• Yes they are!!

    Democrats are always trying to Redistribute Wealth. Something our current president has even admitted to. They are all for welfare, food stamps, and any programs that punishes the rich and successful individuals and rewards failure. They rant and rant about how the rich "don't pay their fair share" even thought the top 1% of earners pay 39.5% of ALL income taxes collected. They refute the facts and are determined to bring America down. All they want is the Rich to be Poorer. If they wanted the Poor to be Richer, they would be focused on finding them jobs, not food stamps.

  • They seek to relentlessly expand the scope of the state in economic matters.

    The Democratic Party is a cancer on the government of the United States. They push for relentless growth of regulations and laws that govern economic activity. This is largely a result of Democrats "thinking with their feelings" and not their brains.
    Socialists seek to expand state control over all matters of the economy. Healthcare is the most obvious example with the monstrosity that is the Affordable Care Act. Finance with Dodd-Frank provides government control. The agenda of the Democratic party maps most closely to the Socialist Party in France. Raising taxes on the so-called rich to pay for government services that supposedly help the poor is a hallmark of Socialist regimes (see Hugo Chavez' Venezuela, Fidel Castro's Cuba, Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union).

  • I don't see how they aren't.

    Nearly every Democratic law that seems to be passed is putting less and less trust on people and require them to check in with the government more and more so often. For example a "universal background check" when you want a job and purchasing guns which sadly seems to no longer be an American right. How private can the citizens be these days with cameras at every corner and the Democrats passing these laws to make it this way. They can even moderate what you do on the Internet these days. Yes, they're socialists.

  • This Guy Right Here

    I am very much the farthest thing from a Republican and consider myself a far left democrat. I often think about socialism, Karl Marx, socialistic fundamentals and ideals, and often openly talk about it in political discussions. This is the only evidence i have for this argument, although you do often hear Republicans calling Democrats Socialists.

  • They aren't yet, but they are supportive of them

    Democrats may not be socialists in the typical sense, but they are leaning much more towards the European style social democracy than one might believe. They are increasingly pushing for massive tax increases, tighter control of business, and other social democrat goals. Finally, they have the alliance of the only socialist in the Senate - Bernie Sanders - and his views line up almost identically with the far left of the party.

    Posted by: TN05
  • It's not slanderous if it's true

    As someone who despises the introduction of government into economic or personal affairs that are not coercing anyone I find both parties to be socialistic in their ideologies. However, the Democrats are a little closer to the social/economic ideologies of those wonderful thinkers of Karl Marx and Lenin, etc than are the Republicans who at least pay lip service to free markets while doing everything they can to do the opposite. We live a mixed economy at present and would that we were in a more free market economy we are likely not going to go in that direction for a long time if ever.

  • Democrats act as if everything from the U.S. government is free. They don't seem to realize that the American taxpayer is having to pay.

    What would happen if all workers decided to live off "the government"? Democrat socialist need to answer this question. I work hard and don't like the amount of taxes I pay. Democrats think "the government " has unlimited resources. Taxes don't even come close to covering our debt. We borrow much more. China owns this country.

  • They think our American civilization belongs to a global society.

    American values and our ability to have different types of opinions have vanished. Our very foundation of society has been thrown away
    For people who have never vested anything towards democracy.
    When a non politician can't be elected without treasonous efforts from the Democratic Party to throw him out her out of office. To not only interfere with elections but poison the air we breathe with lies from their bought media and made up reports that divide us. They are the enemy and they use people in their own party to hide behind like MLK.
    Anything they can to hide their true intentions of removing our freedom to keep America for Americans.

  • Socialism, Liberalism, Communism

    The only difference is the spelling and the level of take. When you look at history, most wars, most dictatorships, most crime, most freeloading and most corruption are created by left leaning individuals or groups. They believe that their personal failures or circumstances give them to right to be predators on the rest. They are the takers from the makers.

  • Yes They Are!

    Democrat: "The Reeach r gatting reeacher and du poarr r geatteng poaor

    Democrats and democrats because they support communism. They are the bain of my existence. 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

  • Democrats are Capitalists

    Democrats believe individuals have a right to private property. Democrats believe there should be a fair distribution of OPPORTUNITIES, not wealth. They support public education to help individuals become more self-relaint. They support net neutrality so that small businesses have as much access to customers as big corporations. They support social programs that assist elderly and disabled, but are against corporate welfare that provides tax subsidies to companies and their rich stockholders who take government handouts then turn around and privatize profits. Democrats believe businesses have a right to make a profit but not at the expense of public health and safety. People have to be healthy to be self-reliant and self-responsible, which is why Democrats also support healthcare programs. Democrats also believe it's better to trust what you learn for yourself not what Fox News tells you.

