Are degrees in education essential to success in life?


    Speaking as a whole, people will always need that degree to get a successful and future. yeah maby someone gets lucky and is born into a wealthy family, but not everyone is that lucky you know!!! Some people only rely on scholarships and grants just so than can be successful


    Degrees in education are essential to success in life because there is less of a chance of success without one. There are people who can succeed without them and people who fail with them, but it's so hard to even get a foot in the door now without one that it's not worth the chance. People don't necessarily need degrees to be employable, but no one will give a chance otherwise.

  • Yes I agree they can increase your chances of getting hired and lead to economic growth.

    Having a degree can improve your chances of getting employed. Though a degree cannot guarantee an individual's success in his field, it does improve his chances of getting hired. Additionally a degree offers individual greater options to explore opportunities of their choice. It also improves the literacy rate and thereby helps in economical growth.

    Posted by: WittyRud
  • A degree in educations is essential to success in life.

    Financially speaking a degree is essential for success. I will say that there are the few people who have gone on to have financial success without the aide of a college education but it is not likely to happen. For many jobs a person will also need continued education even after a degree. Education to keep up on the changes in your chosen industry. With technology as it is today and the speed at which this world travels it is necessary to have a degree with education on the specifics of your chosen field. Granted, there are other ways to succeed in life, with family, friends and loved ones....but unless financial security is not one of your priorities a degree is a must.

    Posted by: w00tboycomic
  • Degrees in education are essential to success in life because there is less of a chance of success without one.

    Degrees in education are essential to success in life because there is less of a chance of success without one. There are people who can succeed without them and people who fail with them, but it's so hard to even get a foot in the door now without one that it's not worth the chance. People don't necessarily need degrees to be employable, but no one will give a chance otherwise.

    Posted by: H0bi3Invader
  • A college degree is an entry ticket

    It could be true that a person can succeed without a college degree. But he will have to struggle a lot. Lets compare a person A with a college degree from a reputed institution and a person B without a college degree going for the interview. The person A may receive the first word as "WELCOME" while the person B will at first hear " PROVE YOURSELF". Since once you get into the firm your survival is only up on your performance getting into the firm is important. And its quick if u have a college degree

  • It depends on the person!

    If you are materialistic, and you see "success in life" as being the most wealthy person in the world, then you may not need higher education as much, as many business men just need to be lucky risk takers and innovative people.
    But if you are a person who sees "success in life" as being well rounded, and always seeking for something new to learn, having a degree will definitely help you on that! Furthermore, people with degrees are so much more interesting to listen to (Stephen Fry)!

  • Yes it is

    Success doesn't only means name and fame it is something having satisfaction of what we have achieved in life and to achieve that its not necessary that our talents alone take us to great heights but its education which improves our skills & help us in our bad times too.

  • Yes, college prepares you for the competitive world

    Not only does having a degree increase your chances of getting a good job, but college period also changes a person's attitude. You become more diverse and socially inclined which could be helpful in the world. With a college education you have more information, you are familiar with more ideas, and you have a more broad number of skills you have mastered. This is what a future employer wants to see.

  • Yes I do

    You understand your job better with more education so its better in life and you'll also get paid more for your degrees like associates, bachelors, doctorates, etc. Well yeah going to college can be pricey but in the long run you'll be making way more money and you'll pay college off in a matter of like 2 years.

  • Lacking an educational degree does not mean a person will not succeed; a degree is only an achievement and not indicative of a person's character or ambitions.

    Many, many people in our history have succeeded, some far beyond even general standards, without having a college or even a high school degree. Not having a degree does not mean a person is not ambitious or capable or even unintelligent. Walt Disney, for example, didn't graduate from college or high school and was enormously successful. He had the ambition and the motivation to press on and it paid off; others can do the same.

    Posted by: BNickolas
  • Absolutely a no!

    A degree is not an important key factor to success... Hard work is... In my point of view, school is only there to nurture people... Why waste time to get a diploma or degree, when you can spend your time working for someone else and in return, have someone else to work for you in future...

  • Degrees teach a small subset of knowledge

    Success is defined by one's integrity, self discipline, vision and choices.
    Many with degrees choose to take no risk and to only do what one is told to do as employees.
    For one to be successful one needs to THINK for oneself and choose a destiny and legacy. One has to choose to be a blessing and make a difference in all areas, Work, Family, Spiritual life.

  • There are other jobs that do not require degrees

    There are different jobs and alternatives to being success than getting a college degree. You have such things as going into the military, studying aboard, going to trade school, americorps, certifications, cosmetology school, and even becoming an entrepreneur. Our society makes it known from when we are young that college is basically the only way to be a successful person. A lot of educators do not give or tell students their different possibilities instead of going to college. College degrees do not guarantee a job. Sometimes you may get a job that does not even revolve around the degree you receive. So to conclude, success is not based off of a degree that one may receive but based off of ones opinion of what success is to them. College is just one route but there are alternatives.

