• Dogs are smarter

    Because you can train dogs and they are much more loyal than cats are. You can not train cats. E.G.. Heel, roll etc. dogs choose their owners and then they will never leave them no matter what. I lerarnt that cats look down at people in terms of what they think of them but dogs look up at as. Just to emphasise the point: DOGS ARE LOYAL!

  • Attachment development and higher emotional development

    The most intelligent animal on the planet is Homo Sapiens. We have a wide range of emotional capacity and tend to develop attachments to others and to things. We assign value to these attachments in various ways. For example, a house is an attachment we place tremendous value on both financially and emotionally. A spouse is an attachment we place very high emotional value on.
    In the case of dogs, they, too, place high emotional value on emotional attachment to a pack member or to a human being. They are capable of greater emotional attachments than cats. Cats are solitary creatures by nature with little emotional attachments. They develop attachments based on resource allocation. In other words, what humans can provide for them is what they base their attachment on. A dog develops actual love and loyalty to a human or to its pack. These are higher cognitive functions that a cat just isn't capable of developing.
    Additionally, a cat cannot understand more than one command at a time. One can train a cat to sit, come, roll, etc., just as one can a dog. However, a dog can be trained to sit then go round up the cats then go sit in a certain location. While the cat is capable of performing these tasks also, it is not capable of understanding through one command that these tasks are what is desired. It must perform one at a time with a different command given each time. The higher brain functioning of a dog is what allows it to perform multiple tasks at once.
    In short, a dog is more interested in its emotional fulfillment with its pack or its human than a cat. A cat is only interested in meeting its base needs of acquiring resources to survive.

  • More evolved, has a grasp of object permanence

    People confuse cat's quality of being independent for intelligence. Being "independent" doesn't make you intelligent, problem solving abilities ,retaining information, and being able to recognize emotion. Cats have been proven to not only display none of these qualities but also have shown no sense of object permanence something even humans develop an understanding of. Cats are too primal they haven't evolved like dogs either so It is a hilarious assumption to think that Dogs are not as smart because of their bodily functions( drooling cat owners like to say dogs aren't as smart because they drool) and not their actual display of superior brain function than Cats. Cats are too thick to engage and socialize and this is why they are so independent it is not because of the misconception of superior intellect it is because they don't understand the commands or orders you try to give them.

  • Dogs are Smarter than cats

    Dogs are better at fast mapping than cats. They can read our faces! Dogs can pick up on our gestures better than cats. Dogs understand object permanence more than cats do. The average dog can learn 165 words, while the average cat can learn something in the vicinity of 35.

  • Dogs are smarter but cats are more clever.

    It logically makes sense that dogs are smarter because, for the most part, they have larger brains. Dogs can be trained to do many things but so can cats. It's because the tasks dogs can do are more of a benefit to humans so therefore they are looked at as smarter. From my experience owning a German Shepherd and three cats, I'd have to say my dog is smarter because she learns two or three part commands very quickly. With that being said, I can tell by looking into my cat's eyes that they perfectly understand what I'm saying but choose to not respond. They are only interested if there's a direct benefit to them, thus they are quite clever. I've trained my cats to do several things but only if there's a quick reward involved.

  • Yes, and here is why....

    While both cats and dogs have intelligence, dogs are smarter than cats because they interact in a variety of ways, they process commands and partake in all sorts of activities that cats do not, and that kind of engagement requires intelligence. Cats can be responsive, but that is not the same thing as engaging in behavior the way dogs do.

  • Yes

    I believe dogs are smarter than cats, while I'm more of a cat person I have to admit that dogs are smarter. Dogs can be trained in a variety of areas, from seeing eye dogs to bomb sniffing dogs to dogs that find drugs; dogs are capable of doing multiple tasks that cats are simply not able to be trained to do.

  • Dogs Rule, Cats Drool!

    Dogs are smarter, because I have a dog, and he understands me. Also, when bullies try to mess with me, I call my dog and they run like scared cats! He also does everything I do, and helps me when the going is tough. My cousin got a cat for Christmas, and the cat didn't listen to her at all! In 2 weeks, my cousin and the cat hated each other! Then they got rid of the cat, and bought him a dog. They understood each other perfectly! Soon they were best friends! That, is why I think dogs are smarter than cats. (P.S., my dog is a husky! He looks so cool with his white and gray fur! His crystal blue eyes are also so awesome!)

