• Democrats are Communist

    Democrats want a large central government with a lot of regulations, they also want to make everyone equal by taking money from the rich and give it to the poor. The United States would have probably been a communist dictatorship under Obama if there was no constitution. He wanted to ban guns and say the second amendment is irrelevant and they want a centralized health care system next to the NSA spying program. They also try to destroy the opposition with the IRS and now they shut down the government and refuse to compromise because they want the public to blame republicans and give democrats control of the house and essentially the whole government. So yes they are communists but thank god we have a constitution so we dont end up like the Soviet Union.

  • Big government Commies

    They socialize everything. Hate competition. Hate business. Hate freedom. Hate everything traditional. Yup they are without a doubt at least socialists. I mean they hate the rich, they incite class warfare and want to destroy the economy. The Dems are a pretty rough bunch of commies. Im tired of them ruining our country.

  • If the Democratic party isn't communist, i feel bad for communist countries.

    They tread a fine line. The current democratic party champions itself on being the defenders of the poor, and in doing so they create more destitution to justify their existence.
    This current party also uses many marxist tactics such as leveling charges against political counterparts that they are guilty of committing, trying to control academia, the press, and the entertainment industry. The democratic party also minimizes and attempts to weaken the middle class which is a goal of communism. This political entity also commits one of the worst offenses which is class warfare.

  • Roosevelt Ruined USA

    Franklin Roosevelt ruined this country when he took us off the gold standard. Our money is not back by anything but the word of our government. I work for the Federal Reserve Bank. If the government needs more money they just print it. Years ago you could take your money to the bank and exchange it for gold or silver. Just remember, the German mark wasn't backed by precious metal and inflation ruined their country.

  • Democrats will ruin America

    Democrats are communists. There's just no denying it. If Democrats continue to be elected as our presidents we will end up like USSR. I cannot believe how stupid some Americans are that they would actually vote for Obama or God forbid Hilary Clinton or Bernie sanders as the president(dictator). Do u want to be run by a dictatorship in a communist nation? Thank God for the constitution or we'd already be there.

  • Stepping Stone To Communism

    Most democrat voters today, and I live in California so I know to many, are low information voters that don't understand what the party is doing or the direction they are going. They don't see what is going on in Venezuela and how similar their beliefs are. This has been going on since the inception of America - 1/3 of the country believes in Americanism - 1/3 of the country opposes Americanism - 1/3 of the country doesn't care. It was the same ratio during the American revolution, the civil war and the end of segregation and usually the majority of republicans supporting greater moral values throughout history.

  • Yes they are

    Under the pretense of "It's for your own good," and "You shouldn't have to pay for that," the Communists have taken over the Democratic Party. The "ends justify the means" with them. Educate yourself. Open your mind. Most Dems now are not "bad" people, they are just not well informed or critical thinkers. Part of the dumbing down process. "Useful idiots."

  • One Form of Communism

    There are different forms and manifestations of communist/socialist ideology, and different levels of communism within various parties and political movements. As a former Democrat, I can attest that "my" party left me, and embraced enough communist/socialist, and even fascist views that I felt forced out, becoming a Republican because they are now what the Democrats used to be. Both parties have moved to the left in a variety of ways. So yes, while the Democratic Party here in the US is far different from the Communist Party of the old USSR, there are definitely certain undeniable elements of communism which have been adopted. National (government-controlled) healthcare, gun control (leading to registration, which in turn leads to confiscation and the subjugation of the people), redefining our reality through propaganda, control of our educational system by a politically motivated government, massive government welfare which basically enslaves the poor by trapping them in a cesspool of dependence and a subculture of crime and poverty, using civil unrest as a tool to foment the abandonment of traditional policies (Obama's fundamental change), government influence over the press and media, government control of the free market (which has grown considerably since the 1970's), etc. There is far too much to list here, but the reality is that the Democratic Party of the USA is clearly moving further toward the socialist/communist structure of Europe and the UK.

  • They sure are. Just ask people who used to live in communist countries.

    They want to disarm everyone, they want a heavy-handed, centralized government, they want to change our Constitution, and they prefer everyone to live in cities where they can be controlled, monitored, and registered. Every communist leader around the world supports the American Democrat Party agenda. Democrats want to destroy this nation.

  • They sure are. Just ask people who used to live in communist countries.

