• It's a money game, as simple as that.

    Doctor's are given the ability to demand treatment on behalf of their patients to insurance companies. They can declare medical nessecity when they choose. Their word is indisputable unless contradicted by another doctor. Since we know cost of material (including all pharmaceuticals) only accounts, on average, for 3%, the remaining 97% is service.

    You factor in that medical treatment costs are "barely" regulated and has no bearing on real world value, the costs are astronomically inflated. The doctors (or their respective practice) simply have too much incentive to bill unnessecary procedures and simply bill the maximum amount possible. ...And they do on a very regular basis. Also consider at almost all points (assuming the patient has insurance) one never really sees the cost of treatment.

    Imagine if your auto repairman worked the same way. They'd be replacing everything in the car at every chance they could. Imagine if car parts averaged 20 dollars and they charged you a thousand dollars for it. Imagine that we trusted our car repairman to do it so explicitly that we never question it. Doctors and the healthcare industry in general, are sacred cows and can never be argued against. They wield incredible power and have almost no repercussions against them if they so choose to act in a less than ethical way.

    The cost is enormous. People who do need it, can't get it be because of inherent mistrust from insurers. We pay something to the tune of 2500% of 'real cost' (as compared to othe nations) and this costs us (and the government) tremendously.

    But unlike other industries, when doctors are corrupt, people die, get addicted or enabled to drugs, become bankrupt, and in many cases end up with worse symptoms than originally presented. Without a single doubt, I can state our current drug epidemic lies almost solely at the feet of doctors... I can rant about this for hours, but I'm not wrong guys.

  • Yes, some doctors are corrupt; but others are not.

    It's impossible to answer this question with a yes or no, because each doctor is a unique, individual person. That being said, some do take benefits from drug companies, which many of us would see as corrupt and potentially a form of bribery. Thankfully, the United States has started to require that doctors now release this information, so patients can see what types of kickbacks they have received, and be educated about which doctors they may not trust.

  • GP's are human

    GP's are morally corrupt. They do not break the law but openly receive gifts from patients. Copious amounts of wine, spirits, chocolates and gifts at Christmas and throughout the year from patients. In return, favourable medical reports and sick notes are issued showing favouritism towards these patients. It should be illegal for GP's to accept any gifts no matter how small. Patients who do not provide such gifts are not in this elevated group of favourite patients.

  • Injured Workers Suffer

    I have the privilege of being a injured worker at the hands of a corrupt doctor. People I believe don't see how corrupt doctors are until they are involved in the L&I process. The doctors right what ever they want and refer you to friends of theirs.. No justice... Amen

  • They benefit from the sick.

    We pay them when we are sick. When we are well, we do not need them and their services. So they benefit from us only when we are sick. Of course not all of them are like this, as there always are exceptions, but keeping us sickly just brings them a better income than keeping us healthy. Everyone is driven by income to some extent. Plus I've yet to meet a doctor that would spend more than 5 minutes before telling me "I see nothing wrong, goodbye.", even though I tell them about my pain.

  • Without a doubt

    I had my life wrecked by severe adverse drug reaction. After complaints and investigation this is what came to light. GP was in long term closet gay relationship with pharmacist who dispensed drug. Money pharmacist makes is percentage of cost of drug-drug was most expensive in its class and dose given was maximum ie more money for corrupt GPs boyfriend, the village pharmacist. To top it off, I clearly didn't have condition that drug is licensed to treat and did question it, however I was naïve to doctors as most of the public are, not anymore I'm not. Just one dirty great big money making scam. Couldn't even claim damages for this corruption as medical negligence in UK is so biased in GPs favour. Take NOTHING AT ALL TO DO WITH THEM IF YOU CAN, completely untrustworthy corrupt charalatans. I've more respect for people who deal in illegal drugs than ive got for doctors, cause what they do isn't being done under a faced of helping people. THEY ARE THE LOWEST OF THE LOW WITHOUT A SHADOW OF A DOUBT-A COMPLETE DANGER TO YOUR LIFE

  • Do no harm is not in the modern "hippocratic oath"

    I had the same GP since I was 12 years old. He was an old school doctor who did his residency on an aircraft carrier. He would yell at drug reps because they were only allowed during the morning when he was at his office but wasn't seeing patients yet. The most important thing is he HEALED or if he couldn't he would refer you to someone who could.
    He retired in 2007 and passed in 2008. He was pushing 80. He was great man and a DOCTOR.
    In 2007 I had to find a new GP. After 3 of them I still am sure that my "doctor" is in it for the money and the money only. He could care if I lived or died as long as he doesn't get sued. Modern medicine is all about money and anyone who thinks differently is a fool. The FDA is corrupt beyond belief, the whole game is money, money, money.
    Lets touch on some other things here. Find me an "honest" refractive surgeon and I'll show you Atlantis. They are both myths. Any "doctor" who does refractive surgery knowing how badly you can be maimed for life should have his license to practice revoked. How many lives and eyes would you destroy to be rich? Lasik is sold like used cars and the worst doctors are the ones who specialize in "fixing" what is unfixable. Informed consent can never be truly given, even when they advertise they say your outcome may vary. The good thing is that the Lasik boom is almost dead but now they are pushing ICLs which have no actual long term data. I was the 1 in 10,000 but in reality the numbers are much lower. Figure 1 in 20 people will have a bad side effect from RS, from eyes that no longer produce tears to being permanently blinded but hey 19 people are happy for now.
    Laparoscopic gallbladder surgery? I had a friend who ended up back in the hospital in days because somebody left a gallstone in a duct. You know they screwed up because the hospital didn't bill his insurance a cent.
    From GPs, surgeons and specialists it's all about money. Nobody goes to medical school with the idea of helping mankind. They go because they eventually are going to make a ton of money.
    Your "doctor" doesn't care one bit about you, just your insurance coverage.

