Are double standards between men and women the main reason we cannot we have true gender equality?

Asked by: Shadowlight97
  • Absolutely... With out doubt

    In America every aspect of our society women still get treated in a different way because they are, "women". Special care, services, funding, laws etc. True equality would expect everyone to be treated the exact same way in ever aspect. You cant take the good, keep the good and not take the bad.
    Double standards are every where and totally obvious. Women and girls get treated with a lot of special care and respect. Men and boys do not.

    Posted by: zoo
  • Yes, there are too many double standards and loopholes.

    Think of it, Helen Mirren recently stated that women shouldn't let men put there arm around women, and that young women shouldn't allow that behavior. Now if men didn't put their arms around women, women would say that men are so mean and selfish that they never think of women. Things are insane!

    We do not need "equality" anyway, we need happiness.

  • Over the clothes

    Under the clothes, yes we are different. However, women can flip as many burgers, file as many papers, and shoot bullets as much as a man. It doesn't matter what's underneath the clothes. There is still a lot to do to ensure equality, but its not all for equality in favour of women. Thousands of workplaces around the US (and other countries I'd imagine) force men to cut their hair, but not women. This includes the many global militaries. In fact, the US military states men must have tapered appearance (since supervisors can interpret how they wish, most men are forced to have high and tights like marines), while women can just put her hair in a ponytail.

  • Men & Women Are Different

    True gender equality can't be achieved because men and women are wired differently. Men tend to be stronger and more aggressive women tend to be weaker and submissive. Men don't give birth or menstruate, women do. These differences matter and I don't see how true gender equality can occur given such.

  • Surprise, we aren't biologically equal.

    Men and women aren't equal because we aren't equal. We possess different traits, and are better or worse than our opposites, this doesn't mean one is better than the other or even one is treated better. Men and women choose different career paths, favourite activities, who we associate ourselves with and how we act.

    The "double standards" are usually rationally decided, and aren't just "hurr you're a woman so you get special privileges," although that happens in other areas, lol. That's however not the reason we cannot have true "gender equality."

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