Are curse words so common nowadays that they have lost their impact?

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  • Curse words have lost their punch.

    So many people use curse words nowadays -- they are on television, the radio, in movies, and in the general population -- that they aren't as shocking as they once used to be. There has been a steady slide in what we considered to be offensive, and profanity now falls under the non-offensive category.

  • Yes, I think curse words have lost their impact nowadays.

    While it is rude any very unacceptable to curse at someone in today's society I think the majority of people don't take it seriously and end up forgetting about it minutes later, with curse words so common in all different age ranges it's just something that is part of the everyday conversation.

  • Curse words still have punch

    Personally, I do not want to stay around people that decide to let their mouths off the leash and run wild. I have a tendency to ask people to keep it clean, so to speak. If you walked up to a man at the bus stop, and started running your mouth at him, specific insults and curse words, dont you think the man would get offended and get physical? Because they still hold ground.

  • No, They Aren't

    I do not believe curse words are so common nowadays that they have lost their impact. Maybe you and your peers use the words so much that they've lost their impact, but that is not true of myself and my peers. Yes, we use them, but very infrequently and generally not around children.

  • They are still curse words.

    no, curse words are not so common nowadays that they have lost their impact, because they are probably not said in much more frequency today than they were back then. They are still curse words. They are still the harshest words that anyone in society can say. They still are impactful.

  • People Still Care

    Try walking up to a stranger and cursing at them. Of course people still care about their use. Every culture has words or expressions that are meant derogatory. Over time the words change into new ones. Some words might lose their meaning and become common language while others will become curse words.

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