  • Yes and this is why . . .

    Dogs can be trained and taught to do things like sniff out sicknesses and others. Have you ever heard of a police cat or a rescue cat? Me neither. Also, dogs are smarter than cats because of there bigger brain size. Dogs are more social and that has made them more intelligent.

  • Yes and this is why

    Dogs are smarter because they have been more social over the course of history and therefore their brain size increased. Dogs are trainable and are more loyal. Yes, you can train a cat, but have you ever heard of a rescue cat, or a cat that sniffs out sicknesses? I think not.

  • Dogs cant do as much things as cats can

    Dogs i think are dumb but cats are pretty smart. Dogs cant sound like goats, say no or yes, get worked up over their reflection! Cats are more smart and they never will be. Well that's my opinion but dog lovers disagree. You know i want a pet cat but guess what? I allergic

  • Cats just don't care.

    All these dog fans think is just because their drooling stupid mutt listens to what they tell it to do does not make it smarter. Cats could be trained to do a lot 9f stuff but that would require them to care about anything. Dogs are stupid just like most dog owners.

  • Dogs Are NOT Smarter

    Cats can be trained to do impressive feats like following hand gestures and commands. This is especially impressive considering they're not as social as dogs and that they are newer as domestic animals. The thing is that a dog can be taught through negative reinforcement. A cat is taught through positive reinforcement. This doesn't immediately make them stupid. Cats learn from past mistakes. They are very adaptable animals, and are DEFINITELY smarter. One more thing- a cat is autonomous and can make her own decisions. (also, a cat's memory is better than a dogs)

  • Cats will question their owners.

    Dogs won't. Cats will learn things from their own experience, whereas dogs, though some will learn too, generally need to be told not to do stupid stuff. If you try telling a cat what to do, (assuming you've taught it some basic commands, like "come here,") it will choose whether or not to follow your orders, based on its past experience of whether or not it would be gainful to carry the order out or not. Put basically, it means cats question people, so dogs being smarter for following orders is an invalid argument. Given that the only argument that dogs are smarter than cats is because they follow orders with unquestioning loyalty, I don't see why anybody would think that they are smarter.

  • No of cores not

    A dog will chase its tail for hours and cats are smart to know that that tail is theirs. Plus dogs will eat everything and cats know what to eat and what not to eat also dogs drool a literal fact and father more i love cats so there ;)

  • Dogs are not smart compared to a cats brilliance!

    A cats brain is very similar to a mans brain. True fact also cats have instinct and don't need to be trained. Dog are not smart enough to even move from a car that about to kill them. I know this because my sisters dog does that while my cat gets up and runs. I am a cat lover and cats rule and dog drool litterly

  • Dogs are not smart compared to a cats brilliance!

    A cats brain is very similar to a mans brain. True fact also cats have instinct and don't need to be trained. Dog are not smart enough to even move from a car that about to kill them. I know this because my sisters dog does that while my cat gets up and runs. I am a cat lover and cats rule and dog drool litterly

  • There is no way dogs smarter than dogs

    Why would a stupid poppy creature be smarter than cleaned cat? And 'a fine cat' Like why? Cats indepented and clever they more problem solving than dogs. Plus, dogs need training for being what they're nothing but unnatural breeds... Cats domesticated themselves and that's crazy! It's really shows that cat AWAY smarter in survival expects and everything else.

  • As an owner of both, no.

    Dogs are constantly following their owner and constantly wanting attention. They sit and stare for hours with that vacuous look on their face. Cats, although they might not seem as friendly, have a good system for getting what they want. Cats are also smart enough that they know they don't have to do tricks for affection.

  • Obedience is not an intelligent behavior.

    People like dogs because of their lack in intelligence. Intelligent animals won't worship you. In all my years with both pets, and lots of experience in pet stores, I can say that overall cats have proven themselves to be smarter. They learn faster and learn more. I have seen intelligent dogs but they aren't as common as intelligent cats. And acting towards your own benefit and not someone else's is a characteristic of an intelligent person or animal.

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