Are developed countries responsible for helping undeveloped countries?

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  • Yes,developed countries are responsible for helping undeveloped countries.

    Yes,developed countries are responsible for helping undeveloped countries.The world is actually becoming a smaller and smaller community because of technology and the affairs of one country are actually the affairs of many countries so it actually benefits the rich countries and the poor countries that are in need of assistance during hard times.

  • You help yourself by helping them

    It is in the best interests of developed countries to help undeveloped countries progress. If the helping country can reframe from being heavy handed, providing undeveloped countries with technological advice and training produces viable trading partners and potential allies. Helping another country to develop also ensures that there will be less potential need for humanitarian aid to the undeveloped, as they are more adept at attending to their own needs.

  • Yes, But Only If We Ourselves Do Not Need Help

    I have no problem with countries helping smaller countries. In fact, I support this. But we cannot be worried about other countries (Vietnam, War on Terror) if we ourselves need help. The U.S. is trillions of dollars in debt, but we have no problems waging wars on countries who are bullying another country. If the war does not concern us, we should stay out of it. Save our military for when it is truly needed.

  • We need to help ourselves before we help others.

    America has plenty of its own problems. And every time we go to some third world country we end up getting in a war. I know I'm only talking about America but honestly it should be like that for every 1st world country. It is a nice thing to do but you have o help yourselves before others

  • Developed Countries have No Obligation to Undeveloped Countries

    Developed Countries have managed to formulate a system that has allowed them success. They are under no circumstances obligated to assist countries that have no affiliation with them. This obligation can't possibly exist. Aid is at the discretion of the country with wealth. Countries wouldn't assist others if it didn't provide some economic return. Do you see anyone helping Somalia?

  • Lets forget them

    i do not think just because you are a developed country that you should have to help undeveloped countries. The United States has had the policy for so long to help and look at them. The countries they are helping do not like the United States and the U.S. is sending them trillions of dollars.

  • Not necessarily.

    I think that the strong should help the weak. But developed countries cannot provide the best aid to undeveloped countries unless they take care of their own citizens; make sure their economies are healthy, that there is no great unrest in the society. For example, America is in such dire economic and financial straits right now that we should not be focused on foreign aid, we should be trying to address the problems that our own citizens are suffering.

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