• If the Democratic party isn't communist, i feel bad for communist countries.

    They tread a fine line. The current democratic party champions itself on being the defenders of the poor, and in doing so they create more destitution to justify their existence.
    This current party also uses many marxist tactics such as leveling charges against political counterparts that they are guilty of committing, trying to control academia, the press, and the entertainment industry. The democratic party also minimizes and attempts to weaken the middle class which is a goal of communism. This political entity also commits one of the worst offenses which is class warfare.

  • Democrats are Communist

    Democrats want a large central government with a lot of regulations, they also want to make everyone equal by taking money from the rich and give it to the poor. The United States would have probably been a communist dictatorship under Obama if there was no constitution. He wanted to ban guns and say the second amendment is irrelevant and they want a centralized health care system next to the NSA spying program. They also try to destroy the opposition with the IRS and now they shut down the government and refuse to compromise because they want the public to blame republicans and give democrats control of the house and essentially the whole government. So yes they are communists but thank god we have a constitution so we dont end up like the Soviet Union.

  • Big government Commies

    They socialize everything. Hate competition. Hate business. Hate freedom. Hate everything traditional. Yup they are without a doubt at least socialists. I mean they hate the rich, they incite class warfare and want to destroy the economy. The Dems are a pretty rough bunch of commies. Im tired of them ruining our country.

  • Yes, they are Communists.

    The Democrats are more similar to Communists than any person or party in the country. They favor redistribution of the wealth making it so that when you work hard and make a lot of money, you are actually working for the benefit of other people rather than earning what you work for. With their philosophy, all of your life's work does not belong to you but instead belongs to the people who sit on welfare programs collecting money from the government. They ban as many civil liberties as they can, and they infringe on the second amendment. They are power hungry, raise taxes based on income to "equalize" the country, just like the Communists would equalize their countries. They do not admit to being Communist because they are ignorant, and fear public opinion against them. Supporters of the Obamas of the world also will not admit to any of this, because they prefer to lie to them selves and convince themselves that they are doing good. The Democratic politicians are corrupted, and use excuses such as "altruism" to overpower and control the entire country. They are a disgusting insult to the integrity of America, and Democratic citizens should move to France, which is Socialist. There, they can freeload all of the money they want and American citizens do not have to support them.

  • Yes they are!

    With the Democrats in charge, America keeps getting worse and worse. They force upon us bigger government, they want to take the wealth from the rich people. Rich people shouldn't have to pay any more taxes than the poor people. Then we have Obamacare, they are forcing private companies to provide insurance on people that have for years been in bad health from their own doing, and taxing citizens who refuse Obamacare.

  • Maybe not historically,

    But democrats now are so polarized to the point where just listening to a democrat speak makes me feel like I am in the soviet union. "We're just going to ask the rich to pay a little bit more". Our great leader Barakus Obamus will deliver us from ourselves. Capitalism is a failed art right? We should just go down the ship and relinquish all our constitutional rights to democrats. Lets make a doctor make as much as a teacher because it "seems" fair. Let's kill my motivation to go to work in the morning if I have no hope of progressing. Let's allow the unions to destroy more cities than just Detroit. Tomato Tomato. Communism.

  • Democrats = Communists

    All one needs to do is listen to the ideological platform espoused by the Democratic party. For that matter, listen to any of the talking heads on MSNBC, although it would seem to me that they are one and the same. MSNBC is just another arm of the Communist Obama Administration.

  • Democrats Platform = Marx's Communist Manifesto

    And if you don't believe that then look it up. The Communist state uses its coercive powers to seize the wealth and properties of those who have earned financial security by their own hands. Communism does not help poor people; rather, Communism makes people poor so that they have to become dependent on the Communist state and therefore beholden to those in charge of the government. Communism is the ultimate exploitative monopoly. No competitors (market alternatives) are allowed. All major industries, including food, banking, transportation, communication, and insurance are owned and operated as state monopolies.
    Any of these look familiar?
    A heavy progressive and graduated tax
    Centralization of credit in the hands of the state, by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly.
    Centralization of the means of communication and transportation in the hands of the state.
    Abolition of private property in land and application of all rents of land to public purpose.

    These are but just a few of Marx's pillars of Communism. You tell me, are we closer to this or the Founder's intent in the Constitution? I'm 50 years old - look at what has happened in my lifetime. And don't try to lecture this post on the official "definition" of Communism - that is intellectually dishonest - anyone can see how this trend continues in our culture today, and I feel bad for the world my children will have to grow up in.

