• Yes, crimes against the elderly are unfortunately becoming more common.

    As more and more people are coming online every day, an unfortunate target for con artists and scammers are the elderly. The web is an easy place for criminals to target unsuspecting victims. For example, the middle-aged and elderly population represent one of the largest group of new Facebook users. As these users venture into new online territory, they may fall victim to scams or crimes that they do not know how to avoid.

  • No, just more recognized

    Growing old is not for the feint of heart. Aside from experiencing a diminished standard of living due to poor health, there is always that chance that should we become incapacitated, we wouldl be at the mercy of our caregivers. Neglect, abuse - both mental and physical, and theft are not how any of us imagine being treated when we reach our 'golden years'.

  • The elderly are receiving better care than ever before

    No, there are less crimes against the elderly. Older people are choosing to remain at home instead of living in nursing homes. They are receiving home care in high numbers. These home care workers are screened carefully. Some caregivers are live-in nurses, while other caregivers come to the senior's home and then leave. There are also retirement villages for seniors who wish to retain some independence. In these situations, it is possible to monitor the senior with video cameras or have a family member or friend around supervising. Therefore, by and large, it is a safe environment for the senior, and it's unlikely the senior will be abused by caregivers. It does happen. Documentaries about senior care on tv have captured instances on hidden camera of nurses treating older people roughly, or stealing the money of seniors from purses when these seniors are asleep. However, with organized senior care programs in place, and controlled, safe living environments created for seniors, it is rare that older people will be victims of crime. People are living longer and healthier lives. Seniors are as well protected as any other age group in our society.

  • Elderly crimes not becoming more prevalent

    I do not believe that crimes against the elderly are becoming more prominent. I think that it is far more likely that we are just unaccustomed to the level of 24 hour a day news that is now considered normal, and that these attacks are therefore being more reported on to the general public.

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