  • Let's think about that

    The only people calling democrats socialist are the people who lack knowledge of both capitalism itself and socialism. The biggest misconception I hear from the idiotic mass we call the Republican Party is that democrats banish capitalism because it is evil. Not only is this incorrect, but the misconception was started years ago and never changed as an effort to get democrats out of office. The fact is, you cannot take government entirely out of the marketplace, you cannot. Can anyone think of the last time that happened.....Wall Street? It's Interesting because you bring all this evidence but yet it's true that more economists say that our economy operates better under a democrat. Socialism is not what is going on, it's helping the lower rise and keeping a strong middle class. Idk maybe we let the tea party have the office and allow them to mess up on the biggest stage in order to see that they are indeed incorrect

  • Makes no sense.

    They're left winged relative to the republicans, so looking at them from that lens makes them closer to socialists than republicans. Socialism isn't bad, in fact the most liberal countries in Europe are doing better than any other. Scandinavian countries. Look it up, better average income, less average work week, less unemployment, more higher educations. The list goes on. If democrats were socialists, then they would CALL THEMSELVES SOCIALIST. Bernie is a socialist, Obama is not. That's why bernie says he is one and Obama does not. The only reason people correlate democrats with socialists is because the red scare made it a bad word in America. Why else do people who lived through that time call political enemies socialist? Because McCarthyism made it a political strategy by binding fear with the left.
    It's simply an economic system, that's all. These people who say socialists are going to install cameras everywhere, what? That has nothing to do with socialism. SOCIALISM IS AN ECONOMIC SYSTEM, NOT AN EVIL POWER BENT ON TAKING YOUR LIBERTIES.

  • Left-wing, but not socialist.

    While Democrats do espouse some of the elements of socialism, I'd say they are more like social liberals (hence why they are called liberals) than socialists. Their platform is in reality one that promotes a mixed economy rather than actual socialism; while they do believe in some degree of wealth redistribution and the welfare state, they also have not called for anything against the key components of capital, namely private initiative or the profit motive. In fact, the truth is that while a lot of Democrats use socialist rhetoric, they often work in the interest of big corporations at times (not to say that this is necessarily wrong), and many of them are as wealthy if not more wealthy than Republicans. They haven't called for the abolition of private property (i.E. Businesses and factories are still privately owned, not by the state nor the workers), so they aren't socialists.

  • Democrats don't have anything in common with Socialists.

    They cut social security, and have let inequality rise further. Socialists stand for more economic fairness (From each according to ability to according to each according to contribution), democratic control of the workplace, and are viciously opposed to war. The Universal healthcare is something found in most parties in most developed countries, and so doesn't count as socialism at all. Democrats don't support the key ideals of any left-wing ideologies, let alone socialism.

  • I do not think so!

    Democrats lean towards socialism with the presidents new healthcare plan. But every other aspect of the government, I do not think that Democrats are socialists! Democrats are for government taking care of its citizens, such as welfare, educating the poor and so on. I think it is a possibility in the future that democrats could lean more toward Socialism, but who knows!

  • "Democratic socialism" Does not exist in America.

    I guess my answer depends on how you are defining socialists?
    Republicans in the past have voted for programs that many consider socialistic, e.g., Social Security. And, Democrats have voted with Republicans on other issues, e.g., 5 Democrats in the House voted to Repeal Obamacare.
    Yes, Democrats lean towards programs that help the majority, the 99%, the middle class and poor; those who need the most help and are the most disadvantaged and suppressed by the wealthy that control the means of production and wages. Republicans are more concerned with protecting the Plutocracy, the top 20% of the wealthiest, mainly the top 1% that own 93% of all accumulated wealth and receive most (over 85%) of the total income earned annually.
    Does that make Democrats socialists. No! Democrats believe in Capitalism; but, want a fairer distribution of the wealth for all workers and higher wages. That does not make them socialists.
    All governments have socialistic programs, even Democracies and Republics.
    For example:
    America (a Federal Republic with a representative government) has Social Security (President Franklin D. Roosevelt 1935), Medicare and Medicaid (President Lyndon B. Johnson 1965). Both Democrats and Republicans voted for these programs.
    Canada (a Democracy) has Universal Health Care, Pension Plan and Old Age Security.
    United Kingdom (a Democracy) has Universal Health Care and Old Age, Disability, and Survivors programs.
    France (a semi-presidential representative democratic republic) has Universal Health Care and Social Security for illness, old age, family, accident.
    Germany (a Democracy) has Universal Health Care and Old Age, Disability, and Survivors programs.
    India (world’s largest Democracy) has Universal Health Care, and Old Age, Disability, and Survivors programs

  • No, but some do lean further left than others.

    Though it is a fact that most dems do have socialistic aims, they can not be defined as socialist because most if not all of the democratic party support capitalism. Even republicans support socialistic goals, such as the post office, the fire department, social security, and so on.
    Now, of course as with each party there are degrees of "more right" or "more left." Some dems are far enough on the left to where they do consider themselves socialist, though they usually conform to the democratic socialism type of socialism. An example would be Bernie Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist.

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