• Yes people who have disabilities are discriminated against.

    Although it has dramatically decreased their are still many people who (intentionally or not ) discriminate against disabled people. I'm speaking as a guy who is in a wheelchair. For example people pat my head like they would a child. You wouldn't do it to another man so do not do it to me!

  • Yes, I think disabled people are discriminated against today.

    I think the amount of discrimination against disabled people has gone dramatically in recent years I think it does still exist, people often look down upon people who are disabled and don't consider them equal to themselves, I think this is unfortunate since many disabled people are friendly and competent people.

  • No, they are not.

    I do not think that disabled people are discriminated against in today's society. They are protected and those who would even consider looking down on them are looked at as the pieces of garbage they are. It is a much better world for the disabled now, and I think it'll keep improving.

  • They have luxuries.

    No, disabled people are not discriminated against today, because people bend over backwards to help them. With the exception of Wal Mart, there are always more handicapped parking space than will ever be filled up, ever. If someone is disabled, the government will pay them for life, to not work. They have lots of perks.

  • No They Aren't

    I do not believe people who are disabled today are discriminated against. Within my town in the Midwest I see these people integrated throughout society. They have jobs when even I can't find one. They have access to pretty much every business in town. I think perception of discrimination are stronger than actual discrimination in this group.

  • No, disabled people are not discriminated against.

    While there will always be discrimination among a group of people, including disabled people, I do not think they are discriminated against today more than other groups. I think if anything, society helps these people quite a bit. A lot of public places are usually renovated to help make sure that they are accessible to such disabilities.

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