Are Cost Rico's sucess in using sustainable energy reproducible in the US?

  • So are other countries

    Costa Rica's success is not be the best direct comparison to the United States, but we can duplicate their results on a larger scale. Countries like Germany have invested in sustainable energy with great results, and there is no reason the United States can't do it too if we invest properly.

  • Sustainable Energy is Possible Anywhere

    I believe that they are perfectly attainable even if their particular methods wouldn't work for this country something else would. Obviously each country is different and some methods are not applicable to other places but there is a wealth of sustainable energy plans and strategies, I'm sure there are some that would suit our country's needs. Of course, people will complain of the cost but the methods would pay for themselves in the long run, leaving us to spend funds on more important things that have been neglected. Our main obstacle would be getting past certain bodies' special interests.

  • Yes, its energy successes are reproducible.

    Yes, Costa Rica's energy successes are reproducible in the United States. If we learn from their scientific advances, we can mimic the way cars run on clean fuel. The United States is home to some of the best scientists in the world. With enough funding, our nation can become just as successful.

  • No, Coasta Rica's success is not possible in the United States

    No, Coasta Rica's success is not possible in the United States. Costa Rica is a tiny country, about the size of half of the state of Kentucky. The US, on the other hand, is huge. The US also ahs a population of 330 million while Costa Rica only has a population of 4.9 million people. This is not to say that Costa Rica's efforts should not be commended, however.

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