• Seriously, Disney Channel?....Seriously?

    There such a lack of creativity in Disney shows. You'd think that after three great progressive, exciting and entertaining shows like Good Luck Charlie, ANT Farm and Wizards of Waverly Place, Disney would continue giving us these funny yet thoughtful shows. But no.....We have been rewarded with Dog with a Blog.

  • Some are worse

    So right now,Disney has more bad shows than good ones. For example Jessie,Dog With a Blog,I didn't do it. But Disney also has good shows like Austin & Ally which is actually really good because well for starter they have a bullying episode,they also had a quincinera episode. And Girl Meets World,which I actually like.

  • No, Disney channel shows are very good.

    It is my belief that Disney channel shows are every bit as good as the shows on other channels. Many people both young and old enjoy the Disney Channel's shows every single day. For this reason I believe that the Disney Channel shows are just as good as the shows on other channels.

  • They are worse

    Disney shows used to be better. They taught more important life lessons. I have watched the more recent TV shows and they are pretty bad. Disney has censored a lot of topics that they used to talk about. Growing up, I watched them speak about sexuality, divorce, and other more important topics. Now-a-days they talk about how to juggle being a famous rock star and keeping your girlfriend happy (Austin & Ally). So dumb.

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