• Yes, debt collectors are a burden to society.

    Debt collectors have long been known to use under-handed techniques to collect debt, even from people who do not actually owe that debt. Although there are consumer laws to protect citizens from these often illegal tactics, many consumers do not know the laws and are often intimidated by debt collectors to pay outrageous fees and interest.

  • Yes, debt collectors should have limitations and organization in effect.

    There are some debts that have solid reasons for becoming delinquent, showing past history of timely payments and they feel as if recovering their credit to good standing is a lost cause. Debt collectors are like ants when their pile has been disturbed and for the debtor, their effort in recovering if left to let the years pass or until bankruptcy is sought. If debt collectors were required to make one permanent record, to end their pursuit of debtors with solid reasons for delinquency would allow the debtor feel more in control of their future instead of rapidly coming to the realization to either file bankruptcy or allow time to seek having their records purged/cleaned.

  • They keep check

    Someone has to keep track of payments. What if anyone could take whatever they want without paying back? Services would not be able to sustain and society would have to adapt to a world without them. A majority of debt collectors do not intend to cause harm. Their role is to remind people of payments.

  • No, debt collectors are not a burden to society.

    Debt collectors are not a burden to society. The people who accumulate high amounts of debt, and then never pay it back are a burden to society. When companies and financial institutions must write-off bad debts, these organizations incur steep losses. These financial losses impact shareholder value and employment. Therefore, responsible debt collectors actually play an important role in society.

  • No, debt collectors are not a burden to society

    No, debt collectors are not a burden to society even if they are a burden to the people who owe them the debt. Debt collectors did not create the debt and are doing nothing to harm society by trying to collect on the debts that people incurred and could not afford.

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