the conspiracy theories are scaring people. They need to do more research on this stuff and get lives.

  • But Just Imagine...

    Why are they so outlandish? Why do they seem so weird? Think about a round earth- an idea so inconceivable! But, it turned out to be true. Just because one idea seems so impossible, so far outside your vision, does not mean it is wrong, nor right. Rather, listen to them, and try to understand their point of view. Then, re-evaluate what you know. Only by looking at the 2, can the truth truly be seen

  • Not in the least,

    I'm not saying I have millions of theories and a basement full of sticky notes, but I do think the moon landing was fake. And that's enough for me to give this question pause. All throughout history lies a deceit have been a common occurance. Statements like "hitler will be a terrible thing for our country" and "the U.S. government can spy on us and monitor our emails and things!" Have, I'm sure, been labeled conspiracy theories before they were true. We need people who question in order to stop people who lie. Even if a few theories are out there they're only out there because we say so. It's not unreasonable, it simply doesn't align with our common perception's of reality, but than those are, as they have always been, affected by lies.
    To put it in short, we need those who wonder. They're not crazy. They're outside of the box. And that's useful.

  • Not if they are true

    A theory cannot be proved right or wrong, that is why it is a theory. The watergate scandal, the gulf of tonkin incident, the secret ware in laos, the 9/11 attack. They were just "theories" when they were first introduce to the mass public. We must listen and investigate all reports carefully, no matter how bizarre or "stupid" they sound.

  • No, and by nature, how could you tell?

    The perfect conspiracy is one you can dismiss as "stupid"!

    This is an argument that generalizes and I hate arguments that generalize, but generally, everything should be questioned but never completely ignored. Sure, some conspiracy theories are absolute B.S. (...Or are they?), but plenty of old conspiracy theories became shocking fact with process of time and perspective.

    The great masses of the people will more easily fall victims to a big lie than to a small one.
    - Adolf Hitler

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