  • I say NO for the business industry!

    It takes only a few years to work up into management; within which time you will have gained useful knowledge that will support you in the role of being a manger. At university you are taught business theories and how to stand up in front of a crowd and speak.

    So if you want to venture into the business industry... You could learn a lot starting at the bottom.

  • Morals are also very important

    I disagree because morals are also important for success. Without morals, one cannot hope to be successful in life. This is because the immoral deeds would eventually surface and taint the reputation. There are some people who are educated that are not successful because of their lack of morals. For example, Professor Tey Tsun Hang, a law professor at National University of Singapore, was involved a recent “sex-for-grades” case. Professor Tey had a good education but a lack of morals, accepting bribes in the form of gifts from his student, in exchange for better grades. This example shows that even with a good education, one might not succeed in life because of the lack of morals. Thus, I disagree because morals are also important for success.

  • Happiness and satisfaction is success.

    Education is not the only contributing factor to success. I passionately believe that to be successful in life, you should essentially be happy and satisfied with your life. Education is not the only form of happiness. There is also relationships, self-esteem, family life and health. Ask yourself: why do we want or need education? To have a good job and to get through our daily lives. Why do we need a job? To get money. Why do we want money? To have good resources so that we can be HAPPY.

  • Not essential, but definitely helpful

    No, they are not essential. There are many cases where an individual has gone from being a college or high-school drop-out to being a millionaire, simply due to doing something well (playing music, smart investing, hard work, etc). Also, with the internet as large of a medium it is now, one could learn practically everything a school could teach. Is a degree truly necessary? In most cases, no.
    However, a degree will almost always make it easier to procure a job, generally it will make you more efficient at said job, & help you maintain your job longer, giving you an edge over individuals who do not have degrees.

  • Definitely NO!

    the word success can only be success if you have reach the kingdom of God, because in that certain place we will experience the happiness, joy, comfortably and peacefulness. education is not the key to success it is determination. education can only give us opportunities not guarantees. education is just one of many factors that contribute to success!!

  • people with academic degree are not always have a better knowledge

    as we know in the society people always look another people wether they are smart or not ,success or not is from their academic degree, but one thing that you have to know is a degree doesn't always give guarantee for a person that he have a good knowledge. Because the fact in societies nowadays is many people get their academic degree by "buying" it. And then the other facts are many people with academic degree still JOBLESS, while there are so many people that become success without academic degree such as Bill Gates, Maradona, Michele Jackson, and elses. That's why i believe that academic degree is no essential to reach success in life, thank you.

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Anonymous says2013-05-09T17:07:22.230
A changing world

A good read is the Betrayal of the American Dream, Bartlette and Steel. They describe a US that has shipped many of the manufacturing jobs overseas and we don't have those Blue Collar jobs anymore for those who seek a trade in lieu of a college education which, by statistics, leads to a white collar job. Our government has instituted deregulation of many different market segments like: trucking, airline industry and most recently, the financial market segment and in each case it has caused more harm than good where job conditions are far worse i.E. More hours, less pay and less benefits. Employers today want to see applicants with college degrees who hold potential for growth within the organization and can contribute to the overall success. Unfortunately, Wall Street is now in control of key decisions being made by business leaders and our Congress goes along with those that are more wealthy that can influence and and buy votes, so the lesser educated and lesser social class will have even fewer opportunities in life to be able to "get rich quick", which seems to be the goal of the millennial generation. My suggestion is to get a job early to earn money and understand that having money will influence every major decision in your life. Get a college education as the number of opportunities will grow and learn to talk in an adult world about real world issues to gain the respect of those who can help you in life. More often than not, its your ability to relate to people, utilize your education and catch a break that will help you toward success. Many times people say its who you know, not what you know that will get you further than the other guy and often this is true, but you'll never get that exposure to the 'who you know' if you can't get into their circles. Unless we quickly establish incentives for companies to bring manufacturing jobs back to the US, we will become a nation of less opportunity. Noone ever said it would be easy and you have to work for the rewards in life.
avinashnick says2013-11-20T10:38:18.833
According g to me degree is must needed because we talk about the multitude , and it say's there are only few people's who got succeed without degree but is in practical field , nobody care for your aim's , ambitions & your knowledge without degree , firstly they ask for your degree after that they talk to you.... And there only one bill gates in million's .... Than what about that millions. They must needed degree to be a safe one , who can survive in future... We can also say that now degree's become the target of our life after that we can think for next , but without it our life can be in danger......