• Unique And Tasty

    Doritos have more of a taste than Lays, the unique flavors such as Spicy Sweet Chili, Cool Ranch (very original), and in my opinion the classic Nacho Cheese, Yeah I have to admit Lays are good too, but Doritos are better, with unique taste and flavor, that's why their better

  • They have more flavor

    Doritos have far more flavor than Lays original, and are a far better stand alone chip than Lays. Doritos are a heavier chip and are more filling, and the Doritos bags contain more chips than the Lays bags, which are often filled with air to protect the brittle chips inside.

  • Doritos - Cheesy and delicious

    My favorite chips are Doritos. Doritos comes in many different flavors. My favorite flavor of Doritos is Cooler Ranch. I also enjoy Doritos with other foods, such as the Doritos Locos Tacos. I can eat easily, 6 Doritos Locos Tacos in a single sitting. In my opinion, Doritos are the best chips on the market.

  • Lays are salty goodness

    Doritos Cause you to lick your dirty fingers and then you spread the stains and sickness so that is my reason why Doritos and Worse and sick plus disgusting, while lays are heaven in a bag and its salty taste makes you want more than just one bag Thank You

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