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  • Dragons are real.

    I have friends who've seen them, I have seen them, and honestly do you really think someone could make up this beast? And there are MILLIONS of people who think dragons are real, or have reported dragon sightings. And then there are the webpages!!! Finally, most types of dragons live in hiding so they don't get KILLED. Is that enough proof for you that dragons are real?

  • Dragons are awesome.

    Dragons are awesome but they are not as awesome as llamas but they are still awesome in a way , a little bit no a lot i guess, i mean i think sorry my backspace does not work so if i accidentally type something or if i spell lamas wrong like i just did aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why why why why why why why whyw wuhyw whw wwwwwwwwhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyy . My life is over cuz i spelt llamas wrong no non on no no no

  • Of course they're real!

    Okay so dragons are totally real! Here's a little known fact about dragons, their bones in their wings are made of cardalige(I'm not sure if I spelt that right). So like our noses and ears they decompose. But their bones are bones, sadly scientists can't amidt their mistake of calling dragon fossils "dinosaurs". But their obviously dragons! Now dragons are extinct for the most part, but I know where the last few are. Their in the Great Wall of China. Now I have my chinese friend who comfurmed this. But the Chinese government are hiding the last few living dragons. I mean why do you think they have so many dragon themed things? Duh! Because they have freaking dragons!!!! Anyways yeah that's how I know dragons are real.

  • Is that actually real.

    If there is evidence that proves all the characteristics of what people call dragons and the " remains" are actual tissue and nut some imitation than there is no other possible exsplenation unless you want to call it a really big featherless bird. Although if it really is a dragon and not an imitation than why hasn't it made world news and don't say the museum or government is trying to cover it all up.

  • I've seen one

    I took a walk in the woods with Shrek, and a dragon lay fire upon the helpless villagers. Shrek had to fire his onion-zooka three times to take out the dragon. The dragon was dead, and I took a locket off of its neck that brought me to Narnia. Luckily, I had brought with me ten grams of weapons-grade plutonium. I quickly fashioned a Nuclear Warhead and put the White Witch in to a burning ditch. That's why dragons are real.

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  • I think it is real because I had research that there was about 1980 or more dragons that use to live here on Earth

    Today I just found out that a baby dragon was mistaken a bat. The little dragon was about 3 fingers long and only drank milk. As the dragon grew strong it was know 4 fingers long. The baby dragon also loved to rock itself after it drank it's milk.I loved it.

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