    They want to disarm everyone, they want a heavy-handed, centralized government, they want to change our Constitution, and they prefer everyone to live in cities where they can be controlled, monitored, and registered. Every communist leader around the world supports the American Democrat Party agenda. Democrats want to destroy this nation.

  • Not anymore than Republicans are Socialist

    No, I think anyone who thinks this is retarded. Look at the converse of that statement. Are communist Democrats? If you look at communist countries do they in any way look similar to how democrats run anything? So my answer is no. Democrats are not communist. Democrats are democrats, republicans are republicans.

  • and Republicans do not want to pay their fair share

    'rich people shouldn' t have to pay more taxes than the poor people." - in fact their tax rate - including things like tax breaks for capital gains and trust fund bums' rates - in all their rates are a LOWER PERCENTAGE than for the poor and middle class. their tax breaks are on our backs - fewer good schools, public schools and health care.

  • Cold War is Over

    The Cold War ended 20 years ago and the hard-line communists in the Soviet Union were thrown from power. There is no more Joseph McCarthy from the 1950s. Democrats are not communists--they simply look out for the poorest of our citizens better than Republicans. Democrats' support of the poor doesn't make them anti-American or anti-capitalism.

  • Think about it

    Democrats are trying to keep people off the streets and Republicans only care about their money to see it. Communist won't agree with have the stuff democrats do. For example Communist hates gay marriage and Democrats support it. Do Republicans really know anything about Communism? Republicans just want to be rich.

  • Socialists Maybe, Not Communists

    Democrats do tout giving poor people entitlements and benefits with taxpayer money. Some people call that socialism, but socialism isn't communism. At least Democrats look out for the poorest of poor, made so by the excesses of the rich. All one has to do is look at the causes of the recent recession to see that Republicans support the ultra-rich while Democrats try to clean up their messes.

  • Democrats are WORSE than communists

    Communist societies are supposed to make people WORK for their free benefits. In a communist society, people WORK and in return the government gives free medical care, insurance, and other benefits that the democrats give to the unemployed. At least that's how it is SUPPOSED to be. Secondly, communists do not support a class system, so no lass can be discriminated against, unlike democrats who discriminate against the upper class as if they are satin. So in that way, communists are BETTER than democrats. Unfortunately a communist society is too easily corrupted, and the glorious design of Karl Marx gets pushed away for the leader's own selfish needs.

  • Democrats are not communists.

    The simple fact of the matter is that while Democrats may be in favor of measures that redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor, and the use of government outreach to carry out acts central to the public good, they are capitalists. They condone a dog-eat-dog economic arrangement, championing the wealthy and exploitative only a little bit less than their Republican counterparts. In the big picture, democrats are more of a center-right, and republicans are

  • Do you even know what communism means?

    Communism: "advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs."
    There's no record of a democrat ever advocating such a system where each person works and is paid according to ability and need.

  • They are more Conservative than not.

    Democrats and Republicans aren't that different from eachother. So If Democrats were communist that would make Republicans socialists at best. But no, Communism is completely opposite from the Democratic Party, anybody commenting on here that they are the same have NO clue whatsoever about communism. Communism favors the workers in society and says that the workers should be the ones to make decisions about their productive labor. Communism is a far left political view while Democrats are centrist at best, most the time center-right with the Republican party being even further to the right. Being a Communist is not a bad thing, the U.S gov't hates communism because the U.S wants to oppress workers and democracy.

  • Communist tools, not necessarily communist

    The Communist Party of the USA has adopted a stealth plan to achieve revolutionary goals by decisions made in the 1970s to infiltrate and manipulate the Democratic Party. The plan is to form alliances with the radical elements in organized labor in conjunction with radicals in the African-American community and the feminist movement to establish a progressive coalition on the left that could dominate the national political agenda for decades to come.

    This strategy springs from the impact on US socialists and communists of the late Italian Communist Party theoretician Antonio Gramsci, whose writings from prison declared that the “working class revolution” is a dead end, arguing instead that communism can best be achieved “by infiltrating civil society – political parties, churches, labor unions, universities, the media, community groups, etc., to turn them into revolutionary vehicles.”

    So any democrat who isn't a communist is even worse... A mindless dupe who is contributing to the erosion of our civil liberties, while communists manipulate them into bankrupting our political system with endless entitlements in an effort to leave a gap they hope is more fertile for communist control.

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