  • Democrats want communism

    All the actions of democrats in government will lead to communism, and they know this. Anyone who defends them want the same or are clueless. If you look into the people who control the tv networks that the democrats use for propaganda these people all support communism. Some of the biggest corporations that Obama gave billions of tax dollars to also support communism, go figure.

  • Dummy! Yeah! Dummy!

    Fascism will come to the United States in the form of liberalism. The next step will be communism. I would rather see Nationalism combined with Capitalism over communism. How many people have died from the hammer and sickle in the 20th century compared to the cupcake in Germany during WWII?

  • Not anymore than Republicans are Socialist

    No, I think anyone who thinks this is retarded. Look at the converse of that statement. Are communist Democrats? If you look at communist countries do they in any way look similar to how democrats run anything? So my answer is no. Democrats are not communist. Democrats are democrats, republicans are republicans.

  • and Republicans do not want to pay their fair share

    'rich people shouldn' t have to pay more taxes than the poor people." - in fact their tax rate - including things like tax breaks for capital gains and trust fund bums' rates - in all their rates are a LOWER PERCENTAGE than for the poor and middle class. their tax breaks are on our backs - fewer good schools, public schools and health care.

  • Cold War is Over

    The Cold War ended 20 years ago and the hard-line communists in the Soviet Union were thrown from power. There is no more Joseph McCarthy from the 1950s. Democrats are not communists--they simply look out for the poorest of our citizens better than Republicans. Democrats' support of the poor doesn't make them anti-American or anti-capitalism.

  • Socialists Maybe, Not Communists

    Democrats do tout giving poor people entitlements and benefits with taxpayer money. Some people call that socialism, but socialism isn't communism. At least Democrats look out for the poorest of poor, made so by the excesses of the rich. All one has to do is look at the causes of the recent recession to see that Republicans support the ultra-rich while Democrats try to clean up their messes.

  • Think about it

    Democrats are trying to keep people off the streets and Republicans only care about their money to see it. Communist won't agree with have the stuff democrats do. For example Communist hates gay marriage and Democrats support it. Do Republicans really know anything about Communism? Republicans just want to be rich.

  • Democrats are WORSE than communists

    Communist societies are supposed to make people WORK for their free benefits. In a communist society, people WORK and in return the government gives free medical care, insurance, and other benefits that the democrats give to the unemployed. At least that's how it is SUPPOSED to be. Secondly, communists do not support a class system, so no lass can be discriminated against, unlike democrats who discriminate against the upper class as if they are satin. So in that way, communists are BETTER than democrats. Unfortunately a communist society is too easily corrupted, and the glorious design of Karl Marx gets pushed away for the leader's own selfish needs.

  • Not the definition of communism

    Even the current Chinese government can not be truly considered a communist society. By definition communism means strict government control of all factors of production. While heavy bureaucracy is a result of a communist gov't it is not the sufficient condition.

    With respect to democrats they believe in more gov't regulation but not strict control of all factors of production. At least try to understand a meaning of a word instead of labeling it onto people.

  • Take it from a Marxist.

    Both the Democrats and Republicans are right wing parties. There is very little exposure to true leftism in America, so some Americans falsely believe that Democrats are Communists. Even the Liberals' beloved Bernie Sanders is nowhere close - he is a center leftist. Democrats, just like the far right Republicans, engage in imperialism. You can see examples of this from the Obama administration - their bombings of Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan, as well as military deployments across the world.

    Some Democrats support labor unions and education. However, you can still be a centrist and promote "free university." Because of far right propaganda and the McCarthy Era, civilians are duped into thinking that the center right Democrats actually stand for leftism.

    Wake up fellow Americans. Your limited political exposure is the true reason for your false beliefs that Democrats are accurate representatives of the left.

  • Do you even know what communism means?

    Communism: "advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs."
    There's no record of a democrat ever advocating such a system where each person works and is paid according to ability and need.

  • They are more Conservative than not.

    Democrats and Republicans aren't that different from eachother. So If Democrats were communist that would make Republicans socialists at best. But no, Communism is completely opposite from the Democratic Party, anybody commenting on here that they are the same have NO clue whatsoever about communism. Communism favors the workers in society and says that the workers should be the ones to make decisions about their productive labor. Communism is a far left political view while Democrats are centrist at best, most the time center-right with the Republican party being even further to the right. Being a Communist is not a bad thing, the U.S gov't hates communism because the U.S wants to oppress workers and democracy.

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