  • Doctors cover up each other's mistakes. Pump in new patients without resolving old patients post surgery problems.

    Had septoplasty and my septum got worse, its really not rocket science. The doctors tell me it looks fine. Well why cant i breathe at all? I feel as if i have 5% airflow in left nostril. Massive sinus pressure and sleep apnea. Not too mention thermo regulation problems. Have seen two Medical doctors since and have both said looks good. Im starting to think they do not care about the patients wellbeing or with what I have to say. Im well researched and they disregard my opinions when i get my opinions from correct surgeons online. Hopefully a doctor in Boston will be able to help me Godbless ans stay naturopathic instead of big corrupt pharma health care

  • Doctors cover each other's mistakes up. Squeeze as much appointments in as possible to increase profits . (I didnt vote for obamacare you people did)

    Had septoplasty, and reduced turbinates about feb 16 2014. About 6 months later my nose has actually gotten worse than it was before. Its quite obvious my left nasal passage has become very narrow almost to the point where i feel suicidal over it . Whats the point of a straight septum if my cartilage shifted (or scar tissue?) over and blocks internal nasal valve? Maybe 5% airflow in left side. Extreme sinus pressure , and sleep problems. Also might have had my turbinates shaved a little too much there so i have thermo regulation problems. Anyways saw the PA at my surgeons office and said it looked fine. He didnt use endoscopic examiner but a small nose flashlight. If he had then he would have seen the blockage. Cant see the original surgeon because he his on vacation. And not to mention i should be top priority due to surgical burden but no they continue to take deathly elders that maybe have 5 more years left to live. Then i saw another medical doctor who literally looked at me for 2 seconds with same superficial tool and said i look fine. I promise you from the one true god that it is anything but a clear passage. I have done extensive research and seen many youtubers complain of the same thing on deviated septum videos. Some people have had multiple surgeries and no relief. Godbless. Hopefully the doctors in Boston give me some justice .

  • I, and thousands just like me, got to find out the hardest way possible when we were used up training surgeons laparoscopic gallbladder surgery.

    What the medical syndicate doesn't want to talk about is most of these unnecessary surgeries are performed in teaching hospitals where the hospital has to provide each of their government-funded resident trainees enough warm bodies to practice surgery on in order to get certified in it--by whatever means necessary, even if that means lying about necessity. AND about who is really going to be performing the actual surgery. That surgeon we met in his/her office and researched their experience, training, background? Not going to happen in a teaching hospital. Once anesthetized a green trainee is going to be sneaked in without our informed consent and it might be his/her first surgery of this kind. Green trainees make their worst mistakes in the first 20-50 of each kind they perform so we had better hope the already-trained surgeon we were deliberately misled to believe would be performing our surgery, instead of merely supervising, is in our operating room at the time a mistake is made and not down the hallway supervising another green trainee performing surgery. The excuse the medical syndicate uses for this wanton violation of public trust, and the laws pertaining to it, is: "surgeons have to learn somehow!" But the individual's right to informed consent trumps that need--and that is why they hide it. Green student training without informed consent and conning people into surgery they do not need is "human trafficking" in its worst form and must be stopped.

  • Only a very small portion of them are

    Why so many cases then? Because people only mention it when they are corrupt! When they are not, (like 99 percent of the time), people just forget about it! Thus, all the things you see is doctors being corrupt, as you take for granted and feel that it is not worth talking about!

  • Not All Of Them Are

    While some doctors spend too much time taking money from drug company representatives, not all doctors are corrupt. Doctors are usually skilled and caring people who do try and keep the needs of their patients in mind. However, the system as a whole is inherently corrupt and in need of reform.

    Posted by: rpr
  • Not at All.

    There is no way that someone can seriously think that a doctor is corrupt. First and foremost, they take a pledge to help people. In fact, they take more than a pledge, and take an oath to "do no harm." While there may be some bad apples out there, doctors as a whole are good.

  • No, but honestly it would be easy for them to be

    No one decides to be a doctor thinking it will be the easiest thing for them in life. They do it with the knowledge that they will be under great scrutiny and stress to provide excellent care while working too many hours a week with the fear of lawsuits hanging over them. How easy would it be to start only doing HMO insurance jobs and denying treatment in the interest of the company that he represents? Even with this possibility, most doctors do not operate this way. They sacrifice time and years off their life to do a service to this world with little thanks.

  • They care for their patients.

    Doctors became doctors to help people, so they are not corrupt, and are looking out for your best interest. They care for you and your family and want to prescribe the best advice and medicine that their career has allowed them to. They are usually nice and caring individuals, and family doctors.

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